“Temples to Dot the Earth”

The Provo City Center Temple as it appeared yesterday (Click to enlarge.)

  The statue of the Angel Moroni was placed atop the Provo City Center Temple -- the old tabernacle that is in the process of being converted into a temple -- yesterday afternoon.  Somehow I missed the announcement, or I probably would have been there. And photos of the soon-to-be-dedicated Fort Lauderdale Florida temple have now been posted, including some shots of its … [Read more...]

“Book of Mormon consistency, complexity still amaze”

Arabic: "The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ"

    http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700191814/Book-of-Mormons-consistency-complexity-still-amaze.html   … [Read more...]

Eurovision 2013 and the End of Western Civilization

You probably didn't expect the apocalypse to look (or sound) like this.

  I love Europe. Some people say that contemporary Europe is decadent, even that it's doomed.  That European civilization is dying. I hope not. But, last night, I watched these two videos from the 2013 Eurovision competition.  These are two of the finalists. The first is Andrius Pojavis, from Lithuania: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hbA-sVOprA He isn't, by the way, from Spain. Let m … [Read more...]

“Lying for the Lord”

A fairly typical use of the motif, this one from the 2012 president race

  I very frequently encounter the claim -- particularly from disgruntled former members of the Church and deeply alienated ex-believers -- that Mormons are taught (and regularly practice) a concept called "lying for the Lord."  It's typically referred to in quotation marks, as if it's a term of art that we in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actually use.  From time to time, it even shows up as something uncontroversial, an undisputed fact of Mormon culture.   … [Read more...]

Two lectures in Sandy, Utah

The Western Wall (or "Wailing Wall") in Jerusalem, with the golden Dome of the Rock behind it on the ancient Temple Mount platform built by King Herod the Great (Click to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge further.)

  It seems that I'm going to be lecturing up in the Salt Lake Valley on 10 April, and then, again, on 17 April. Here's the necessary information: http://www.cruiselady.com/store.cfm   … [Read more...]

Obamacare enrollment is surging!

Another happy citizen, suddenly persuaded by the merits of the Affordable Care Act, decides to enroll!

  And, given the looming deadline and the threat of penalties, it's not hard to understand why.   … [Read more...]

The President pulls out all the stops to sell Obamacare . . . on SNL

Live from Saturday Night!

  http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/03/30/saturday-night-live-selfie-kim-kardashian-harry-styles-president-barack-obama/   … [Read more...]

“Temple is the Center of the LDS Universe”

A nighttime view of the Calgary Alberta Temple (Click to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge further.)

   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700185354/Temple-is-the-center-of-the-LDS-universe.html   … [Read more...]