Christmas Cheer 15

Stormtrooping for the Emperor

  The imperial stormtroopers seize a favorite American Christmas song for the Emperor:  Posted from Orlando, Florida    … [Read more...]

“5 ways other religions have made me a better Latter-day Saint”

Famous Rockwell painting of Golden Rule

  An interesting blog post out of Texas: I completely agree with the spirit of the post.  I've been talking and writing about Krister Stendahl's concept of "holy envy" for many years.  (I used it in these oral remarks from 2000, for example.) I don't like the concept of "tolerance" very much.  It suggests nothing beyond holding my nose and generously all … [Read more...]

Pranking Harvard

H vs. Y

  Those who know me will find it easy to believe that I would give my eye teeth to have pulled something like this off: And those who know me really well will be aware, perhaps, that one or two pranks in which I was involved as an undergraduate have found their way into printed histories of Brigham Young University. If I accomplish nothing else with my life, I at least have the memories of … [Read more...]

“10 Sublime Wonders of Science”

Close-up of green leaf

  This writer doesn't seem to me to have much to say, really, about "meaning," though he plainly thinks he does:  But his list does include some real wonders -- including a few that should leave him and others wondering.  Posted from Orlando, Florida    … [Read more...]

“The Unremarkable Call to Love Our Gay Neighbors”

A different translation of 1 Cor 13

  Unfortunately, the link will give you only a small portion of this article from the excellent Evangelical magazine Christianity Today: I agree, though, that the idea of Christian love for those acting in ways of which we … [Read more...]

Music of Christmas 14

Shepherd boy with lamb and angels

  The first recording of Do You Hear What I Hear? was made by the Harry Simeone Chorale shortly after Thanksgiving 1962, and sold so well during that Christmas season that Bing Crosby eventually recorded it also -- making it, by means of his star power, a mega-hit. Here is that very first choral recording: The song had been composed only a month or so before, during the thirteen days of the C … [Read more...]

The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

The two 1914 Nobel Peace laureates

  Malala Yousafzai,  a seventeen-year-old Pakistani Muslim girl, and Kailash Satyarthi, a Hindu from India, have now formally received the Nobel Peace Prize: Both are crusaders for the rights of children. The Peace Prize has sometimes gone to underserving recipients.  These two aren't among them.  Posted from Orlando, Florida    … [Read more...]

On demonizing people for tiny political deviations

Perhaps when she was younger?

  I like Mona Charen's columns.  I've also had some people call me a RINO (and those were the nice ones) in the wake of, for example, my expressed reluctance to demonize and excommunicate Harry Reid despite our many political disagreements.  So I appreciate what she has to say here:  Posted from Orlando, Florida    … [Read more...]