Don’t those angel statues on Mormon temples violate the Ten Commandments?

    Robert Boylan responds to a rather surprising argument leveled by some against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:     [Read more…]

“Attacks in Lebanon: The ‘New York Times’ gets it right – the targets were Christians”     [Read more…]

“Donald Trump, Man of Faith”     [Read more…]

“Inmates break free from cell to help ill jailer”

    Thanks to Eric Lopez for calling this very nice story to my attention:   I hope that these inmates receive some sort of reward for their action.   I think that the satisfaction that they’ve already received for doing something truly good could even be life-changing for them.     [Read more…]

Losing sight of the obvious

    “The obvious is the hardest thing of all to point out to anyone who has genuinely lost sight of it.” Owen Barfield         [Read more…]

“Venus, not Earth, may have been our Solar System’s best chance at life”     [Read more…]

“A Wetter Arabia: Clues from Ancient Rock Art”

    It appears that, prior to approximately 4000 BC, the Arabian peninsula was considerably wetter and greener than it is today:   This is interesting in itself.   I also note with interest, though, how the archaeologists are piecing this prehistory together:  They haven’t, as a matter of fact, found the animal [Read More…]

Reports from BYU’s just-concluded Religious Freedom Annual Review

    The 2016 Religious Freedom Annual Review sponsored by BYU’s International Center for Law and Religion Studies (ICLRS) concluded early last evening.  It was an exceptionally rich set of meetings, and I really enjoyed my attendance at it.   Owing to some pre-existing conflicts, I was unable to attend all of the conference, but I [Read More…]

“How the Father and the Son were depicted in early Christian art”

    Every other week, Bill Hamblin and I publish a column in the Deseret News devoted to some subject or other in world religions.  Although these biweekly Saturday columns inescapably reflect our background and interests as Latter-day Saints, they’re deliberately devoted to topics drawn from religion beyond Mormondom (which we also find fascinating).   The [Read More…]

“Mitt Romney ‘in it to win it'”

    Ugo Perego brings this hopeful item to my attention:   Color me skeptical.  But I would be delighted — delighted — if it were true.     [Read more…]