“Uto-Aztecan and Its Connection to Near Eastern Languages, Part 3: The Egyptian Infusion, Plus the Explanatory Power of Stubbs’ Framework”

    This continues to interest me a great deal:   http://mormanity.blogspot.com/2016/12/uto-aztecan-and-its-connection-to-near_2.html   The historical implications, if the thesis is sustainable, are profound.  And, as I’ve observed before, while it wouldn’t prove the Book of Mormon true — and while the Book of Mormon could easily be true even if it’s false — demonstrated links [Read More…]

Sic et Non on Donald Trump’s recent moves

    Reflecting my mixed views of President-Elect Trump’s recent actions:   I like his choice of James Mattis for Secretary of Defense:   “Why Our Allies Love James Mattis and Our Adversaries Fear Him”   “General Mattis is a Great Man — and a Good One”   But, although his supporters have been boasting [Read More…]

“Here come three-parent children”

    Does anybody else out there find this at least slightly worrisome?   http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/442695/here-come-three-parent-children   Call me crazy, but I’m not quite entirely certain that humanity is wise enough or good enough to initiate such fundamental changes.  We worry about tinkering with small ecosystems, lest we cause unforeseen and possibly disastrous ripple effects.  But [Read More…]

“A specially constructed Universe”?

    “Like a Bach fugue, the Universe has a beautiful elegance about it, governed by laws whose mathematical precision is meted out to the metronome of time.  These equations of physics are finely balanced, with the constants of nature that underpin the equations tuned to values that allow our remarkable Universe to exist in [Read More…]

“The Council of Fifty and Its Minutes: A Review”

    Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture didn’t publish just one article today.  It published two.  Here’s the second:   The Council of Fifty and Its Minutes: A Review   Please remember that the Interpreter Foundation operates on the basis of volunteer labor and, where expenses are unavoidable, on the basis of donations.  Here’s [Read More…]

“Social media useful in preventing Islamophobia, raising awareness”

    An article that’s just appeared in BYU’s student newspaper, the Universe:   Social media useful in preventing Islamophobia, raising awareness   Just for the record:  At least as of office-closing time today, I was still a professor at BYU.  I’m unaware of having retired or been terminated.  And I said “MD,” not “MB.” [Read More…]

“Improvisation and Extemporaneous Change in the Book of Mormon (Part 1: Evidence of an Imperfect, Authentic, Ancient Work of Scripture)”

    Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture continues to publish interesting work that we hope you’ll find both profitable and enjoyable.  Here’s an article that appeared just today:   Improvisation and Extemporaneous Change in the Book of Mormon (Part 1: Evidence of an Imperfect, Authentic, Ancient Work of Scripture)     [Read more…]

Me and Jerome Hines of the New York Metropolitan Opera

    While I’m in the vein, here’s another prominent visitor to BYU for whom I helped to provide transportation:   I don’t remember how I became involved, nor why.  I had only begun to realize — much to my shock and, honestly, rather to my horror — that I liked grand opera.  I’d seen [Read More…]

William F. Buckley, the First Presidency, and I

    This is a follow-up to my previous post about an experience that I had with the famed conservative writer William F. Buckley, Jr., in the latter half of the 1970s.  (Once in a while, this blog serves as something of a sketchbook for the life story that I’ll eventually write.)   I was [Read More…]

I absolutely HATE Sonic drive-in commercials

    I just feel the need to put that on public record.   I never eat at Sonic.  Their ad campaign ensures that, so long as it continues, I never will:       [Read more…]