The Ties The NY Observer Wishes Would Bind

Fernando Cabrera Draws Fire for Ties to Hate Group” reads the headline on the message from the New York Observer, speaking of the pastor and morally conservative New York City councilman. With, I suspect, some pleasure, the weekly being economically conservative but morally libertine. 

And what is that group? Some white supremacist group? Some racist movement? No, since Cabrera’s Latino, and a Democrat. Some neo-fascist party? No, given he’s a Democrat. It’s, wait for it, the Family Research Council.

And how close to it is he? He appeared on an FRC radio show to discuss churches’ use of public buildings in New York City. One show, once. But that’s enough to give him “ties” to the group.

And why is the FRC a hate group? Because some of its main people think homosexual activity is a problem. That is “hate.”

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