“Losing Faiths”

A view of Dalyat al-Karmel

  A very interesting (and relatively short) review article on the Christians and the other minority faiths of the Middle East: http://www.libertylawsite.org/book-review/losing-faiths/   … [Read more...]

“I am not a son”

Temple in Draper, Utah

  A very brief but striking story -- there are many, many of these -- connected with the work of redeeming the dead: https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2014-01-108-a-voice-said-i-am-not-a-son?lang=eng.   … [Read more...]

“On the Latest Anti-Mormon Attack on the Book of Mormon I”

The LA Temple Moroni

  My friend John Gee is -- to put it mildly -- unimpressed by a recent publication (written by someone whom we both actually like) from BYU's post-2012 Maxwell Institute: http://fornspollfira.blogspot.com/2015/03/on-latest-anti-mormon-attack-on-book-of.html Incidentally, a few days ago I described the "Howlers Index" on the wonderful blog "Ether's Cave," which describes itself as "A Place for Book of Mormon Research," as "very much in the spirit of … [Read more...]

New Testament 114

The anointing of the feet of Jesus

  Matthew 26:6-13Mark 14:3-9Luke 7:36-50John 12:1-8 This marvelous story seems to be mentioned in all four gospels.  It also seems to take place in Bethany, just over the Mount of Olives from Jerusalem. Once again, the contrast is drawn between deep love and the cold following of rules. And, of course, there's a foreshadowing of Judas's betrayal.  John is especially harsh on Judas, suggesting that he was an embezzler long b … [Read more...]

“Why won’t liberals talk about the most important kind of ‘privilege’ in America?”

Family in a drawing room

  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/415799/why-wont-liberals-talk-about-most-important-kind-privilege-america-lee-habeeb-mike When you understand it, it's an intriguing question.   … [Read more...]


William Safire receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  “Not long ago, I advertised for perverse rules of grammar, along the lines of "Remember to never split an infinitive" and "The passive voice should never be used." The notion of making a mistake while laying down rules ("Thimk," "We Never Make Misteaks") is highly unoriginal, and it turns out that English teachers have been circulating lists of fumblerules for years. As owner of the world's largest collection, and with thanks to scores of readers, let me pass along a b … [Read more...]

“Mysterious ring reveals the Vikings’ reach”

Hugin ashore

  Thanks to Doug Ealy for bringing this item to my attention: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2997156/Mysterious-ring-reveals-Vikings-reach-Purple-stone-9th-century-grave-inscribed-Allah-showing-warriors-traded-Islamic-civilisations.html It links my professional interest in the world of Islam with my long-time, amateur, genealogically-motivated fascination for the Vikings.   … [Read more...]

“The New York Times should seriously consider not writing about science any more”

Manhattan in the morning?

  I'm not a major fan of the New York Times.  I never have been. But that's mostly been for political reasons.  Increasingly, though, there are also significant non-political reasons for avoiding the Times: http://www.realclearscience.com/blog/2015/03/maybe_nyt_should_stop_writing_about_science.html By contrast, I love the Wall Street Journal and the Economist, and I commend them to your attention.   … [Read more...]