The odor of sanctity?

A fragrance in honor of the Pope:

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5 responses to “The odor of sanctity?”

  1. I have bought that gimmicky “Pope’s Cologne” (not this brand) as a gift for my husband. It claims to be the formula used to create cologne for Pope Pius X, if I remember correctly. I’ve gotta say: It stinks.

  2. I was not too happy when I saw my first ad years ago for the “Pope’s Cologne.” Not too happy about “Benedictus,” either. What next? Mother’s Theresa’s Perfume? Faustina’s Fragrance? Or maybe Eau de Pedophelia?

    Something is not right with this kind of branding. And something’s not right with the Catholic publications that carry ads for these products. See recent issues of the otherwise kosher “Inside the Vatican.”

  3. Oh, Donal, you’re pretty hard on the old guy who’s trying to make a living with sales of the “Pope’s Cologne”! This seems to me no more offensive than the cheap souvenirs sold by the millions in religious article stores next to shrines or in the city of Rome. Plastic models of St. Peter’s Basilica. Pictures of saints whose eyes follow you wherever you stand in the room. Basilica babushkas. You don’t like it– don’t buy it! But for someone’s grandfather, this may be the perfect gift.

  4. I created Benedictus to celebrate and honor the sixtieth anniversary of the ordination of Pope Benedict XVI. It is a tasteful contemporary cologne made with linden blossom. bergamot and frankincense. Its slightly astringent and balsamic quality make it an elegant refreshing aftershave. It is not some gimmicky Pope-on-a-Rope. It is meant for people to enjoy. I hope many do.
    Those who find it offensive to sell it should have the same objection to selling crucifixes and holy cards and religious medals.
    Small minded naysayers abound, unfortunately…I pity them for they are never happy.

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