More evidence of the Fall

Golan map

  We spent much of yesterday upon in the very northern reaches of modern and historical Israel, near the ancient cultic site of Dan.  (Israel was described as stretching from Dan in the north to Beersheva in the south, or, when it was merely the northern kingdom, from Dan to Bethel.  Jeroboam put calf-idols in both the latter locations.)  And we also spent quite a bit of time in the famous Golan Heights, contested territory between Israel, which has occupied them since the S … [Read more...]

“Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mormon Family Home Evening: An Episcopal Priest’s Perspective”

1928 view of Tiberias

  "O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us," wrote Robert Burns, "to see oursels as ithers see us!" Well, here's an interesting outsider's view:  Posted from Tiberias, Israel    … [Read more...]

The Church’s new Central Eurasian Mission

The Bosphorus

  This is -- for someone coming from my peculiar background, anyway -- really exciting news: Thanks to Jared August for bringing it to my notice.  Posted from Tiberias, Israel  … [Read more...]

A surprising discovery beneath Teotihuacán

From the Pirámide de la Luna

  There is still so very, very much that we don't know about pre-Columbian Mesoamerica -- including the very name of the people who inhabited the great city of Teotihuacán:  Posted from Tiberias, Israel    … [Read more...]

“Cultural conservatives have barely begun to fight”

Tiberias at night, with lake

  I've thought highly of David (and Nancy) French for several years now, and I like his defiant spirit in this article: Religious and cultural conservatives can and must make common cause.  Posted from Tiberias, Israel    … [Read more...]

Robert George’s commencement remarks at BYU

Tiberias from above

  Obviously, I wasn't there. I regret that. But, thanks to Nathaniel Hancock, I've now read the speech that Princeton's heroic and invaluable Robert George delivered during BYU's very recent commencement exercises: I'm glad that he said what he said, and that he said it at BYU at this particular time. I had long imagined … [Read more...]

“Say Now Shibboleth, or Maybe Cumorah”

Nightfall in Tiberias

  This week's article from the Interpreter Foundation:  Posted from Tiberias, Israel   … [Read more...]

The world’s greatest street?

Vom Burgtheaterdach

  Maybe. It's certainly a nice one, and an important one, historically and culturally: And, for years, there was a very influential Latter-day Saint presence on it. You can read his testimony in his native language  (and, further down, in my English translation) h … [Read more...]