“Galileo’s reputation is more hyperbole than truth”

    Now here’s a strikingly revisionist article.   https://aeon.co/opinions/galileo-s-reputation-is-more-hyperbole-than-truth   According to this historian of science, Galileo was a very good scientist, but scarcely the world-transforming titan that he’s been made out to be.  (If he had to choose somebody for that role during the same era, it would be the German astronomer and mathematician [Read More…]

An update from the executive director of the LDS Church Missionary Department

    A roughly twelve-minute video with Elder Brent H. Neilson of the Seventy:   http://www.mormonnewsroom.org     [Read more…]

“None Could Deliver Them but the Lord”

    Steven Densley, Daniel Peterson, Martin Tanner, and McKay White discuss Mosiah 18-24 (= 2016 Gospel Doctrine lesson 19) in the 163rd scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation:   Scripture Roundtable 163: Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 19, None Could Deliver Them but the Lord     [Read more…]

Trumpism: Where does it come from? Is it finally beginning to fade?

    Five attempts to explain the appeal of Trumpism:   “Trump and the Death of Reason”   “Does Social Connectedness Explain Trump’s Appeal?”   “Are Trump’s Conservative-Media Flacks Preparing to Jump Ship?”   “Donald Trump: An Eruption of Secularism”   “A New Theory of Trump”   But is Trumpism beginning to lose its glow? [Read More…]

BOM Mosiah 18

    In today’s reading, Mosiah 18, the focus shifts from Abinadi, who’s been put to death by King Noah and his priests, to Alma.   The chapter is set at a place called “the waters of Mormon,” a place to which the editor, Mormon, attaches a particular sanctity:   And now it came to pass [Read More…]

“No war. No order.”

    “Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? They haven’t had a war here for such a long time. Without a good war, where do you get your moral standards from? Everything goes to pot in peacetime. People eat what they like. You see them wandering about with cheese on their bread and then a [Read More…]

(Syrian) Palmyra recaptured

    One really cheery bit of news over the past few days — right up there with the fact that Donald Trump may be losing in Wisconsin — is the recapture of the ancient city of Palmyra by Syrian military forces.   For images of the magnificent ruins there, see this photo essay:   http://www.nationalreview.com/slideshows/palmyra#0 [Read More…]

How the Church has callously abandoned the missionaries who were wounded in Brussels

    I’ve recently read several indignant comments from bitter critics of Mormonism about how the coldhearted Church has abandoned the missionaries who were injured in those recent terrorist attacks in Brussels.  When missionaries are no longer useful, it seems — as these missionaries, because of their serious wounds, no longer are — the Church simply spits them [Read More…]

“God Himself Shall Redeem His People”

    In the Interpreter Foundation’s 162nd posted scripture roundtable, Shon Hopkin, Martin Tanner, and Bruce Webster discuss Mosiah 12-17, the chapters on which Lesson 18 of the 2016 Gospel Doctrine manual is based:   Scripture Roundtable 162: Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 18, God Himself-Shall Redeem His People     [Read more…]

Deseret News: “Editing out the ‘bad grammar’ in the Book of Mormon”

    This week’s Thursday Deseret News column is up:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865651207/Editing-out-the-bad-grammar-in-the-Book-of-Mormon.html   6 April should be an easy date to remember.     [Read more…]