“A Place for Book of Mormon Research”

Ether, watching from a cave the destruction of his people and their evil and designing leaders

  My friend and former Maxwell Institute colleague Matt Roper runs an interesting blog entitled Ether's Cave.  It's well worth some time: http://etherscave.blogspot.com It's the kind of thing that the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, or FARMS -- now the Maxwell Institute -- was founded to do.   … [Read more...]

Vladimir I contemplates his work

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 Hearty thanks to Chris365 for creating these!  Do you remember how Mr. Obama derided Mitt Romney when Governor Romney described Vladimir Putin's Russia as the Number One contemporary geopolitical enemy of the United States? Ridiculous, right? Vladimir's a lamb.  Do you recall Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presenting Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov with a "reset button" in 2009?  It was intended to … [Read more...]

A desideratum

This one might be a possibility.

    Something that might be useful right now -- and that should go viral -- would be a photograph of Vladimir Putin, shirtless and on a horse, riding through the smoking remains of that Malaysian airliner in the Ukraine. Anybody with Photo Shop skill?   … [Read more...]

“Reading the books of scripture and nature together”

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  Both events are  now past.  But what was said at each of them will be published (separately) over the next  months. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865586218/Reading-the-books-of-scripture-and-nature-together.html   … [Read more...]

Tired of the instability and violence in the Middle East?

It never ends.

   Some years ago, an excellent student paper -- one of the best I've ever received -- convinced me that a three-state solution (Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel) might be the best way to end the Arab/Israeli conflict. But this brilliant idea -- brought to my attention by Sam Smith -- is much better still!   … [Read more...]

Putting human faces on today’s Malaysian Airlines tragedy

Near the Ukrainian village of Grabovo earlier today (Click to enlarge.)

   These are faces that you probably won't see in the American media, for perfectly understandable reasons: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/mh17-first-australian-victims-identified/story-fni0cx4q-1226993342586?nk=d8cb772690487d93ab1f9958b742d982 But it's important that the human cost of this atrocious act not be forgotten. Thanks to Ray Agostini for bringing the article to my attention. I agree that this … [Read more...]

Good advice for men

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  I understand that, having posted this, I'll be denounced as a sexist.  A typical white patriarchal male -- and a Mormon, no less.  An oppressor, a smug member of the privileged class.  Bent on infantilizing women.  And etc., and so forth. I still think it's pretty funny. And I think that those who'll be upset by it are humorless ideologues.  It would be genuine cause for worry if they approved of me.   … [Read more...]

Charles Krauthammer on that wretched Blumenthal abortion bill

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   I posted a link to a lawyer's response to this cynical atrocity the other day. Here's a response from the political commentator (and Harvard-trained physician and psychiatrist) Charles Krauthammer: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/382842/krauthammers-take-blumenthal-abortion-bill-sham-and-show-nro-staff   … [Read more...]