BOM Mosiah 11

    In today’s reading, Mosiah 11, we meet one of the most notorious villains in the Book of Mormon:  King Noah.   I’ve always thought that monarchy has the potential of being an excellent form of government:  After all, if you knew for a certainty that a particular child would someday be king or queen, that child could [Read More…]

“Muslim restorers feel history in work on mosaics above Jesus’ burial site”

    Muslim restorers feel history in work on mosaics above Jesus’ burial site   Thanks to Jabra Ghneim for bringing this wonderfully positive story to my notice.     [Read more…]

How should Mormons treat the faith of others?

    “One of the cardinal tenets of this Church is that of unbounded toleration for the beliefs and religious practices of others.” James E. Talmage   (Thanks to Ashby Boyle for alerting me to this passage from the late Elder Talmage, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles until his death in [Read More…]

“The GOP Needs More Mormons”   There is a considerable Mormon population in Arizona.  One indicator of this is the fact that the state has five temples, including the one shown above, with a sixth under construction.   But, plainly, there weren’t enough Mormons, proportionally speaking, to save Arizona from the historic blunder it committed in yesterday’s presidential [Read More…]

CBS News: “[LDS] American victim in Brussels had encountered terror attack before”   I hope that these things have no lasting ill effects on him, psychologically speaking.  It would be easy to become somewhat uneasy about public places given even one such experience.     [Read more…]

Kenneth D. Walters: Gone, but very much not forgotten

    Four years ago today, at just about this time, I received the shocking and utterly unexpected news that my brother — strictly speaking, my half-brother — my only sibling, to whom I was very close, had died.   I was devastated.  I still think of him, and miss him, every day.   I’ve [Read More…]

“Utah, We Love Thee”

    The first telegram sent from Utah over the newly completed transcontinental wire was written and dispatched by President Brigham Young in 1861, during the early stages of the American Civil War :  “Utah,” he said, “is firm for the constitution and laws of our once happy country.”   It would be difficult for me [Read More…]

“The Incredible Story of the Stake Center That Became a Jewish Synagogue”     [Read more…]

“At least 9 Americans wounded in Belgium attacks, officials say”   Including some Latter-day Saint missionaries.     [Read more…]

BOM Mosiah 10

    Two brief observations regarding today’s reading, Mosiah 10:   1.    “Now, the Lamanites knew nothing concerning the Lord,” says verse 11,  “nor the strength of the Lord, therefore they depended upon their own strength. Yet they were a strong people, as to the strength of men.”   The Lamanites could survive such arrogance in their [Read More…]