“Warfare and the Book of Mormon”

Campaign of 1260 AD

  Today's "Defending the Faith" article in the Deseret News is now up: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865627050/Warfare-and-the-Book-of-Mormon.html  Posted from Tel Aviv, Israel    … [Read more...]

Once more, a note on the death of Europe

A postcard from Tel Aviv

  I wrote here the other day about the sharp decline in European birthrates. On the flight over, I noticed several articles in the 18 April 2015 issue of the Economist that, without signaling that as a theme, addressed the topic at least in passing. Finland, for example, which faces a looming election, is the world's most rapidly aging country.  By 2030, more than a quarter of the Finnish population will be over 65, which will put enormous burdens … [Read more...]

See inside the new Payson Utah Temple

Nearly-finished Payson Temple

  Dang. I had an invitation for a special tour of the Payson Utah Temple on Tuesday, but, alas, the airport was beckoning me and I couldn't make it. Here, though, are some photos of the building, which is soon to be dedicated.  Posted from Tel Aviv, Israel  … [Read more...]

We’re baaack.

The beach at Tel Aviv

   It was a boring flight, which is always good. I won't be around my computer much over the next few days, so you'll have to get your news and views from some source of equivalent value, status, and reliability (such as, say, the National Enquirer, the Onion, or the New York Times. But here's a note for my Malevolent Stalker and his coterie, as well as for more conventional criminal types:  Our house is neither uninhabited nor … [Read more...]

Interesting facts about statues of the Angel Moroni

Västerhaninge Angel by Steffan Jansson

  http://www.deseretnews.com/top/2075/0/20-little-known-facts-about-the-Mormon-Angel-Moroni-statue-.html  Posted from New York City    … [Read more...]

“An Ancient Shroud and an Eternal Debate”

Georgoudis, Man of the Shroud

  I used to follow debates about the Shroud of Turin much more closely than I have in recent years, but it remains an unusually interesting (and exceptionally puzzling) artifact: http://www.wsj.com/articles/an-ancient-shroud-and-an-eternal-debate-1429304356  Posted from New York City    … [Read more...]

Moral relativism in elementary school

Nationalreichsparteitag Nürnberg

  Not at all a healthy thing -- and somewhat intellectually incoherent, to boot: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/02/why-our-children-dont-think-there-are-moral-facts/?smid=fb-share&_r=0 Thanks to Nicol Sorenson-Legakis for bringing this to my attention.  Posted from New York City    … [Read more...]

“The Loser Letters”

The cover of the book

  I finished Mary Eberstadt's The Loser Letters: A Comic Tale of Life, Death, and Atheism at precisely the moment our plane touched down here. I admire her work. I hadn't heard of this one until just a couple of days ago, though. It's not my favorite.  I think she tries much too hard to sound like an insouciant young airhead, for example.  And it's more than a little heavy-handed.  But it makes some very sound points in a readable way, … [Read more...]