Touchdown! John 3:16 ad airs during Super Bowl

After first declaring that it was out of bounds because it contained “religious doctrine,” FOX relented and aired the ad last night.


Millions of Super Bowl viewers got a dose of Scripture Sunday night when a Christian group’s John 3:16 commercial was unexpectedly aired.

Just before the fourth quarter of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers game, the 30-second biblical spot popped up to the surprise of football fans.

In that hour, the Look Up 316 website that the commercial advertised drew so much traffic that it was difficult to load the web page.

“The website hit totals are soaring …,” Larry Taunton, executive director of Fixed Point Foundation, the group behind the ad, tweeted.

The commercial was originally rejected by Fox Sports for containing too much “religious doctrine” and for being too offensive.

Notably, the commercial features no preaching but simply encourages curious viewers to look up John 3:16.

In the television ad, a group of friends are watching a football game in a living room. They cheer when one of the players on defense tackles his opponent. Then a closeup is shown of the defensive player’s eye black where he has painted “John 3:16.” One of the viewers asks his neighbor what that means. After the neighbor shrugs, the viewer offers to look it up for them on his cell phone.

The commercial concludes with “ A Message of Hope.”

For curious viewers, the website offers a simple explanation of the verse’s meaning, starting from why the world isn’t quite right to Jesus Christ giving his life for everyone and him being the only hope.

You can watch the ad in question below:

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2 responses to “Touchdown! John 3:16 ad airs during Super Bowl”

  1. I think your heading about Fox relenting may be mistaken. According to at least 2 sites that specialize on religion and the media the ad was shown only on local TV outlets during the game. Fox did not relent and did not show it to its nationwide audience.
    Of course the sleazy ad about the woman’s “rack” (among other garbage) was OK for sending out across the nation to families watching with their youngsters.

  2. Does anyone actually pay any attention to John 3:16 anymore? (if they did to begin with). It’s been in the crowd of so many sports events that I think it’s like the advertising signs all around the stadiums—-just more background.

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