“How to effectively engage in social media during LDS general conference”

    For many years, I wondered how I, sitting in the very heart of very Mormon Utah County, which is located in the heart of Mormon Utah, and teaching at the Church’s university, could be seriously involved in missionary service.   I could, of course, hope to send out the occasional missionary.  I could [Read More…]

An old man, clearly past his prime, joins in on a soccer game

  In honor of today’s holiday, I offer, once again, one of my very favorite online videos, which is only about three minutes long.  Watch it and laugh:       [Read more…]

It’s April One!

    Let me be the first to extend my very best wishes to anti-Mormons everywhere on their special day!     [Read more…]

“The Mostly German Philosophers Love Song”

    http://jboor.net/?page_id=919   Be sure that you follow along with the lyrics.  Otherwise you may miss some of the references.     [Read more…]

“14th annual interfaith music tribute hosted in Tabernacle on Temple Square”

    I’m not at all displeased to see this sort of thing happening — and to see it happening where it happened:   http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/14th-annual-interfaith-music-tribute-hosted-in-tabernacle-on-temple-square     [Read more…]

“Galileo’s reputation is more hyperbole than truth”

    Now here’s a strikingly revisionist article.   https://aeon.co/opinions/galileo-s-reputation-is-more-hyperbole-than-truth   According to this historian of science, Galileo was a very good scientist, but scarcely the world-transforming titan that he’s been made out to be.  (If he had to choose somebody for that role during the same era, it would be the German astronomer and mathematician [Read More…]

An update from the executive director of the LDS Church Missionary Department

    A roughly twelve-minute video with Elder Brent H. Neilson of the Seventy:   http://www.mormonnewsroom.org     [Read more…]

“None Could Deliver Them but the Lord”

    Steven Densley, Daniel Peterson, Martin Tanner, and McKay White discuss Mosiah 18-24 (= 2016 Gospel Doctrine lesson 19) in the 163rd scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation:   Scripture Roundtable 163: Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 19, None Could Deliver Them but the Lord     [Read more…]

Trumpism: Where does it come from? Is it finally beginning to fade?

    Five attempts to explain the appeal of Trumpism:   “Trump and the Death of Reason”   “Does Social Connectedness Explain Trump’s Appeal?”   “Are Trump’s Conservative-Media Flacks Preparing to Jump Ship?”   “Donald Trump: An Eruption of Secularism”   “A New Theory of Trump”   But is Trumpism beginning to lose its glow? [Read More…]

BOM Mosiah 18

    In today’s reading, Mosiah 18, the focus shifts from Abinadi, who’s been put to death by King Noah and his priests, to Alma.   The chapter is set at a place called “the waters of Mormon,” a place to which the editor, Mormon, attaches a particular sanctity:   And now it came to pass [Read More…]