New Testament 205

It's about to rain in California

  Luke 12:54-56Compare Matthew 16:2-3 Many of our problems in life come from our failure to pay attention and to reflect. The signs are out there.  The warnings have been given.  Posted from Durango, Colorado    … [Read more...]

“Environmental Stewardship and Conservation”

Beautiful natural scene

  An official statement from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on our responsibility to care for the Earth:  Posted from Durango, Colorado  … [Read more...]

“Don’t call believers in homeopathy idiots”

The European Library for Homeopathy

  This is an insightful and important little article: I think that the author's advice would be helpful to people in more than one field.  And, more generally, many internet polemicists and (often anonymous) message board commenters could profit from the suggestion that they not treat with contempt those with whom they disagree.  Not matter how much they m … [Read more...]

Theological disputes are important, but sometimes they need to be set aside.

Mr. Luther as bridegroom

  Benjamin Franklin is said to have commented to his fellow signers of the Declaration of Independence that, if they didn't all hang together, they would assuredly hang separately. Defenders of religious liberty in the United States may well find themselves in a similar situation, and in the not too far distant future.  "The Kingdom of God is like a besieged city surrounded on all sides by death. Each man has his place on the wall to defend and no … [Read more...]

A presidential executive order is urgently needed

At Times Square

  It is imperative that the rule barring military personnel at recruiting stations from carrying firearms be eliminated. These are invariably weapons-trained people.  Many if not most or all of them are combat veterans.  One of those murdered in Tennessee was a two-time recipient of the Purple Heart. Yet they are obvious and, unarmed, very soft targets. This must change immediately.  Posted from Santa Fe, New M … [Read more...]

“Can We Count on Legal Protection for Our Beliefs?”

Wisconsin country church

  As usual, Cassandra Hedelius doesn't disappoint.  Here's an insightful warning from her about the mounting threat to religious liberty in the United States: Must reading, it seems to me, for anyone who cares about the future of our First Amendment rights.  Posted from Santa Fe, New Mexico    … [Read more...]

“Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran: Worse Than We Could Have Imagined”

Khamanei This is the kind of thing that you get when you elect (and then re-elect!) a weak, inexperienced, and incompetent leftist to the presidency of the United States. But he's a nice guy, and a good father, and it was genuinely good to have elected somebody with black ancestry. I'm trying really hard to look on the bright side of this presidency.  Posted … [Read more...]

“Talking Past Each Other: ‘Love Wins’ vs. Human Nature”

"The Family" (Henri Martin)

  The invaluable Ralph Hancock weighs in on disagreements about the nature and purpose of marriage:  Posted from Santa Fe, New Mexico    … [Read more...]