“The Next Big Thing in LDS Apologetics: Strong Semitic and Egyptian Elements in Uto-Aztecan Languages”


Tenochtitlan before the Conquest
The Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan     (Wikimedia Commons public domain)


It being Friday, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has published a new article, titled “The Next Big Thing in LDS Apologetics: Strong Semitic and Egyptian Elements in Uto-Aztecan Languages” and written by the invaluable Jeff Lindsay, a member of the Interpreter Foundation’s board.


Dr. Lindsay’s article represents a more extensive discussion of a body of work that I sought to highlight in a 1 June 2017 column for the Deseret News:  “Near Eastern languages in ancient America?”


For those who are still carefully monitoring the Interpreter Foundation for signs of its inevitable and impending death, this new article represents the 265th consecutive Friday on which Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has published at least one new item.  (The Interpreter Foundation has existed for 266.5 weeks.)


Anybody who would like to make a financial donation to the Interpreter Foundation, however small (and, of course, however large!), is welcome to do so.  (I’m being deliberately calm about this matter.)  Instructions on how to do so can be found at http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/donations/.


I call your attention, particularly, to the section at that link titled AmazonSmile.  AmazonSmile allows you to donate to Interpreter (or whatever charity you choose) at absolutely no cost to yourself.  That’s remarkable.  The amounts are small, but they don’t come out of your pocket.  At all.  Of course, we would welcome — in fact, we need — donations beyond what AmazonSmile is ever likely to raise for us.  But those AmazonSmile donations are welcomed, and they help.


And let me be clear about something:  Like the other officers of the Interpreter Foundation, I draw no pay whatever from the Foundation.  In fact, like more than a few of those officers, I myself am a donor to Interpreter.  We do pay a couple of people for specific kinds of editorial/production work (e.g., typesetting) and technical assistance in connection with the journal and such projects as the recent festschrift for John W. Welch — that’s why we need money, and need donations — but the vast bulk of our work is voluntary.  And, just to be very clear:  None of the people on our board are among those being paid for their work.  We do this out of faith, love, and commitment.  But we need your help.




Here’s an interesting item (entirely distinct from the work of Brian Stubbs) that I’ll need to think about.  Or, much better, that I’ll need to talk with some specialists about.  I post it here without further comment:


“Ancient Mesoamerican Writing that Matches the Golden Plates”




I’m not unhappy with the map displayed in connection with this article:


“The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups”




Finally, The Onion reports on a stunning development that will entirely overturn our understanding of the ancient world:


“Historians Admit To Inventing Ancient Greeks”


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