It appears to be simply, factually, untrue that white police in Amerikkka have declared war on innocent black men.  Yet this claim has been advanced quite irresponsibly as if it were indisputable fact, and it has caused enormous damage across the United States and exposed this nation to smug and often disingenuous finger-pointing from abroad.   However, the case of Walter Scott, in South Carolina, appears to be one of straightforward, wholly unjustifiable, utterly senseless murder, by a white cop,… Read more

    I would love to know more about this:     Read more     Read more

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    I have to admit that it doesn’t bother me overly much to see the execrable Mr. Maher catching such flak as this:   His sin in this case isn’t, maybe, the worst possible.  But it’s a pretty obvious case of ethnic stereotyping.   Can you imagine the indignation that would erupt — and that would inflame all of the elite media for days and perhaps even weeks — if a conservative Republican had done something like… Read more

    Fun times.   Though, unfortunately, we’ll probably be talking more about algae-like things than about Emperor Ming the Merciless or Ewoks.     Read more

    Still amazingly (sadly?) relevant:     Read more

    “What the hell was it about e-mail that made everybody forget the stuff they learned in second grade, like capitalizing I and proper names, and using periods? Hello? We all learned how to do this less than five years out of diapers!” MaryJanice Davidson     Read more

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