“Trump Warns that Companies Shipping Jobs Overseas Will Be Slapped with Enormous Bribes”

    Finally, an end to crony capitalism!   http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/trump-warns-that-companies-shipping-jobs-overseas-will-be-slapped-with-enormous-bribes   I’m reading ecstatic paeans of praise to Our Leader from Trumpists across the land.  He’s saving jobs, solving our problems with China, cutting government waste!  He’s like Superman without the kryptonite!  And he hasn’t even taken office yet!   Sing along!   When the [Read More…]

“How Long Did It Take to Translate the Book of Mormon?”

    As this article demonstrates, it was an impressive accomplishment just about however you try to explain it.     [Read more…]

What is faith?

    “Faith is more like being faithful to your husband or wife than it is like believing in magic.  Fidelity is key. . . .  Faith isn’t the opposite of knowledge. Rather, like love, faith perfects knowledge by practicing fidelity to it.” Adam S. Miller     [Read more…]

“Chris Christie’s Low Approval Rating Just Broke an All-Time Record”

    German has a perfect word for what I’m now feeling:  Schadenfreude.   Chris Christie’s Low Approval Rating Just Broke an All-Time Record   It’s certainly not the highest of emotions.  On the whole, it’s rather unworthy of a Christian.   More than a few people saw Chris Christie’s behavior during the 2012 presidential [Read More…]

“What’s the story behind Trump’s Boeing tweet?”

    A prominent voice from the conservative Never Trump movement comments on the president-elect’s recent Twitter controversy, and — I agree with him completely — somewhat more broadly:   http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/442842/donald-trump-boeing-air-force-one-tweet-story-behind-tweet     [Read more…]

“The Church in a Changing World: Robert Griffiths Answers the Question, ‘What if I’m Uncomfortable with the Church’s Position on Social Issues?'”

    This is a very good little statement from someone who’s been around the world a bit:   http://mormanity.blogspot.com/2016/12/the-church-in-changing-world-robert.html     [Read more…]

Anointing and “The Crown”

    Encouraged by my wife, I’ve been enjoying the Anglo-American miniseries The Crown.  And, I must say, I’ve been enjoying it very much.   For someone who is both an Anglophile and a passionate lover of history, it’s a feast.   And, since I’ve been quite sick for the past week or so, it’s come [Read More…]

“Never Has Man Believed in Me as Thou Hast”

    For the 189th scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation, Bruce Webster, Martin Tanner, and Craig Foster discuss Ether 1-4 and Ether 6, which (by pure coincidence) happen to be the scriptural chapters on which 2016 Gospel Doctrine lesson 45 is based:   Scripture Roundtable 189: Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 45, [Read More…]

“The work of the expounder has scarcely begun”

    “I believe ‘Mormonism’ affords opportunity for disciples of the second sort: nay, that its crying need is for such disciples. It calls for thoughtful disciples who will not be content with merely repeating some of the truths, but will develop the truths; and enlarge it by that development. Not half — not one-hundredth [Read More…]

“Faith leads Texas GOP elector to resign rather than cast Trump ballot”

    I admire Art Sisneros for his principles and support his decision to resign:   Faith leads Texas GOP elector to resign rather than cast Trump ballot   For better or worse, Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America.  I agree completely that the founders’ original vision was for us [Read More…]