The “Chiasmus Jubilee” continues to draw responses


Nevada's first temple
There’s also this, of course: The spires of the Las Vegas Nevada Temple at nightfall (


We drove down yesterday from St. George.  I had thought that we had left early enough to escape the weekend traffic between Las Vegas and Cajon Pass, but it now appears that there is no time that’s early enough.


I grew up in southern California, though with relatives in St. George and also further north in Utah.  I used to make the drive through southern Nevada several times each year.  Now, though, we live in Utah; my children no longer travel with us; and my parents and my only sibling are gone.  I still come to southern California, but, most often in recent years, I fly. So the much-worse traffic in Nevada caught me by surprise.  It’s genuinely terrible.


It was stop-and-go (mostly stop) just before State Line and at various subsequent points, including Cajon Pass itself.  And, as an extra bonus, there was a really bad accident near the turn-off for Pioche, about thirty miles out of Las Vegas, that altogether closed I-15.


What fun!  The drive took us approximately four hours longer than I had expected.  And it’s really hard to blog from sitting behind a wheel, with an idling engine, just past teeming Glendale, Nevada.  So I took to counting sage bushes, giving them personal names, and searching continuously for something decent on the radio.  For the most part, my choices were bad country or static.  (My failure to bring a recorded book along tortured me out there.)


But Las Vegas was still intriguing.  So far as I can tell from the billboards, most of the residents of that fair city are injury lawyers.  And I can only conclude from the rest of the signage along the freeway that most of the injuries that require legal adjudication occur in either strip clubs or adult bookstores, which seem to represent the city’s other major industry.




Here are two additional worthwhile articles written in the wake of Wednesday evening’s remarkable “Chiasmus Jubilee”:


Hal Boyd, in the Deseret News:  “Chiasmus, a columnist and conviction in the Book of Mormon”


Jeff Lindsay, on his “Mormanity” blog:  “Elder Holland on LDS Apologetics”

Incidentally, such items as those above, which are underlined and otherwise distinct from the rest of the text on this page, contain links to the articles to which I’m referring.  Patheos, for which I write this blog, changed its design a few weeks ago, and, so far as I can tell, these links are not working for many readers.  (They don’t work for me in Safari, but they do function properly in Chrome.)  I regret this, because it’s killing a substantial portion of whatever minimal usefulness and whatever limited appeal my blog may have.


I’m told that the problem runs across Patheos.  I don’t know whether this is true; I haven’t had time, of late, to check.  (So many sage bushes, so little time!)  And I don’t know when or even whether it will be fixed.  I’m not, in this regard at least, a particularly happy fellow.


Posted from Newport Beach, California



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