This rocks: a great video of the March for Life

Want to feel energized and uplifted?  Just watch.

H/T Frank Weathers

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8 responses to “This rocks: a great video of the March for Life”

  1. Deacon Greg,

    One bit of trivia about that video: the young priest being interviewed at the 2 and 3 minute mark is Fr John Reutemann who grew up in St Raphael’s parish in Rockville, MD.

  2. This video brought me to tears! Bless the Pope and all the faithful who value life from conception to death!

  3. To the gentlemen who said “why would you kill someone” in the middle of the video… You might kill someone for self-defense. You might kill them in war. You might kill them because they hurting other people. Life is not black or white. You can’t prove that there is an absolute morality, therefore the only assumption that we can make is that there is not an absolute morality. Sorry, but *that’s* life. There is no proof that life begins at conception. In fact, if you’re a Christian, you believe that life is eternal, and conception is just your way into this world. Therefore, life does not begin at conception. As for morality, base your decisions on the Golden Rule + your own common sense + the laws and guidelines as indicated by science, your culture and society (and, no, it is not sufficient to say “that’s what Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot did – we are much smarter than those tyrants were). Peace to you all.

  4. How beautiful to see so many young people defending life! Especially wonderful to see young priests and nuns joyfully proclaim the love and mercy of Christ. God bless all who have the courage to stand up for what is right and glorify Our Lord. Keep up the GREAT work!

  5. I’m energized and uplifted…great video. Good to catch a quick look at Bishop DiLorenzo & Father Mike.

  6. Thanks for a great video. Young folks know that life has great value. I am inspired & awed by them.

  7. Awesome video!

    Annie: I’ll take your points one at a time. 1) Acting in defense of self or others has the morally just motive of stopping a threat. That someone sadly dies in the process is an unintended side-effect of the self-defense. That is not the same as the direct and intentional killing of an innocent child.

    2a) Have you read St. Thomas Aquinas? He does a pretty fine job at proofs. 2b) You can’t prove that it does exist so we therefore must assume it does not exist is terribly faulty logic and doesn’t pass muster. But as I said, read Aquinas for the kind of proof you’re asking for.

    3) Christians believe that God had no beginning or end but that everything else has a definite time of beginning. Modern science has been able to explain how this happens for each individual human, and that point of creation is conception. Any Bio 101 type class will cover this.

    4) Your conclusion is similarly faulty in that you say we should turn to science (which you previously rejected with your life doesn’t begin at conception claim), and to society and culture, but then you baselessly assert that our society is so much more intelligent and enlightened than those who lived one generation ago. There’s nothing more to such an existence than the here and now and one’s subjective feelings. That flies in the face of every ancient and modern culture’s wisdom to date.

    I’m so glad that thousands upon thousands upon thousands of youth embrace the timeless wisdom, science, and culture that proclaims the truth that LIFE IS VERY GOOD. Great video!

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