Music of Christmas 26

From Wikimedia Commons, of course! Did you doubt it?  I have travelled many moonless nights Cold and weary, with a babe inside. And I wonder what I've done. Holy Father, you have come And chosen me now To carry your son.I am waiting in a silent prayer. I am frightened by the load I bear. In a world as cold as stone, Must I walk this path alone? Be with me now. Be with me now.[Chorus] Breath of heaven, Hold me together. Be forever near me. Breath of … [Read more...]

New Testament 9

From Wikimedia Commons

  Luke 2:21-38 The accounts of the presentation of Jesus in the temple and of the prophecies of Simeon and Anna are preserved only by Luke.  But they're exactly the kind of early family memory that one would expect parents to treasure and to share.  This is consistent, once again, with the idea that Luke interviewed Mary, that she was among his "eyewitnesses."  (Joseph seems, pretty clearly, to be out of the picture by the time Luke's gospel is composed.  He's p … [Read more...]

“Where are they going?”

Las Vegas Temple photo from official LDS website

  John Gee analyzes actual data about how many young people the LDS Church is losing, and draws a tactical or strategic point from what he finds:   … [Read more...]

“To Whom Shall We Go? From ‘Apologetics’ to ‘Mormon Studies’”

BYU on Wikimedia Commons, of course

  My colleague and friend Ralph Hancock weighs in on an issue that has been much discussed, recently, in certain Mormon "intellectual" circles:   … [Read more...]

From Mormon Feminist Housewives: “In support of male allies”

illustrating LDS women

  How does this item, from the blog "Mormon Feminist Housewives," strike you? I would be interested in your reactions. My own wife is currently shuttling back and forth between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Alburquerque, where she's gone with a friend for a few days to be supportive of, and to enjoy, that friend's daughter-in-law's participation with the Santa Fe … [Read more...]

Mr. Obama’s Mormon Republican ally on Cuba

Brother Flake

  Here's an interesting article about Arizona senator Jeff Flake, brought to my attention by Jabra Ghneim: I am, as I've said, ambivalent toward the U.S. embargo of Cuba and our refusal of diplomatic relations with the Castro regime.  On the whole, I probably lean toward ending such policies -- even though I think that the cases of China and Vietnam have severely undercut the cl … [Read more...]

Dickens and Christmas

Yes, it's from Wikimedia Commons

  You might find these two items, both relevant to Charles Dickens and his famous novella A Christmas Carol, to be of at least minimal interest: "Charles Dickens and the invention of Christmas" "Telling ghost stories is a lost tradition on Christmas Eve"   … [Read more...]

“Christmas in the Holy Land — somber, yet triumphant”

Modern Bethlehem

  Here's a Christmas-related column that I wrote for Salt Lake City's Deseret News slightly more than four years ago:   … [Read more...]