One of the greatest plays in the history of baseball

A day game at Dodger Stadium

 wasn't actually about baseball:   … [Read more...]

Three important but somewhat neglected LDS statements on Islam and the Middle East

UAE's LDS meetinghouse

  At the time he wrote "Ishmael, Our Brother," for the June 1979 issue of the Ensign, James Mayfield was a professor of political science at the University of Utah: That same June 1979 issue of the Ensign published the text of an important speech by Elder Howard W. Hunter, of the Council of the Twelve.  He had originally delivered his remarks at Brigham Young University in February of t … [Read more...]

Reminder: Conference on temple tomorrow (Monday) in Provo and Tuesday in Logan

Canada's first temple

  If you can make it, this promises to be a rich and rewarding experience:   … [Read more...]

“Learning is becoming more like God”

Temple in Ghana

  A thoughtful article in the Deseret News from Taylor Halverson:   … [Read more...]

“I was blind, now I see.”

Christ's heals Buoninsegna's blind man

  The 114th scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation features Robert White, Daniel Peterson, Cassandra Hedelius, Craig Foster, and Jeff Bradshaw in a conversation about John 9-10 (which is the focus of 2015 Gospel Doctrine lesson #16):   … [Read more...]

Massive underground city found in Cappadocia region of Turkey

Cappadocian "chimneys"

  Some out there are probably aware of my passion for the history, archaeology, and scenery of Turkey. As a matter of fact, my last official act on behalf of BYU's Maxwell Institute was, with my wife, to design and lead a tour of Constantinople/Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, and several other areas associated with the Revelation of John and the early ecumenical councils of the Christian church for a group of significant donors to the University and the … [Read more...]

“I am the light of the world”

Manchester Museum

  In the Interpreter Foundation's 113th scripture roundtable, the focus is on Lesson 15 in the 2015 Gospel Doctrine manual (John 7-8): Bruce Webster, Martin Tanner, Cassandra Hedelius, and John Gee are the discussants for this installment of our roundtable series.   … [Read more...]

On expressing thanks

A photo of Alice Walker

  "'Thank you' is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding."Alice Walker    … [Read more...]