Do Mormons and Muslims worship the same God?

    I’ve just seen the suggestion, on a secularist anti-Mormon message board, that, as in this Evangelical Protestant case, a professor at Mormon-owned BYU might be fired for saying that Allah and Elohim are the same being.   However, I offer myself as decisive evidence that such a professor would not be fired.   I’ve [Read More…]

“The Journey of the Magi”

    Another personal favorite poem at Christmas.  Note the hints of the Good Friday and Easter that would later come (e.g. “three trees on the low sky” and perhaps “dicing for pieces of silver”).  With its gritty and even rather grim details about their journey, the poem gives, I think, a degree of tangible reality to the [Read More…]

Mitt Romney the Loser

    There’s a huge amount of vitriol, on various alt-right and/or Trumpist sites, against Mitt Romney.  They hate him.  (Of course, in fairness, some of them appear to hate just about everybody.  They seem to have perpetually high blood pressure.)   One of the charges against him is that he’s a pathetic loser.   I [Read More…]

Does a high youth suicide rate in Utah demonstrate that Mormonism is psychologically unhealthy?

    The claim is often made.  But some caution might be in order:   And, by the way, there ought to be real reluctance to use the tragedy of suicides as a polemical weapon.  It’s unseemly, to say the least of it.   Posted from Richmond, Virginia     [Read more…]

“If we made contact with aliens, how would religions react?”   Does Mormonism have unique resources for dealing with such a possibility?  Would it face unique challenges?  If so, what would they be?   “People on Other Worlds”   Posted from Richmond, Virginia     [Read more…]

A favorite poem at Christmas

    “Christmas”   The bells of waiting Advent ring, The Tortoise stove is lit again And lamp-oil light across the night Has caught the streaks of winter rain In many a stained-glass window sheen From Crimson Lake to Hookers Green. The holly in the windy hedge And round the Manor House the yew Will [Read More…]

“Never Trump Nevermore”

    Some thoughts, pretty much paralleling my own, on where we “Never Trump” people find ourselves these days, approaching the Age of Trumpism:   Posted from Richmond, Virginia     [Read more…]

Still don’t know what to give for Christmas?

    It’s getting late, but . . .   Don’t forget that the Interpreter Foundation publishes books, too:   In God’s Image and Likeness 2: Enoch, Noah, and the Tower of Babel   Textual and Comparative Explorations in 1 & 2 Enoch   Temple Insights   Ancient Temple Worship   The Temple: Ancient and [Read More…]

“If You Don’t ‘Get’ Religion, You Can’t ‘Get’ America or the World”

    An important point — meaning that I agree with it completely — from the Harvard-trained Evangelical lawyer and conservative writer David French, including a brief but flattering reference to the Mormons:   “If You Don’t ‘Get’ Religion, You Can’t ‘Get’ America or the World”   Bill Hamblin and I made a similar or related [Read More…]

“Social-Justice Blog: Gender Is ‘More Like a Performance’”

    How can you not love stuff like this?   “Social-Justice Blog: Gender Is ‘More Like a Performance’”   If you’re female but enjoy sports, it seems that (to that extent, at least) you’re actually male.  But there’s really no essential difference between male and female.  Or something to that effect.   In the [Read More…]