Dedicated even unto death

CCAC Carthage Jail

  Joseph Smith apparently expected to die at the hands of his enemies. “He well knew that he must sacrifice his life for the principles God had revealed through him,” said Lucy Walker Kimball. Yet “Death had no terrors for him although life was dear. I have often heard him say he expected to seal his testimony with his blood.”[1] “He was cheerful and comforting,” remembered Edward Stevenson.He said, “I shall not be sacrificed until my time comes; then I shall be offered … [Read more...]

“What Palestinians really want”

Madinat Ghaza I rather like this article. I agree with much of its reasoning, but I would also add this point:  An emphasis on equal human rights rather than on separate statehood would be good, as well, because neither the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip nor the Fatah/PLO-ruled West Bank has an acceptable record with respect to basic human rights and the rule of law.  Quite the co … [Read more...]

“The Mormon modesty wars: No more ‘slut-shaming,’ please”

Hugh Hefner and Bunnies

  Okay.  I get the point.  And I'm not altogether unsympathetic: I confess that I haven't noticed any supposed "epidemic" of "slut-shaming" in Mormonism.  However, I pay little or no attention to the Oscars, the Grammys, the Emmys, People Magazine, the National Enquirer, and the Kardashians, and I don't read blogs that focus on t … [Read more...]

“Should scientific truth be subjected to a vote?”

Wikimedia Commons Belgian election

  We hear, quite often, of "scientific consensus." This fine little article makes a very important point in that regard:  Posted from Victor, New York    … [Read more...]

“Calling an Apostle of God”

Australia's 12 Apostles

  As General Conference approaches and three vacancies exist in the Quorum of the Twelve, the Church publishes an official statement:  Posted from Victor, New York    … [Read more...]

Gratitude for modern temples

The temple in Palmyra

  "We know now that there are three worlds: the telestial, in which we live; the celestial, to which we aspire; and in between them another world, called the terrestrial. It is of neither the celestial nor the telestial. According to the ancients, this world is represented by the temple, the in-between world where the rites of passage take place." Hugh W. Nibley  On this trip, we've been privileged to visit three modern temples.  We did a session in the … [Read more...]

“Religious Studies at BYU”

Aerial BYU

  This interview with Elder Jeffrey Holland is interesting both for what it says and what it doesn't say:  Posted at Victor, New York    … [Read more...]

“Thonis — A Major Egyptian Port Swallowed by the Sea”

Thonis Heracleion

   You may have missed this interesting find: There are still important archaeological discoveries to be made.  Let's just hope that ISIS doesn't get around to destroying them for at least a while.  Because that's c … [Read more...]