Papal ring and cross to be sold on eBay

Get ready to update your PayPal account.  Now you can own some priceless religious objects — for a price.

From the Associated Press:

A lavishly jeweled cross and a ring once owned by Pope Paul VI are heading to auction on eBay.

The items have turned up at a U.S. store owned by a Southern Baptist with a flair for self-promotion. It’s the latest stop on a strange journey involving luminaries ranging from UN Secretary General U Thant to Evel Knievel, and which began with Paul VI’s novel decision to allow some of his jewelry to be sold to raise money for charity.

One of the items is a pectoral cross, given to clergy who attain the rank of bishop or higher to signify their office. The pope’s donation was a testament to his willingness to engage the contemporary world by de-emphasizing the importance of such regalia.

“This is new for me,” said jewelry store owner Alan Perry, who thinks the items might fetch $800,000 to $900,000 at auction. “That’s why we’re going to put it up on eBay. It’s only worth what someone’s willing to pay for it, and eBay might be a good measure to see if people are interested.”

Perry was enlisted by a widow whose husband had bought the ring and cross in the 1970s. A New York firm had tried to sell the items for $1.25 million, but hadn’t been able to find a buyer. After serving on the board of a local charity with Perry, the woman asked if he would try his luck.

“She came in with all this paperwork and with the cross and ring, and I just said, ‘Holy mackerel,'” Perry said.

It’s not the first time that his store, Perry’s Emporium, has made headlines. Perry appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America after he vowed last year to refund the cost of jewelry bought over a two-week period in Asheville, a city in the North Carolina mountains had three inches (8 centimetres) of snow on Christmas. It did, and he paid out roughly $400,000 that was covered by insurance.

He plans to put the cross and ring on public display starting April 14 through Holy Week with an armed guard.

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7 responses to “Papal ring and cross to be sold on eBay”

  1. I’m just waiting for some big fan of JPII or JXXIII to say, “Aw, man! That’s like Mickey Rivers’ glove!”

  2. I never knew this about the pope.
    What a great gesture. It fits the role of a servent leader that more should follow.

  3. Hopefully someone from Knights of Columbus will buy this and take it out of the hands of the irreligious.
    That is the problem with selling anything from the Vatican, it all sounds good to sell things and give to the poor.
    But really where will these items end up? They are still sacramentals and if I remember right after they are blessed they aren’t even suppose to be sold.
    The whole story sounds odd.

  4. Isn,t that TRUE!!!!

    He gave AWAY the papal authority for 30 pieces of silver!

    Let’s look at what has happened since…These St Peter’s have seen nothing more than decline in society values, decline in church attendance, decline in authentic catholic,teaching,decline in RESPECT and a huge elevation of SIN and APOSTACY. NOBODY can say different.

    HOW many souls have BEEN LOST? The faith is beautiful but the administration since Paul VI has a lot to be desired

  5. I’m glad the jewelry was sold to raise money by the Pope and I hope that the Vatican has put an end to this kind of ostentation. It disgusts me and it is anything but Christ-like.

  6. Dear momor, royalty exists whether you like it or not. Our Lady came from royal blood lines as did St Joseph. Don’t say the church is ostentatious or unChristlike because it adheres to significant Catholic symbols to remind man of his place. Our Lady is a QUEEN and her son a KING – are they being ostentatious? For goodness sake let’s all be marxist and have no classes and all be the same!!!!- That is what you are really saying. The likes of modernists DISGUST me.

  7. janese, didn’t Christ reject all those earthly trappings of royalty? Didn’t the fact that He didn’t come as royalty account for why many of the Jews of His day couldn’t recognize Him as the fullfillment of the Scriptures? Yes Jesus is our King but not in the way of the world or He would not have lived as He did nor washed the feet of His disciples.

    I am anything but Marxist and it is offensive in the extreme for you to presume to know me and label me as such.

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