Here at Red Letter Believers, we value people who are not afraid to separate out their faith from their everyday lives.While we disagree with some of the tenants of Mormonism, we do applaud the strong words of Gov. Mitt Romney today.He began his seminal address by setting the table. “A person shouldn’t be elected — or rejected for their faith. A president must first serve the common cause of the people of the United States.”True. But he didn’t back away… Read more

I live just 20 minutes from Coloma where James Marshall discovered gold in the California foothills and where thousands of men and women stampeded towards in 1849 – home of the great California gold rush.Looking back on the history of that time, the tens of thousands of people that descended upon California arrived with the expectation – not the hope – of striking it rich and becoming wealthy. Ironically, it wasn’t the miners who generally struck it rich – it… Read more

The Ethics Resource Center has released their annual report on ethics in the workplace. No surprise, but the lying, the cheating, and the misconduct at work are getting worse.More than 56 percent of employees have personally observed violations of company policy or law. And interestingly enough, 42 percent who witnessed misconduct didn’t report it.We all see and hear things that aren’t right. In this fallen world we live, sin abounds. But this raises the issue. Are people of faith supposed… Read more

“Are you on this planet to do something, or are you just here for something to do?”– James Kounzes Try this little assignment Take a long look at the first older person you see (let’s say seventies or higher is ‘old’ for this exercise). After you watch them for a few minutes, try to imagine the big things that happened in their lifetime and how they are feeling about their past at that moment. Are they nostalgic? Remorseful? Regretful? Disappointed?… Read more

There are times when it necessary — even beneficial — to quit your job. For some workers, there are intolerable conditions that are better left in the rear-view mirror. You may need to reposition your future and go in a different direction. With a healthy and vibrant economy, there is no moral quandary to finding other employment.There is a right way to do this. Don’t burn your bridges. Don’t say things you shouldn’t say. Don’t bad mouth the company or… Read more

In life, there always seems to be somebody that finds a way to get under my skin. I have one button, and they always find a way to push it. Intentional or not, there is a certain “tension” that always hangs in the air.Rather than run from these relationships, I need to embrace them.Crazy thinking again?No.God uses these people to knock off the edges, to buff out the imperfections in my life. They are there not to ruin my life,… Read more

Life’s difficulties are often purported to be solved in easy solutions. 12 Steps to an Alcohol Free Life. 6 Ways to a Thinner You. 8 Ways To Create More Time. The 90 Second Cook.I have subscribed to many of these formulas, looking a quick fix. I want a combo meal existence. I want one price to meet all my needs and wants. I want a drink because I am thirsty and food because I am hungry. I want something sweet… Read more

We are well aware of Adam’s plight. Before the fall, crops were not subject to drought or freeze. Thorns and rocks had not invaded the fertile soil.But after sin tainted this perfect world, the ground would no longer produce without heavy, back-breaking labor. Sweat would drip on the earth as man labored to bring forth its fruit.Today, we don’t know much about sweat. While many of us have jobs of heavy labor, most are aided by technology or invention. My… Read more

This much talked-about movie — based on the book by by Jon Krakauer — was recently released. The entire premise of the true story is a brutal commentary on our modern culture.It chronicles the life of young Chris McCandless as he looks for meaning, and ends up disappearing into the Alaskan wilderness.The book – and presumably the movie – are excellent. But there is a pervasive sadness. McCandless looks for purpose in his life, running from riches, running from society… Read more

This worker apparently died at his desk — and no one found him till several days later. If true, this is a sad commentary. If this is a hoax, it’s a warning. Get your priorities straight! Please, share with a friend if you feel moved. Read all past issues at Read more

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