Awesome: 26 years of World Youth Day

A thrilling new video, from the wizards at Grassroots Films, who gave us “Fishers of Men.”

A quarter century in two minutes.  And it’s just great.

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3 responses to “Awesome: 26 years of World Youth Day”

  1. I was there for WYD 1997 in Paris France! My husband and I took 16 high school students and 4 other chaperones for an amazing journey. I’ll never forget it!

  2. Man what a lot of awesome memories jammed into a couple of minutes. Nice. My kids, nieces, nephews etc are all amazed that the Mrs and I were also “JPII Kids” once upon a time. Blessed John Paul was pope for so long that the so-named “JP II Generation” has to pause when those in their late 40’s (or even early 50’s I suppose) say “Yeah I was in high school/college when he was elected and he changed my Catholic world.” So many forget that the JPII revolution started SO several decades ago. Thanks for this post!

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