New Testament 22-24

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  John 2:1-13 Just a brief note, today, on the way, theologically, in which the gospel of John employs the miracles of of Jesus: Characteristically, John uses the term σημεῖον (semeion, "sign") to refer to the miraculous acts performed by Christ.  For example, in today's reading, at John 2:11, the gospel is summing up the story of the miracle of changing water into wine:  "This, the first of his signs [ταύτην . . . ἀρχὴν τῶν σημείων], Jesus did at C … [Read more...]

Atheist group slams university in Alabama because its chancellor recommended a video

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  The video in question is focused on Clayton Christensen, a very well known Latter-day Saint professor at Harvard Business School.  A link to it can be found in the article to which I provide a link below. One can debate, of course, whether an official at this particular university should have said the things that Chancellor Jack Hawkins said. But I think it quite unjust to say that, in the video, Professor Christensen (whom, for what it's worth, … [Read more...]

“Heavenly Ascents”

On St. Salvator's quad

  Curiously, I don't believe that I've ever mentioned David J. Larsen's very interesting blog here.  So, seeking to remedy that lack, and in the continuing hope of alerting interested readers to excellent Mormon thinking and writing, here it is:   … [Read more...]

The key to a long life?

Gracie Allen's husband

  "If you live to be one hundred, you've got it made.  Very few people die past that age."  (George Burns)   … [Read more...]

“An Introduction to the Humanities of Islam”

The Alhambra, as the sun sets

  Starting next week, I'll be teaching -- along with two other classes -- an "Introduction to the Humanities of Islam."  I'm somewhat excited about it, because I've completely reconceived the course.  I'll be approaching it in a very different way than I ever have before. It's an experiment, and, of course, it may crash and burn.  There's always that chance.  But I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.  Partly because I'm reconfiguring it to accord a bit more … [Read more...]

An irreconcilable conflict between science and religion?

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  “Let me say that I don’t see any conflict between science and religion. I go to church as many other scientists do. I share with most religious people a sense of mystery and wonder at the universe and I want to participate in religious ritual and practices because they’re something that all humans can share.”  (Sir Martin Rees, British cosmologist and astrophysicist; Astronomer Royal since 1995; president of the Royal Society 2005-2010; Master of Trinity College, Cambridge … [Read more...]

New Testament 21

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  Matthew 4:18-22Mark 1:16-20Luke 5:1-11John 1:35-51 The accounts given by Matthew and Mark of the calling of the first disciples are quite similar, whereas the narratives of Luke and John offer rather different perspectives and details. I'm struck by the fact that the disciples are said to have responded "immediately" (εὐθέως in Matthew 4:20; εὐθὺς in Mark 1:18) to the Savior's invitation to follow him. Latter-day Saints ar … [Read more...]

“Why Do They Leave II”

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  The invaluable John Gee has posted a second analytic and reflective installment in his treatment of why some young people become disaffected from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: This is important reading, on an important topic, for Church leaders, parents, scholars and writers, and Mormon young people themselves.   … [Read more...]