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Avoiding Appropriation and The Perpetuation of Privilege

While I will not link the article that pushed this piece from my mind and through my hands…. it IS all about that article and yet NOT about that article at all. The recent article by Tom Swiss is one example of how we use privilege within our own little society of Paganism to perpetuate harm and then continue to justify it in our practices. This must stop. Examples of this happen all the time within our larger society and within our small microcosm of Paganism. When we start to care about the impact we have on others, we will have to step outside of the places of comfort to say…. “HEY, that is not ok”. Not only do incidents like this reinforce misinformation, it erases real pain and creates microaggressions against POC in the process. [Read more...]

Incredible cast of A Black Woman Speaks, at Pantheacon, directed by Luna Pantera

My Wicca, My Life, My Way – A Story

All this context leads to something very important to me. I am Wiccan. And I am also a woman of color with a ancestral history and culture that is a part of my life on a everyday basis, just like my spirituality. Wicca became a foundation that I was able to build on, learn through, and expand to include all of me. [Read more...]


Grief: A Working of Love

I have not written any blessings or workings this year for the 30 Day Real Black History Challenge yet, and I am already nearing the end. (Thank goodness for encores). I have come to understand that my own blockage in doing this has to do with the intense amount of grief I am holding right [Read More...]

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Far From Traditional but Still a Wiccan

Wicca needs people of color. Wicca needs Black people. There is so much racism, white privilege, Eurocentrism and plain ignorance in Wicca and Contemporary Paganism. Perhaps, this should make me want to leave the religion and not deal with all the trouble. However, it just makes me hold onto my Wiccan identity more strongly. By calling myself a Wiccan, and making Wicca work for me, I can hopefully create a more welcoming environment for other Wiccans of color. [Read more...]

Solar Cross Temple, Coru Cathubodua, HUAR and other Pagans participating in today's May Day Solidarity march. (T. Thorn Coyle and Morpheus Ravenna and Luna Pantera in photo). Photo taken by Brennos.

Beltane Magic: Birthing A New Reality

Beltane 2015 is about growing justice and true solidarity, where love is really the law. Now that is a theology that feels exactly right. [Read more...]


Paganism in Full Color

The only thing that is truly colorblind is my love. My love for people has pushed me to explore that I cannot completely understand the experiences of others, but I do understand that others look, feel, think and live differently than I do. Why is this so challenging to understand or for people to extend this courtesy to others? [Read more...]

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Self Care: Beyond the Political

Activism means nothing, if oppressed people do not think they are deserving of self care. Everyone deserves to enjoy life to its fullest. It is that enjoyment that we are fighting for [Read more...]

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Not So Nice: on the subject of tone policing

I am not here to make White people better human beings. Do not pat me on the back because I am no one’s good POC. I am not here to protect their feelings and frankly I do not care about their feelings. I am fighting for myself and my people. White people can teach themselves how to be nicer and less racist. [Read more...]