How My Pagan Spirituality Continues to Influence by Democratic Vote

photo credit to Crystal Blanton

This election year has brought attention in ways that feel quite different from the past.  There is a lot at stake in the next four years within this country. With an upside down economy, out of control unemployment rates and troops in the Middle East, the focus of this election is scattered.  In thinking about this election and what it means to me I look at the potential effects from the eyes of an African American, middle class, Pagan Woman. The descriptors used in the last sentence are … [Read more...]

Ode to the Single Mother and to the Goddess

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I was inspired tonight to think about the incredible magic of what my single mother meant to me and how that helped me to find the Goddess.  My mother had the responsibility of raising a young child, working and often times neglecting her personal needs in order to do so.  There were so many times I would see the magnificent vision of mothering from a woman who couldn't afford health insurance, dental care or clothes for her body.  She sacrificed that in order to be out of a relationship … [Read more...]

Renewal for the Coming New Year

Photo by Crystal Blanton

Samhain is coming.  It is one of my favorite times of year and holds a lot of memories for me, all the way throughout my childhood.  I was raised in a home that celebrated Halloween, decorated for the holiday, purchased candy and celebrated it like all the other popular holidays of the year.  My mother’s birthday is on Halloween, so it was a special day for many reasons. There was no idea in my childhood that I might grow up to be Wiccan but when I realized my path there was no surprise … [Read more...]

My Choice to Celebrate ALL Life Today, September 11th


This is a hard post to write. I don’t know how to unload the thoughts I have around the remembrance of events such as today, 9/11.  I honor the dead, I honor those who have sacrificed for this country and I am sad at the loss of lives and the grieving of friends and family. I do not want to take away from this event nor the events today in honor of those who were taken from us so unjustly and unfairly.  Instead, I want to add to it. When these events are brought up in remembrance, I … [Read more...]

My Urban Practice and the Invisible Lines in Society


Disclaimer:  Prior to reading this post I would like to point out that this is a introspective post that has more to do with my ability to evaluate who I am and who I want to be.  It is a chance to look at my feelings of being judged, seeing others judged and times when I have also been judgmental.  If you are wondering or thinking whether this is about you, the answer is no.  What I would encourage though is to consider why you might think that, if you find that you do.   I … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Things I Wish White Pagans Realized

Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir

This blog is being reprinted, with permission from the writer, as a way to continue to spread the varying experiences of Pagans of Color.  What I liked the most about this piece, outside of it being well articulated, was the diversity in voice that it brought to the table.  It is not like any other I have read per say and it is not from someone that is African American. Enjoy!  And leave her a comment, if you are inspired to do so, on her blog … [Read more...]

Stepping Up and Out; One Woman’s Story


I often feel like it is easy to pass judgment on people, make assumptions and even force opinions onto others when it is but an ideal.  Often generalizations are blown when faces can be put in front of the issues, opinions or assumptions. Society teaches us to dehumanize one another and thus it is that much easier to discard the responsibility we really hold for our community. These thoughts become ever present for me when I hear of politicians speaking about women’s rights and making … [Read more...]

Who Am I Really?

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The many faces of the ourselves are often the same faces that we see in the Gods; complex, layered and distinct.  It is with this understanding that I know that my ability to completely understand myself is just as complicated, if not impossible, as the ability to completely understand divinity.  To think that I know all of myself is somewhat ridiculous and ego filled. So who am I? I ask myself this question all the time.  Sometimes I feel I know the answer and other times I question … [Read more...]

My BIG Sacred Body; a Personal Story

Teaching at a youth leadership empowerment conference in Oakland

While the internet continues to buzz around conversations of Pagans and obesity, I can't help but contemplate how that is just a dot on the canvas of concerns within the lives of many people.  I have always struggled between moments of concern over health to sheer anger that others in society take the liberties to have an opinion about my outsides.  It makes me reflect on generations of my family and the layered levels of life that manifest into extra pounds and an assumption that healthy … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Nurturing Self Awareness


By Nadirah Adeye, MA After reaching maximum burnout last week, I took the weekend off from mommy duties. I rested, I lounged, I ignored my To Do list. I participated in a ritual on the beach with community. It was delicious and re-energizing and for the good of my family and the entire state of California, it was so very necessary. On Monday, I had an exchange with a child-free friend about the benefits and drawbacks of being a parent. I let him know that I realized after having time to … [Read more...]