On temples and other good things


The new temple in Indiana, by daylight
A daytime shot of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple


A temple, good or bad, is a scale-model of the universe. [I believe] the first mention of the word templum is by Varro, for whom it designates a building specially designed for interpreting signs in the heavens—a sort of observatory where one gets one’s bearings on the universe.

“What Is a Temple?” Collected Works of Hugh Nibley 4:357-58




We had dinner, this evening, over at the home of the president and matron of the Indiana Indianapolis Temple, with all of the members of the temple presidency and their wives (the assistant matrons), the temple recorder, and one of the assistant recorders and his wife.  The meal was excellent, and the conversation focused largely on one of my favorite subjects — the temple in antiquity.


You can, by the way, get some idea of the look of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple’s interior via this 2015 article in the Indianapolis Star:


“Get a rare look inside a Mormon temple”




There are some changes en route for missionary work:


“A Primer on Coming Changes to the Missionary Program”


It will be useful for young people preparing for missions to know what they need to be shooting for:


“Standard Interview Questions for Prospective Missionaries”


“Standard Interview Questions for Prospective Missionaries: Frequently Asked Questions”




Here’s a response to the review article (“Should We Apologize for Apologetics?”) that was just published in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture:


“Apologetics: Still an Important Tool in Strengthening Faith”


And here’s another item that’s obviously quite relevant:


“Some tips on becoming an effective apologist”




Many of you will be interested in this piece, from my friend Laura Harris Hales:


“Is There Really No Room at the Mormon Inn for ‘Nonconformist’ Believers?”


She is referring to a conference that was recently held up in Logan.  It was the same weekend that my wife and I were down in Cedar City at the fall season of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.




This short article offers quite an interesting take on the question its title asks:


“Why Doesn’t the Book of Mormon Say Anything About Homosexuality?”




Fortunately, we’re not mentioned in this piece, which is — the piece, not our failure to appear in it — pretty funny:


“What Should You Wear To Church? A Handy Guide For Each Denomination”


I suspect that we’re just plain too easy in this regard.  A description of our standard church dress would scarcely count as either a stereotype or a satire.


Posted from Carmel, Indiana



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