Love to my mother

Journeying With the Ancestors of Blood and Heart; A Self Reflection

Part of my work the past three years has focused on the stories and experiences of my ancestors, learning about them and connecting in several different ways. I realized a long time ago that I knew very little accurate information about the real history of the ancestors of my African American lineage. I know the same stripped down stories that are taught to us children in our broken American school system, but those stories are neither completely accurate or spiritually fulfilling. [Read more...]

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Harvesting Magic and Setting Magical Intentions

Since the full moon ritual this month, I have been thinking on a lot of things in my life and within my future. Life gets hectic, the mundane world has a way of pulling us away from the focus that magic can bring. We are all subjected to this type of influx of clarity that happens when the balance between the magical and the mundane shifts, and then we struggle to regain it as it changes again. This ongoing imbalance, the struggle, makes it easier to distance ourselves from the need for ritual… from the benefit of ritual. [Read more...]

harvest moon

Gliding Into the Darkness; The Turning of the Wheel

Carl Jung took the work of Sigmund Freud and expanded the concepts of what he referred to as the “shadow side of the psyche,” the unconscious mind that holds the secrets and the hidden parts of our being, often triggered to the surface when we do not wish them to be. I continue to work to integrate those two parts of myself into the oneness that I am, even while walking through what seem to be endless challenges. [Read more...]

Painted Lady

Summer of Change: A Journey to Spiritual Self Care

My spiritual world explores change as a means to growth. It is a beginning to a road that we have yet to experience or understand, and while sometimes our experiences appear to be the same the lessons are usually not. This conflict between the desire to grow and the need for things to stay the same, brings about a strange dilemma. It is the understanding that I must live through the discomfort and fear to get to a place of personal movement, that I cannot avoid change. [Read more...]

Put Sexism, Racism an Homophobia in the trash from Kurt Löwenstein Educational Center International Team from Germany

The Dance of Power: navigating privilege and marginalization.

Being a Black Wiccan Woman navigating mostly White spaces has fostered interesting experiences in privilege, power and intersectionality. Those terms are not easily understood even when you have the experience of facing multiple oppressions. Then, I became a shelter worker and I was quickly hit with complexities of privilege, power and authority. [Read more...]

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Ferguson, MO by Clio Ajana

A friend calls: White, blond, Iowa bred. ‘Can I ask you something political?’ She tells how her sister-in-law-to-be posts a picture on Facebook. “She does not understand how one shooting causes riots. She calls me ‘liberal.’ What do I say? How do I get her to understand?” [Read more...]

Taken earlier this week on my drive home from work

Psycho-spiritual Environmentalism and Activism

Pagans have not failed in the environmental activism and preservation movement. We as people have failed to take into account the psychological conditioning that capitalism and other such systems here in the United States have had on the average American. We are are continuing to struggle between the messages of society that are based on worth, gain and monetary values, and the knowing that this life will not continue if we do not change. [Read more...]


Self Actualization, Spiritual Oneness, Freedom and the Fourth of July

We cannot break the glass ceiling if we do not recognize that it is glass. We cannot celebrate diversity, freedom, acceptance and love of one another if we are too busy pretending or ignoring the fact that we STILL do not understand what any of those words mean, and we do not practice it today. And having a BBQ with fireworks does not equate freedom, it is a distraction from the true fight that many Americans are still fighting….. unless we remember. [Read more...]