“Their own public Idaho: Twin Falls, a conservative city in Idaho, likes refugees”

    I’ve been gratified and proud that, on the whole, Latter-day Saints have been very resistant to the appeal of Trumpism.  (The Economist of London noted this back in March.)  Whereas, to their shame, many Evangelicals and Evangelical leaders — including a number who vocally denounced Mitt Romney as a “non-Christian”–  have fallen all over [Read More…]

“My Deceased Son’s Answer to What It’s All About”

    Worthwhile reading from Melissa Dalton-Bradford:   My Deceased Son’s Answer to What It’s All About     [Read more…]

On sainthood

    A saint has to be a misfit. A person who embodies what his culture considers typical or normal cannot be exemplary. Martin E. Marty       [Read more…]

BOM Alma 20

    Today’s reading, Alma 20, relates yet another dramatic episode from the dramatic story of Ammon among the Lamanites.   The narrative is quite straightforward, but it illustrates very nicely the way in which a refusal to return enmity can actually disarm someone who has been an enemy for a very long time.  I would think [Read More…]

The sites of D-Day, then and now

    Thanks to Rodney Ross for reminding me of this truly remarkable and wonderfully well done photo essay from The Atlantic, showing sites (and sights) of the Normandy invasion that occurred 72 years ago today:   http://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2014/06/scenes-from-d-day-then-and-now/100752/     [Read more…]

“Make America Good Again!”

      A few worthwhile articles on the continuing crisis.   For those who want to support Mr. Trump because of his good attitude toward the judiciary:   “Trump’s Outrageous Attack on Judge Curiel”   It’s painful to see people lined up to kiss the Leader’s ring:   George F. Will, “The Price Paul Ryan [Read More…]

Ramadan Greetings!

    First of all, I would like to wish a blessed and happy Ramadan to any and all Muslims who might see this blog entry.  (And for that matter, I suppose, to everybody else.  Why shouldn’t everybody have a blessed and happy Ramadan?)   The sacred month of Muslim fasting and devotion and celebration [Read More…]

“U.S. religious groups disagree on five key moral issues”

    Do Mormons simply mirror the attitudes of their socio-economic peers in the United States?   There are certainly grounds for concern — there always are — that we’re not only in the world but too much of the world.  That’s a legitimate worry   Some recent numbers from the Gallup organization, however, plainly [Read More…]

“ISIS kills dozens of its own in hunt for spies”

    One of the best things that can be done in a war is to foment mutual mistrust within the ranks of an enemy.  There is always the real risk of losing genuine informants, of course, but to have members of the enemy force turn on one another will destroy morale, hinder communications, deplete [Read More…]

Seventy-Two Years Ago, Today

    Some things should never be forgotten.   This day should never be forgotten, nor completely passed over without appropriate thought.   Here’s a short document from a very different time — you may listen to his actual voice here — when an American president could speak in a very different voice than would [Read More…]