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Daughters of Eve: Clio Ajana


Name: Clio Ajana Age: 46 Living: Writer and Educator Location: Twin Cities, MN A bit about myself...My life in the Twin Cities includes writing, teaching, translating, dancing, collecting comic books and enjoying craftwork. I consider everything in my life to be touched by my religious practice and spiritual beliefs.What is Hellenic Orthodox/Hellenic Alexandrian?The religion is Hellenic Orthodox;  the spiritual tradition within the religion of Hellenic Orthodox that I practice is … [Read more...]

A Pagan Parenting Astonishment: What? You promote teen abstinence?!

Nouvelle Noir Goddess and Children

A Pagan Parenting Astonishment: What? You promote teen abstinence?! Several years back, I partook of and facilitated a women’s group where we discussed various topics. A topic on teen abstinence came up and members of the group expressed bewilderment that I, a Pagan mother, promote teen abstinence with my children, alluding to the belief that only Abrahamic religion (majority Christianity) holds a monopoly on the concept and word. Yes, I was the only “out” Pagan moth … [Read more...]

Goddess HERstory : Candid Conversation (video)

Goddess HERstory : Candid Conversation (video)I’m enchanted to introduce our readers to two wonderful people within our community who is devoted to speak, educate, and provide a sanctuary within our path of the Gods. More precise the path of the Goddess.  Below is a brief introduction by Jawanza Amennum on the latest video blogging, Candid Conversation, on youtube.  Candid Conversations is a not just a talk show! It is dialogue between masculine & feminine divinity in the pe … [Read more...]

A Racist or A Phobic?


A Racist or A Phobic?“My journey has taken me past constructions of race, past constructions of mixed race, and into an understanding of human difference that does not include race as a meaningful category.” (Spencer in Penn, 2002, p.10)My latest post is written slightly regarding identifying myself as raceless as well as providing a brief description of what raceless is. The second part is going marginally into the depth of individuals, primarily my voice, who are raceless and dea … [Read more...]

Black Girls in Suburbia Documentary: This Suburban Black Girl Story

Black Girls in Suburbia Documentary: This Suburban Black Girl StoryBlack Girls in Suburbia is a documentary that takes an in-depth look into individual black women who were raised and/or live in a predominately white community. I must admit, the trailer is a bit too melodramatic in my personal opinion. Notwithstanding, it shouldn’t dismiss the actual pain of what these brave individuals share with the filmmakers; the balancing act of being true to oneself while defining, at times r … [Read more...]

Daughters of Eve Q&A: Ebonee Herron-Newson

Name: Mrs. (Tiffany) Ebonee Herron-NewsonLocation: Union City, GeorgiaWebsite: The Life of an African-American WiccanSocial Networking Site: The Life of an African-American Wiccan on FacebookHow long have you been a Wiccan/Pagan? What drew you to the path?I've been a Wiccan for about 14 years now. Around that time I was experiencing traumatic personal family issues. At the time, my family and I were living in Germany, on a military base. While in Germany, there was another family who … [Read more...]

Daughters of Eve: Megan

Name:  Megan HenryLocation: Philadelphia/New JerseyWebsite: Working on it...Social Networking Site: FacebookHow long have you been a Wiccan/Pagan? What drew you to the path?For about four years.  I started out going into Wiccan. That was the most available at the time.  Although I have grown away from any organized religious practice and now am immersed into more of a shamanistic practice.  I found any organized religion a bit too dogmatic and patriarchal for my tastes.How has the pa … [Read more...]

Matronage, Patronage, and Spirits

Matronage, Patronage, and SpiritsI've come across numerous inquiries regarding the paths of the Gods, Goddesses, Elements, and Spirits. The most common question I've received is regarding how one knows who are their matron and/or patron deity is. This piece is to lightly discuss the basics of matronage and patronages.For beginner seekers, I often suggest working with deities that are automatic matrons and patrons due to birthright, pending which path you're drawn to. For instance, Yamaya of … [Read more...]

Daughters of Eve Q&A: Cosette

Name: CosetteLocation: Miami, FLWebsite/Blogspot: http://unhub.com/cosetteSocial Networking Site: http://twitter.com/byjupiterHow long have you been a Wiccan? What branch of Wicca do you practice?I've been identifying as Wiccan since about 1995 while I was still in high school. I was largely a self-taught solitary, but I attended public circles and had a few Pagan friends. In 2007, I was initiated into the Georgian Wicca tradition.What drew you to Georgian Wicca? How is it different … [Read more...]

Daughters of Eve Q&A: Nila Dominique Latimore

Name: Nila Dominique LatimoreLocation: Ovanåkers, SwedenWebsite: Dollmuffin.blogspot.com , NilaexplosionHow long have you been a Wiccan/Pagan? What drew you to the path?In 9th grade, about 8 years ago, I became good friends with a Wiccan and I asked him about it. He would allow me in on his esbats and sabbats whenever possible. In the beginning, I just learned by watching the compassion for nature he had and then tried to become more involved. It was a bit hard because my mom at the … [Read more...]