Putting human faces on today’s Malaysian Airlines tragedy

Near the Ukrainian village of Grabovo earlier today (Click to enlarge.)

   These are faces that you probably won't see in the American media, for perfectly understandable reasons: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/mh17-first-australian-victims-identified/story-fni0cx4q-1226993342586?nk=d8cb772690487d93ab1f9958b742d982 But it's important that the human cost of this atrocious act not be forgotten. Thanks to Ray Agostini for bringing the article to my attention. I agree that this … [Read more...]

Good advice for men

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  I understand that, having posted this, I'll be denounced as a sexist.  A typical white patriarchal male -- and a Mormon, no less.  An oppressor, a smug member of the privileged class.  Bent on infantilizing women.  And etc., and so forth. I still think it's pretty funny. And I think that those who'll be upset by it are humorless ideologues.  It would be genuine cause for worry if they approved of me.   … [Read more...]

Charles Krauthammer on that wretched Blumenthal abortion bill

The United States Senate Click to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge further.

   I posted a link to a lawyer's response to this cynical atrocity the other day. Here's a response from the political commentator (and Harvard-trained physician and psychiatrist) Charles Krauthammer: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/382842/krauthammers-take-blumenthal-abortion-bill-sham-and-show-nro-staff   … [Read more...]

Profitable counsel

Just do what the Web tells you to do.

    … [Read more...]

Some general principles underlying my view of the Arab/Israeli conflict


  I  annoy friends of mine on both sides of the divide. I have friends on both sides, and that's part of the problem. But the basic problem is that I see legitimate grievances and concerns among both Palestinians and Israelis, and legitimate hopes and aspirations -- as well bad behavior, injustices, and cruelty among both. I grew up, as most Americans of my generation did, completely supportive of Israel.  I thrilled at the eloquence o … [Read more...]

“On ‘hanging out’ with a comfortable God”

A good time for hangin' out with a safely domesticated deity

   Today's Deseret News column replies to a critic of the column from two weeks ago: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865607016/On-hanging-out-with-a-comfortable-god.html  Posted from alongside the Provo River, in Wasatch County, Utah    … [Read more...]

“Event convinced Saints of Brigham Young’s mantle”


   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865585792/Event-convinced-Saints-of-Brigham-Youngs-mantle.html  Posted from beside the Provo River,  in Wasatch County, Utah    … [Read more...]

“Over half of all statements made on Fox News are false.”

The Fox News logo

  Democrats and the Left absolutely hate Fox News (aka "Faux News"), Rush Limbaugh, and others who interfere with the political and cultural narrative they would like us all to swallow without question. And some of them aren't above a bit of deception in their attempts to stigmatize conservative-leaning media and media personalities -- and their audiences -- as liars, dupes, morons, idiots, and mind-numbed robots. Here's an examination of one such … [Read more...]