Bill Clinton calls Comrade Bernie supporters “sexist”

Bill Cosby in 2006

  That's right.  Your eyes haven't deceived you. Bill Clinton -- defender of womenfolk everywhere, reverent respecter of the divine feminine, and aspiring First Dude -- has called some of the Sanderistas "sexists": Thanks to Cody Quirk for calling that priceless item to my attention.   … [Read more...]

Speaking the truth in the Middle East

Jihadi John in a beheading video

  An interesting exchange.  A forthright and brave Arab woman. I don't agree with everything here. Shams Bandar -- that's her name -- is a Saudi/Kuwaiti singer.  In this interview, she's somewhat mischaracterizing and oversimplifying 1400 years of Islamic history, for instance, and contrasting it too starkly with much of Europe's history over the same period.  The West hasn't always been that good. And the interviewer's notion that it … [Read more...]

Did you hear about that apparent bomb attack on an airliner over Somalia earlier this month?

Somalia from the sea from the air

  Maybe you did, but I never heard the sequel to the report of that attempting airline bombing. Here it is, though.  And I couldn't help but chuckle: I know.  I know.  I'm not very Christian.  Not very charitable.  I shouldn't really laugh at anybody's death.  But . . .  It's almost worthy of a Darwin Award.  And, horrible person that I am, I laugh … [Read more...]

“Pluto has ‘floating hills,’ NASA says”

Earth, Moon, Pluto, Charon

  When the weather becomes hot in the summer, this could become an attractive vacation spot.  Think extreme sports, too!  Running in reduced gravity across seas of frozen nitrogen, scrambling to be the first atop a peak of ice . . . Only, I suppose, to meet Dora the Explorer there.   … [Read more...]

“Official ‘Well-Being’ Statistics Show Religious People Are Happier Than Atheists”

Five Year Plan versus the Gods It's imperative that we religious people avoid reacting to this with anything remotely like the smug sense of superiority that so many militant atheists direct at us. That shouldn't be difficult.  It's a very low bar.   … [Read more...]

BOM 2 Nephi 20

Assyrian wall relief of siege

  Today's reading, 2 Nephi 20 (= Isaiah 10), focuses again on the international political situation of Isaiah's day.  I'll be brief, but I think that a few notes might be helpful: Verses 1-2 refer once more to the greed and injustice of Judahite society, in which the poor are oppressed by the rich.  Although Isaiah himself seems to have been a part of the ruling class of Jerusalem, he saw their evil clearly. In verses 5-6, the Lord indicates that he … [Read more...]

Now is the time.

The Belle of Amherst

  "Forever is composed of nows."  (Emily Dickinson, 1830-1886) I suppose that one of the points to be taken away from this comment by the famous Belle of Amherst is that we shouldn't always be living for the future.  Not that we shouldn't prepare for the future at all, but that we only really ever live -- and only really ever will live -- in successive present moments.  So we shouldn't defer goodness, truth, and beauty for some indefinite time yet (and always) t … [Read more...]

“The Sabbath is a Delight”

A fjord landscape in Norway

  When I've been able to live the Sabbath properly -- and, frankly, even Sabbath-observant Latter-day Saints have a hard time keeping the day sufficiently uncluttered, unhectic, reflective, open for visiting family and the sick and the needy, available for scripture study -- I have loved it. The Sabbath is now an official emphasis of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Proper Sabbath observance has always been a teaching of Mormonism, but it's … [Read more...]