Next-President Hillary Clinton vs. FBI Director James Comey

    Pretty funny, when videos of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Comey are placed side by side:   These items, alas, aren’t so funny, but they offer insight from an array of lawyers, former federal prosecutors, a former Congressman and Senator, and so forth:   “Hillary Clinton Lied About Her Email — The FBI [Read More…]

BOM Alma 46

    The story of Amalickiah is among the most gripping in the Book of Mormon, and it begins here, in Alma 46.   But the most famous aspect of this specific chapter is its account of Moroni and the “title of liberty.”   On this, you should Google Mark Morrise’s “Simile Curses in the [Read More…]

“Mormons’ disgust with Donald Trump turns Utah into close race”     [Read more…]

Inside the newly completed Sapporo Japan Temple

    A collection of exterior and interior photographs:   I particularly like the Zen-style rock and sand garden at the base of the principal staircase.     [Read more…]

A marvelously revealing social-science error

    It was a pretty spectacular error in an academic social-science article — hilarious to a lot of us, though certainly not to the study’s authors — but it and its enthusiastic reception probably also represent the political/ideological biases that dominate the contemporary social sciences:   “Confirmation bias,” anyone?   Remember, too, that [Read More…]

“After Attacks on Muslims, Many Ask: Where is the Outpouring?”

    Is there a double standard in the West?  Do Westerners value the lives of those like themselves more than the lives of Muslims?  According to this article, many from the Middle East are drawing that conclusion.   That’s not good.  For a whole host of reasons.   Posted from Park City, Utah   [Read More…]

“Religious Freedom in an Era of Social Change”

    Bad news out of Canada for those who believe in religious liberty and, in the United States, in the First Amendment:   Incidentally, Trinity Western University’s “covenant” is very similar to BYU’s Honor Code.   It’s Canada, yes.  But the decision cites a precedent from the United States, and this could [Read More…]

Mr. Donald Trump on International Trade

    To me, the right to engage in voluntary exchanges is a moral one.  Thus, belief in free markets is an ethical issue even before it’s an economic matter, and the fact that free markets perform far, far better than do command economies is, really, icing on the cake.   I also tend to [Read More…]

General Patton and Prayer

    I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the legendary, colorful, brilliant, and deeply flawed General George S. Patton.   Not only because I like the famous 1970 film about him starring George C. Scott.   And not only because he was born in my own home town of San Gabriel, [Read More…]

BOM Alma 45

    In the fourth volume of what was then called the Review of Books on the Book of Mormon but which was eventually known as the FARMS Review (and then, very briefly before its murder, as the Mormon Studies Review), John Tvedtnes published a response to a book by the Rev. Wesley P. Walters, a Protestant [Read More…]