“We are N”

Juden hier!

   In the 1930s and 1940s, the National Socialists or Nazis marked Jewish shops under their rule with the word Jude (or "Jew") and forced Jews to wear yellow Stars of David as identifying badges. In Iraq right now, ISIS, the "Islamic State in Syria," is marking homes as "Nazarene" (i.e., "Christian") and expelling their residents, stripped of all possessions, under threat of death.   Watch this, and consider … [Read more...]

Dinner from the Mountain of Light

A good Indian restaurant in Orem

  We just had a really, really good dinner from Kohinoor, a restaurant on State Street in Orem: http://www.kohinoorut.com If you like Indian food, or if, never having tasted it, you would like to try Indian food, I recommend Kohinoor as a good place to eat (or to get take-out).   … [Read more...]

Bart Ehrman versus a “Mythicist”

Kfar Nahum from the air

  I've noticed what may be an increasing tendency, among those (especially the young) newly liberated from what they now regard as their religious delusions, to go all the way over to asserting, or at least strongly suspecting, that Jesus never actually existed. This view is sometimes called "mythicism." This has, historically, been the territory of cranks and fringe crazies.  That's still, in my view, pretty much where it belongs. But … [Read more...]

“Mormon Challenges”

a temple in Lubbock

  I can't recall whether I've linked to this site before, or not. But I figure that, if I can't recall, some of you won't recall, either.  So, even if I already have, there'll be no real harm done.   … [Read more...]

Senator Reid says that the US/Mexico border is secure. Is it, really?

a line in the sand

  If you think it is, watch this: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/bin-Laden-Obama-border-security/2014/08/11/id/588072/?ns_mail_uid=5388816&ns_mail_job=1581113_08112014&promo_code=b5rj8exw   … [Read more...]

“Terms important to same-sex discussion in LDS Church”


  Another newspaper article -- thus far, including this one, I've cited two from the Deseret News and one from the Tribune -- about last week's sixteenth annual FairMormon conference: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865608377/Terms-important-to-same-sex-discussion-in-LDS-Church-Ty-Mansfield-says-at-FairMormon-Conference.html?pg=all   … [Read more...]

From Interpreter’s second birthday party

Entering the terrible twos?

  The above is a group photograph of just about all of those who were able to attend The Interpreter Foundation's second birthday party, which took place on Saturday. It's a wonderful thing -- but unfortunate on such occasions -- that we have authors and editors and volunteers and board members living in Europe, Oceania, Canada, and across the United States.  I guess maybe we'll have to wait until we finally get our corporate jet before we have everybody t … [Read more...]

“Nails in the fence”

Is this the fence in question?

  The following item was sent to me tonight, and I endorse it. It's not about repentance. There's a somewhat analogous story that's been used, sometimes, to illustrate the importance of chastity before marriage.  I don't endorse that story, which, in view, entails some really troubling and theologically inaccurate implications. Applied as this story is, though, I think it contains a substantial dose of truth: There once w … [Read more...]