Cur Deus Homo? Why did God become human?


   "He [God] did not create the humans -- He did not become one of them and die among them by torture -- in order to produce candidates for Limbo, 'failed' humans.  He wanted to make Saints; gods; things like Himself." C. S. Lewis, "Screwtape Proposes a Toast," The Screwtape Letters    … [Read more...]

“Exhibit Highlights Women in the Scriptures”

Conference is near.   … [Read more...]

The threat posed by ISIS to America’s Muslims, and to others

Near Indianapolis

  The horrific ISIS-related beheadings of innocent Westerners in Iraq and Algeria, the abortive ISIS-encouraged plot to behead random people in Australia, and today's beheading, by a recent convert to Islam, of a 54-year-old woman working in an Oklahoma food processing plant -- such stories are very disturbing on multiple levels. They're intended to terrify "infidels," of course. But ordinary, law-abiding Muslims living in the West should also be … [Read more...]

2 Nephi 3

Not far from Harmony

  Today's reading, 2 Nephi 3, has bothered some because of the remarkable specificity of its prophecy of Joseph the Seer, who would be named after his father. Joseph Smith Jr. and Joseph Smith Sr., right? Get it? And that prophecy has caused certain critics a great deal of merriment because, on their assumption that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon himself, it seems so embarrassingly self-glorifying. There's not much … [Read more...]

“‘What thank they the Jews?’ (2 Nephi 29:4): A note on the name ‘Judah’ and Antisemitism”

The Protocols, in French

  Today is the 113th Friday in a row that Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has published at least one article: Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture was founded roughly 114.5 weeks ago.   … [Read more...]

“Romney 2016 is for real”

A photo of Mitt Romney

  ¡Basta! Enough of this syrupy, sentimental praise for Barack Obama! Now back to advocating my troglodyte political positions: (Whew.  That feels so much better.)   … [Read more...]

In which I praise President Obama

Mr. Obama

   I've been challenged, as penance for one of my many inadequacies and transgressions (by someone whose challenge, for specific reasons, I feel obliged to accept), to say something positive about President Obama on my blog. That's easier for me to do than she might expect, so I'm going to offer not one but two positive remarks -- and they won't exhaust the cheery and affirmative things that I could say: 1.  President Obama seems to be a v … [Read more...]

An article by William Lane Craig on science and religion

Enviable years in Europe

  Here's a lucid and not overly long discussion of the topic.  I don't agree with absolutely everything in it, but it's a useful overview:   … [Read more...]