Pope: Jewish people not responsible for Christ's death

In his new book, the German-born pontiff exonerates the Jewish people for the death of Jesus — and Jewish leaders consider it something of a milestone:

In “Jesus of Nazareth” excerpts released Wednesday, Benedict uses a biblical and theological analysis to explain why it is not true that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus’ death.

Interpretations to the contrary have been used for centuries to justify the persecution of Jews.

While the Vatican has for five decades taught that Jews weren’t collectively responsible, Jewish scholars said Wednesday the argument laid out by the German-born pontiff, who has had his share of mishaps with Jews, was significant and would help fight anti-Semitism today.

“There’s a natural human tendency to take things for granted, and very often this tends to lead to a lapse in awareness and consciousness” about the risk of anti-Semitism, said Rabbi David Rosen, head of interreligious affairs at the American Jewish Committee and a longtime leader in Vatican-Jewish dialogue.

He noted that the Vatican issued its most authoritative document on the issue in 1965, “Nostra Aetate,” which revolutionized the Catholic Church’s relations with Jews by saying Christ’s death could not be attributed to Jews as a whole at the time or today.

Rosen said the pope’s words might make a bigger, more lasting mark because the faithful tend to read Scripture and commentary more so than church documents, particularly old church documents.

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Catholic News Service has more details, as well.

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  1. Elizabeth Scalia says:

    I thought that book was embargoed….

  2. naturgesetz says:

    It’s always good to have reminders like this.

  3. Dev Thakur says:

    The Jewish people as a whole of course are not responsible. But every individual single Jew is, just as all non-Jews are, since He was crucified for our sins.

  4. Jim Dotter says:


    You beat to it! Amen!

  5. Jim Dotter says:

    Oops, that should be:

    “You beat ME to it” Amen!

  6. pagansister says:

    Why would anyone blame the Jews to begin with? Jesus was a Jew!

  7. romancrusader says:

    I guess I just don’t understand why the media would feel the need to rehash this. Afterall, I already know what Nostra Aetate says and I accept that. I guess I just don’t understand why this is even news to begin with.

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