Seventy-Two Years Ago, Today

    Some things should never be forgotten.   This day should never be forgotten, nor completely passed over without appropriate thought.   Here’s a short document from a very different time — you may listen to his actual voice here — when an American president could speak in a very different voice than would [Read More…]

My ancestors!

    And many of you are probably descended from them, too.  (So don’t feel too superior.)     [Read more…]

David French: “Why I’m Not Running for President”   Come on, Mitt.   Your country needs you.     [Read more…]

Culturally inferior Westerners

    I find that the hardest work in the world . . .  is to persuade Easterners that growing up in the West is not intellectually crippling.  (Marilynne Robinson, Pulitzer-Prize-winning novelist and essayist)   (There’s New York theater, and then, in tiny villages like Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles, there’s regional theater.  Larry McMurtry, [Read More…]

“Evaluating Three Arguments against Joseph Smith’s First Vision”

    A 2012 article from the second volume of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture that you might have missed: Evaluating Three Arguments Against Joseph Smith’s First Vision     [Read more…]

“The Mormon Jesus: Just how different is he than the traditional Christ?”

    A new book is out on the topic of “the Mormon Jesus”:     [Read more…]

BOM Alma 19

    Today’s reading, Alma 19, continues with the dramatic story of Ammon’s missionary labors at a Lamanite royal court.   I’m in rather a hurry at the moment, and will be until later tonight.  So I’m just going to highlight one little phrase that catches my attention:   King Lamoni goes into a kind [Read More…]

“Israeli claims discovery of King David’s citadel”

    An interesting (though, unsurprisingly, disputed) archaeological claim that, if true, would lend additional credibility to the Old Testament story of King David:     [Read more…]

“How we unravelled Maya secrets from the air”   Agreeing with me on Book of Mormon geography isn’t necessary for your salvation — although, of course, as a general principle it’s never wise or prudent to disagree with my opinions on any subject — but I lean strongly toward an ancient Mesoamerican setting for the story of the Nephites, Lamanites, [Read More…]

Children tell Bible stories

    Some of you might really, really enjoy these brief Mormon Channel videos, in which (accompanied by very nice recreations of the ancient narratives themselves) children recount famous biblical stories:     [Read more…]