The most effective engine, by far, for reducing poverty

Absolutely true.  By light years. (Click to enlarge.)

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On Jimmy Carter on taxation and the poor

Right.  Because Christianity is all about tax policy and government expenditures.

  I'm very, very uncomfortable with any notion, from the right or the left, that Christianity requires a particular stance on the details of public policy. That genuine Christian discipleship requires freedom of choice, of course, I grant. But beyond that? Many years ago, if I'm not mistaken, the Rev. Jerry Falwell was talking about "the Christian position" on the Panama Canal Treaty.  I confess that I couldn't imagine what that might … [Read more...]

A very valuable resource for those with doubts or questions

Continually improving

   I'm continually surprised at how many Latter-day Saints who are struggling with their faith, or with this or that particular issue, appear to be unaware of what I consider to be absolutely basic resources.  (Some of them, by contrast, seem to know the critical websites and the critical literature extremely well, and to trust it rather uncritically.) Here's one of the resources that, in my judgment, can be very … [Read more...]

Stephen C. Yanchar on Mormon Scholars Testify


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“Too many credible gospel witnesses to believe they all lied”

Lorenzo Snow -- depraved liar?   … [Read more...]

From humble beginnings . . .

I wonder how it worked in those days, exactly.

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The new issue of “SquareTwo” is available

The Houston Texas Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

   I received the following item more than a month ago from my friend Valerie Hudson.  I intended to post it immediately -- SquareTwo is one of the most interesting Latter-day Saint publications currently on offer -- but was distracted.  And then I was overseas, and further distracted.  So here it is, late but still very worthwhile:  Hi, Dan, how are you?  I thought you would like to know that the Spring 2014 issue of SquareTwo is here! The full table of c … [Read more...]

“European Earthquake”

The European Parliament, in Brussels, Belgium (Click to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge further.)

  For those of you who still care about Europe, here's an interesting analysis of the rather stunning results from yesterday's European parliamentary elections:   … [Read more...]