Stephen Colbert: "Service is love made visible"

That’s just part of his very fine (and surprisingly Catholic) commencement speech at his alma mater, Northwestern University.

Check it out below.  H/T U.S Catholic. They point out that he gets to the heart of the matter around the 16:00 mark.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Regina J. Faighes says:

    “Service is Love Made Visible” could be the permanent diaconate’s motto. :-)

  2. Jim Dotter says:

    “that’s how Kinko’s got its name.”

  3. “surprisingly Catholic”? Why surprising?

  4. Maureen Schooley says:

    Surprisingly Catholic? Disgrace. I couldn’t wait for the Catholic part, sadly it never appeared.

  5. Betty Braun says:

    I watch Steven Colbert often and enjoy his humor, I found the speech delightful, thank you for sharing it. Perhaps joining humor with thoughtful wisdom will start a trend of graduation speeches we’ll pay attention to.

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