Mocking the Lord’s anointed

New York City's temple

  Sadly though predictably, the calls to the apostleship extended to Elders Ronald Rasband, Gary Stevenson, and Dale Renlund have been met in certain circles with indignation and snorts of derision. Boring.  White bread.  All from Utah.  No diversity.  No fishermen.  No carpenters.  All middle-class to upper middle-class.  All educated.  No poor and illiterate peasants.  Three businessmen.  (Actually, one of them is a cardiologist.  And, by the way, one speaks f … [Read more...]

Christian martyrdom in Oregon

Jackson Street, in Roseburg, OR

  Normally a news junkie, I haven't been watching and listening as obsessively as I normally do while I've been traveling over the past two weeks or so.  But my impression is that this aspect of the recent mass shooting in Oregon hasn't been getting as much attention as it perhaps should have received:  Posted from New York City    … [Read more...]

Stories such as these are very gratifying

Vatican City

  Two interesting items on Catholic-Mormon relations, which, I'm very pleased to say, are probably better now than they have ever been:  Posted from New York … [Read more...]

Meet the three new apostles

A scene in Nagoya

  If you haven't already watched it, you might enjoy this very open and candid thirty-minute press conference.  I thought it quite a treat: You'll get to know the three in a remarkable way from their unscripted comments.  They're impressive. And you'll hear about the way in which they were called, their varied b … [Read more...]

Archaeological evidence for Egyptian influence or even presence in Palestine ca. 1300 BC

The Jezreel Valley  Posted from New York City    … [Read more...]

The character of the Smith family in early accounts

Palmyra's four squared-off churches

  Yesterday, I cited the testimony of a "Mrs. Palmer," who knew Joseph Smith in Palmyra. Others agreed with Mrs. Palmer in their judgments about Joseph’s character. “I knew all of the Smith family well,” said the non-Mormon Orlando Saunders. “They have all worked for me many a day. They were very good people. Young Joe (as we called him then) has worked for me, and he was a good worker; they all were.”[1] “My father,” recalled Joseph Knight, Jr., “said that Jose … [Read more...]

“Reducing our own pain is also reducing empathy for pain in others”

Christ at Gethsemane

  Wow.  Without intending to do it, of course, this article actually provokes some theological reflections in me: I need to learn more about the study upon which it's based, but it seems to me to have some potential bearing upon the purpose of our entire learning experience here in … [Read more...]

Too old to turn your life around?

Rather a plain Jane, I'm afraid

  "It is never too late to be what you might have been."  (George Eliot)  Posted from New York City    … [Read more...]