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Magical Beginnings Begin Again

I was initially taught that magic was a candle, some incense, a clear intent, a pentacle disk and a stone or two on a nicely decorated altar. Today I know that my magic needs no tools, and often comes down to my will and my action. Adding the tools help to enhance my methods. The last five years have been a fight for my life and it was that magic that helped me to make it through. [Read more...]

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Memories, Apologies and Veneration

One lesson that I have learned through my visits to incarcerated men is that an apology is not just a saying or a brief “I’m sorry” hastily given. An apology can be the very act that demonstrates to the recipient the true nature of the giver. [Read more...]


My Top Ten Pagans Working As Change Agents for Social Justice in 2014

This year has been a game changer in the world of social justice, and change agents have been hard at work. I want to thank the people on this list for their tireless work. [Read more...]


Solstice Hope in the Darkness of Justice

The revelations that have been coming out the last few weeks, the ‘in your face’ reflections of prejudice and darkness, have supported feelings of isolation and sadness. But this shift with the rebirth of the sun, and the turning wheel, means that it is time to prepare for manifestation, time to embrace power. [Read more...]


Through the Veils of the Ancestors

As the flavor of smoke and crackling leaves fills the air around my home, I listen to the silence. Halloween is here. I am witch enough to enjoy the secular nature of the holiday; mageia enough to remember with sadness and awe what this time of the year means to many, myself included. This is a time of remembrance, sometimes with joy, occasionally with tears, but always with the knowledge that the ancestors who have bequeathed us blessings are nearest during this time. [Read more...]

Painted Lady

Renewal and Rebirth; My Path to Justice

In walking through this pain with my students — and in my own being — I remember that each day is a gift. Each day is a chance to make a choice to start over — to renew our spirits and align our power to a vision that we want in the world. My vision is a place of justice — a world that is safe and right for all people to thrive within it. It is the wish I whisper every morning, and the prayer I recite to the Gods every night. It is the vision that closes that 18-inch gap between my head and my heart; my insides and my outside; my emotion and my action; my past and my present. It is the future that I am envisioning, and the moment of rebirth that I am embracing.
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My Samhain Ancestor altar from 2013

Listening to the Ancestors; Visions in Plain Clothing

I believe the ancestors are limitless. Beyond the material and conscious world of the living, the power of the ancestors are not restricted by the boundaries and limits of the mundane. The infinite power of those who have crossed-over the veil still contain the ability to guide, teach and transform the living, if only we allow ourselves to tap into the wisdom that is there. [Read more...]

Love to my mother

Journeying With the Ancestors of Blood and Heart; A Self Reflection

Part of my work the past three years has focused on the stories and experiences of my ancestors, learning about them and connecting in several different ways. I realized a long time ago that I knew very little accurate information about the real history of the ancestors of my African American lineage. I know the same stripped down stories that are taught to us children in our broken American school system, but those stories are neither completely accurate or spiritually fulfilling. [Read more...]