Is Mitt Romney thinking about a 2016 run?

MR from Wikimedia Commons

  Consider these two items: For the record:  If he runs, I'm in. Is he as conservative as I am?  Probably not. But he's conservative.  And he was right.  On a host of issues.  He should have won … [Read more...]

“Who’s Afraid of Secularism 2: My ‘Bracketing’”

The is what they must imagine

  Ralph Hancock, still trying to raise the level of discussion to actual issues, weighs in again with a useful piece: Meanwhile, Bill Hamblin posted five related items yesterday and the day before (7 January and 8 January): Some critics suspect that we wicked apologists are coordinating … [Read more...]

“Who was Sherem?”

Wikimedia Commons image of Yazhá, Guatemala

  You thought that maybe The Interpreter Foundation wouldn't be publishing a new article today?  Even though it's Friday? Seriously? Think again:   … [Read more...]

“46 Examples of Muslim Outrage about Paris Shooting that Fox News Can’t Seem to Find”

Arc de Triomphe, from Wikimedia Commons

  I fall -- as I like to fall -- in the middle on this particular issue.  I'm an unembarrassed watcher of Fox News, which I support and enjoy. And I think that Muslims need to speak up more loudly than they are -- the condemnation won't be loud enough until it's deafening and impossible not to hear -- against Islamist violence and extremist/jihadist political Islam.  And I'm concerned at the consistent data from polling showing far too much support, in the M … [Read more...]

New Testament 30

Nazareth is hilly

  Matthew 4:12Mark 1:14Luke 4:14John 4:1-3 I think I'll restrict myself to these four passages today.  It's a busy day, and there's a lot of news out of Paris to watch. These are simple passages.  In Mark, Jesus "came into Galilee."  In Luke, Jesus "returned . . . into Galilee."  In John, Jesus "departed . . . to Galilee." The language that interests me, though, is in Matthew:  "Now when he heard that John had been arre … [Read more...]

“The Mormons, Benghazi, and Charlie Hebdo”

Theater marquee for Book of Mormon musical   … [Read more...]

Fathers and Sons

7 ages of man from Wikimedia Commons

  "By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong."  (Charles Wadsworth)   … [Read more...]

New Testament 29

Jordan River near Galilee

  John 3:23-36 Just a few quick notes about this passage. 1. I've already noted the reference to John's having chosen his baptismal site ("at Aenon near Salim," almost certainly on the Jordan River) "because there was much water there" (3:23).  This strongly suggests baptism by immersion rather than by sprinkling. 2. The word Aenon reflects an underlying Aramaic term for a "spring" (similar in Hebrew and Ar … [Read more...]