“The Golf Address”

Mr. Obama's Golf War

   It's been pointed out to me by several astute observers of American politics that only right-wing crazies who unthinkingly take their talking points from Fox News are criticizing Barack Obama about his tendency to concentrate on his swing while ignoring crises in Syria, in Iraq, on the Mexican border, in St. Louis, in the Ukraine, and etc. I've also been informed that their only real motivation is racism, because they can't stand the thought of a … [Read more...]

“Obama Announces New ISIS Sanctions”

single file ISIS

  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/386171/obama-announces-new-isis-sanctions-robert-zubrin Thanks to my longtime friend Scott Woolley for bringing this item to my attention.   … [Read more...]

Can you sense any inconsistency here?

Steinem, Gloria

  The very vocal feminist Gloria Steinem -- now, astonishingly (to a geezer like me, anyway), eighty years old -- spoke to a mostly Muslim university audience in Cairo roughly thirty-five years ago, and I was there. She denounced patriarchal oppression in religions, and, with remarkable courage (given her location), singled out Catholicism, Judaism, and Mormonism for particular condemnation. I spoke with her at a reception immediately afterwards, … [Read more...]

The “New Atheist” Richard Dawkins, Down Syndrome children, and one writer’s very personal response

Eugenics in Nazi Germany

  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/386086/surprised-joy-matthew-hennessey   … [Read more...]

“The Glory of Zion Will Be a Defense”

Isaiah's call narrative

  In this, the eighty-sixth (86th) scripture roundtable posted by The Interpreter Foundation, John Gee, Cassandra Hedelius, and Martin Tanner discuss Isaiah 1-6, in connection with lesson 36 in the 2014 Gospel Doctrine manual: http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/scripture-roundtable-86-old-testament-gospel-doctrine-lesson-36-the-glory-of-zion-will-be-a-defense/   … [Read more...]

“Abraham and Jehovah”

Where the patriarch Abraham went

  A new entry, from Dr. David Larsen, on the blog of The Interpreter Foundation: http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/abraham-and-jehovah/   … [Read more...]

Scenes from Samoa

A map of Samoa

  Beautiful photographs from the largest of the Samoan islands, along with (if you pursue the embedded link) images of missionaries currently servingĀ in Samoa: http://samoamission.blogspot.com/2014/08/im-late-very-very-late.html May their work thrive!   … [Read more...]

How to get the president interested in dealing with foreign crises

How to get Barack interested

      … [Read more...]