“Unbelievably, international terrorism strikes at Utahns — again”

    This article from a couple of days ago, written by Tad Walch of the Deseret News, includes some very clarifying statistics that should help to put the threat of foreign terrorism into proper perspective:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865676334/Unbelievably-international-terrorism-strikes-at-Utahns—again.html     [Read more…]

“How Much Evidence is There of God?”

    An article that some of you will enjoy and appreciate:   How Much Evidence is There of God?     [Read more…]

“The Sun Is Nearly Spotless, Hinting at Solar Lull”

    An interesting short article by Tariq Malik, the managing editor of Space.com, whose name might cause some to fear him as a terrorist who wants to kill all of us:   http://www.space.com/36188-spotless-sun-has-no-sunspots.html     [Read more…]

“Trump’s invention of a Swedish terrorist attack was funny. But it likely comes from a dark place.”

    This article was published well over a month ago, but I see from comments on my blog, on my Facebook page, and in my email inbox that some of what it has to say is still relevant, so I link to it:   http://www.vox.com/world/2017/2/19/14662244/trump-sweden-terrorist-attack-fake   But here’s another word on the topic:   [Read More…]

“Rejecting the Living Prophets by Following Future Prophets”

    This short essay, written just over four years ago, strikes me as very insightful:   Rejecting the Living Prophets by Following Future Prophets   Of course, there are those out there — not a few of them, alas — who simply, flatly, reject the leaders of the Church because of ideological differences.  Commonly, [Read More…]

On fearing a foreign “religion”

    Here’s a delightful passage about Roman Catholicism from the 1835 work Foreign Conspiracy against the Liberties of the United States, written by Samuel F. B. Morse (Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Yale, Class of 1810), painter, co-inventor of the telegraph, and co-developer of the “Morse Code”:   Surely American Protestants, freemen, have discernment enough to discover [Read More…]

“Silence,” again

    I meant to announce this earlier.  I’m late, and I’m very sorry for that.   Anyway, if you’re in the Provo area, you should know that the superb recent Martin Scorsese film Silence is playing at BYU’s International Cinema tonight and tomorrow:   http://ic.byu.edu     [Read more…]

“‘By the Blood Ye Are Sanctified’: The Symbolic, Salvific, Interrelated, Additive, Retrospective, and Anticipatory Nature of the Ordinances of Spiritual Rebirth in John 3 and Moses 6”

      You certainly can’t complain this week that the Interpreter Foundation has left you with no weekend reading!   “By the Blood Ye Are Sanctified”: The Symbolic, Salvific, Interrelated, Additive, Retrospective, and Anticipatory Nature of the Ordinances of Spiritual Rebirth in John 3 and Moses 6     [Read more…]

A request to any readers in or around upper New York or in Europe

    Two quite unrelated requests:   1.   If you live in the vicinity of Manchester/Palmyra, New York, or within a reasonable distance of that location, could you let me know whether there are leaves on the trees in your area?  I’m specifically interested in whether any leaves are visible this coming Sunday.   [Read More…]

“‘When the prophet says it, that settles it’? Refuting an Evangelical Anti-Mormon”

    The impressively energetic and prolific Irish Latter-day Saint Robert Boylan takes on a common anti-Mormon charge:   http://scripturalmormonism.blogspot.com/2017/03/when-prophet-says-it-that-settles-it.html   A strain of anti-Mormonism common to both the evangelical and secular species of that remarkable disorder is the claim that Latter-day Saints are, as Rush Limbaugh would put it, “mind-numbed robots.”  That we can’t [Read More…]