New Testament 120


  Matthew 12:43-45Compare Luke 11:24-26 One of the things that this passage says to me, sadly, is that the condition of someone who's once been converted but then abandons his or her covenants and relapses into "worldly" ways is very likely to be worse than it was before that first conversion. I regret to say that I've seen precisely such a phenomenon in more than a few cases. It's very depressing, but it no longer surprises … [Read more...]

An LDS-themed movie set (and filmed) in Ghana

The second LDS temple on the African continent

  This looks potentially really interesting.  And I'm delighted to see stories being told from well beyond the Wasatch Front:   … [Read more...]

An interim comment on General Conference

Twentieth-century martyrs

  I've enjoyed conference thus far. I liked hearing Elder L. Tom Perry cite Pope Francis in conference, and hearing Elder D. Todd Christofferson cite the German Protestant martyr-theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  My wife and I have also, apparently like Elder Christofferson, stood admiringly before those new sculptures of modern Christian martyrs on the front of Westminster Abbey. I really liked Elder Wilford Andersen's metaphor of music and the d … [Read more...]

Abusing science to score cheap political points

A psychiatric hack

  I posted an item yesterday pointing out that religious and political conservatives, despite the stereotype, clearly don't have a monopoly on ignorance, stupidity, and hostility to science. But here, I think, is a good example of the stereotype, and, at least in passing, of a left-wing journalist pressing science into service in order to depict his targeted opponents as … [Read more...]

“Visiting the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi”

UAE's most recent grand mosque

  With all of the ugliness and cruelty coming out of the Middle East and the Islamic world these days -- e.g., this -- it would be easy to conclude that cruelty and ugliness represent Islam and the Middle East. But they aren't the whole story.  Here's a Hamblin-Peterson column in the Deseret News, published this morning, about something of great beauty that was constructed just a few years ago in the United Arab Em … [Read more...]

If I had wanted to make Islam look repulsive, I couldn’t have done it more effectively myself.

Africa's tallest mountain?

  These people, and those like them elsewhere, are the enemies of Islam and of faithful Muslims:   … [Read more...]

Who are you?

Lightning in a Japanese sky

  Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.  (George Bernard Shaw)   … [Read more...]!

In the Dolomites, Cortina d' Ampezzo

  Did you know that you can donate to the Interpreter Foundation at no cost to yourself? will make the donation for you, if you place your Amazon orders through Read the directions for here.   … [Read more...]