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mountain and water

  "The human soul was made to enjoy some object that is never fully given -- nay, cannot even be imagined as given -- in our present mode of subjective and spatio-temporal experience."  C. S. Lewis, "Preface," The Pilgrim's Regress  … [Read more...]

1 Nephi 17

On the water at Khor Kharfot

   In 1 Nephi 17, the self-exiled party of travelers from Jerusalem reaches what, in order to distinguish it from the New World land and city of the same name, is often called Lehi's Old World Bountiful.  (For some further information, see here and here and here.) A number of scholars, including myself, are strongly inclined to think that the site has been located, at the place where the Wadi Sayq opens onto the Arabian Sea at Khor Kh … [Read more...]

One of my regrets

Dr. Sandage, at Mount Palomar?

  A significant regret for me stems from my finding out, only about five years ago, that the legendary observational astronomer Allan Sandage lived for many years (and, in 2010, died) in my relatively small home town of San Gabriel, California.  His home cannot have been very far away from the house in which I was raised. A student of Walter Baade and graduate assistant to Edwin Hubble, Dr. Sandage discovered the first quasar and was the first scientist to fix a … [Read more...]

Maybe I HAVE been in Utah too long.

Texas A&M, from above

  It seems that I jumped too easily to the wrong Aggies in my immediately previous post.  A few seconds of more careful looking around at the site would have spared me the mistake. So, by way of atonement, I've posted a photo above of the lair in which hang out the actual Aggies relevant to the post. Of course, it's not merely the fact that I live in Utah that would predispose me to assume that the Aggies in question were those of Utah State … [Read more...]

“5 Reasons I Believe in God”

USU, from the air

  Here's an interesting article on an interesting website that I hadn't been aware of before today: I'm delighted to see believing, faithful members of the Church taking up the challenge issued by Elder Ballard and, more recently, by Elder Bednar (among others) to use the Internet to share, support, defend, and advocate the cause of the Restoration.   … [Read more...]

“Pat Buchanan to Mitt Romney: Run for President in 2016″

Mr. Pat Buchanan   … [Read more...]

Christians: “Trapped in Iraq”

Some Iraqi Christians

  I don't want them to be forgotten:   … [Read more...]


A logo for "community service"

  Here's an absolutely wonderful new undertaking by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that I'm thrilled by, and that I learned about just yesterday while meeting with some folks up at Church headquarters.  (Maybe I'm the last person to hear about it?) As you'll soon recognize if you spend any time with it, the project has only recently been launched, and there's … [Read more...]