Good can come from broken things

Breaking the soil for planting

  I liked the talks in the priesthood session of General Conference this evening. I'll share one image that I appreciated, from Elder Randy Funk of the Seventy. He alluded briefly to the value of broken things. We break the ground to plant wheat.  We break wheat to make bread.  We break bread to create the emblems of the holy sacrament. Nice series of thoughts.  I could imagine it being turned into a poem, and perhaps even … [Read more...]

“General Conference continues ancient traditions”

The Conference Center, just north of Temple Square in Salt Lake City

  This week's bi-weekly Hamblin/Peterson column:   … [Read more...]

Elder Holland on Mental and Emotional Illness

Benjamin Franklin's epitaph

  Several excellent talks today during the two general sessions of conference.  I was very grateful to hear Elder Jeffrey Holland's remarks about mental and emotional illness.  Having spent many (sometimes heartbreaking and difficult) hours counseling with members of the Church who suffer from such challenges, I loved his message of hope and understanding.  And, like him, I take enormous comfort in the doctrine of a glorious resurrection.  Not only the obvious physical ail … [Read more...]

No new temples?

The nearly-completed Gilbert Arizona Temple

  When I was young, there were something like twelve or fifteen temples, worldwide, in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Today, there are 141. Moreover, there are twenty-nine (29) either under construction or announced. In recent years, it has become traditional to announce new temples in the opening, Saturday morning, session of General Conference, and we've come to expect such announcements -- even though, well within living … [Read more...]

Is all loss of faith or apostasy caused by sin and the desire to sin?

The Conference Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Salt Lake City, Utah

   President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's concluding talk in this morning's opening session of the 2013 semiannual conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was an important one, and I look forward to its publication.  I was pleased to hear him say, from the pulpit of the Conference Center, that falling away from the Church isn't always the result of sin or a desire to sin. I've held the same position for as … [Read more...]

“Who shut down Yellowstone?”

One of the weirder landscapes on the planet

  Charles Krauthammer -- perhaps appropriately, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist -- has long since become one of the most acute commentators on American politics.  And, as here, he's usually right:   … [Read more...]

My Silencing Continues

Will my partners and I be singing on this broadcast? Tune in to find out!

  For the scores of millions of people out there in Radio Land who will surely be interested: A brief (ten-minute) interview with me regarding The Interpreter Foundation will be aired three times on KSL Radio (AM 1160; FM 102.7) on Sunday -- at 6:30 AM, 9:30 AM, and 9:30 PM -- on Martin Tanner's program, Religion Today. It will also be available somewhere on  But I don't know details at this point.  When and if I do, I'll announce them.   … [Read more...]

“Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?”

A representation of the divine feminine

  This week's publication in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture comes from Zina Petersen: It deals with a subject that has fascinated me for a long time (see here, for example, or the considerably abbreviated version of the same article here; and compare this, which was published in the late FARMS Review under my editorship).  To paraphrase Goethe, "Das ewig Weibliche zieht mich h … [Read more...]