Theory and Practice

The inimitable Yogi Berra

  "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is."  (Yogi Berra)   … [Read more...]

Sheesh! I almost forgot!

Coulda been the movie!

  Fortunately, Charles Steinman reminded me that It's Groundhog Day! Which, of course, is the perfect time to remember the greatest film ever made: Just watching the trailer, I was laughing all over again.  And I have the thing practically memorized.   … [Read more...]

“Science and religion are two windows . . . “

IAP, Princeton, Fuld Hall

  "Science and religion are two windows that people look through, trying to understand the big universe outside, trying to understand why we are here. The two windows give different views, but both look out at the same universe. Both views are one-sided, neither is complete. Both leave out essential features of the real world. And both are worthy of respect."  Freeman Dyson (b. 1923), English-born theoretical physicist and mathematician, Institute for Advanced Study, … [Read more...]

“If judges can’t join the Boy Scouts, what about the Mormon Church?”

Henry VIII, by Hans Holbein

  A recent decision by the California Supreme Court to bar state judges from affiliation with the evil Boy Scouts of America raises interesting issues, as this letter to the Los Angeles Times recognizes: For example, what if a bishop in California tried to call a member of his ward to serve with the Scouts -- and that ward member happened to be a … [Read more...]

New Testament 60-61

Nauvoo Illinois Temple

  Matthew 6:1-6 It's a sore temptation to want to point to one's good deeds in order to gain the admiration of others, or, even, to silence their condemnation. I know several people who've made substantial, even massive, donations to various worthy causes, yet whose names virtually never appear in connection with such generosity. I think of three people, in particular, whose silence about their kindliness (in the face of reputations … [Read more...]

“On reading scripture and being human”

Lachish III reproduction

  Nathaniel Givens offers an interesting perspective on the relationship between scripture and history -- a relationship that has been somewhat controversial of late in certain sectors of online Mormondom, sometimes generating considerable unnecessary heat.  Fortunately, he's lucid and calm:   … [Read more...]

“In Memoriam”

"Sally" Hamblin photo

  I trust that my friend Bill Hamblin won't mind my posting a link to his funeral tribute to his mother, posted nearly two weeks ago: I thought that it eloquently expressed not only his admiration and affection for his mother, but, more generally, why so many of us think the claims of the Gospel so very important. I understand quite well how some come to think that … [Read more...]

“In Los Angeles, Muslim women find empowerment in female-only Friday prayers”

Muslimaat at prayer yawm al-jum‘a

  I've often expressed my belief that the future direction of Islam will be decided -- certainly, I hope it will be decided -- by Muslims living in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other such free nations, far from the corrupting influence (and oppressive tyranny) of the purportedly "Islamic" states of the Middle East. Here's an interesting … [Read more...]