What if we acted in real life the way we do on Facebook?

The result might look like this amusing video below, created to promote a new opera in London about online relationships.

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  1. Oh that is rich!!!

  2. Brilliant ! ( as they say).

  3. ROFL – That’s hillarious. It’s going up on my facebook page.

  4. Funny but also creepy when you see the behavior visually – like the Twitter following. There is definitely an element of cyber-stalking to some of the social networking.

  5. Michael Demers says:

    I’ve had love/hate relationships with Facebook and Twitter for about 2 years. I finally sat down and thought about what I was doing and why. It just seemed unnatural to me and I had to admit that it was really a waste of my time. I deactivated my accounts a few days ago.

  6. Michael Demers says:

    I agree with momor’s comment. I’ve unwittingly come across as creepy when I’d ask a woman to be my friend or followed one, even if she was my sister-in-law or a niece.

  7. This did not influence my blog post for Pentecost, but it does work into it in a way… How can we interact in ways that are good and healthy at one with the Spirit?

  8. Regina Faighes says:

    Underneath the humor, there is some serious food for thought!

  9. ROFL!



  10. When I first saw the title of the blog I immediately thought of how people act on these websites. While the video points to the weird side of following twitter and such, the sad thing is people are untethered in their postings. They would never act that way in face to face meetings, never. The web has its serious drawbacks when you consider the sinister side of what happens on it.

  11. This IS indeed brilliant.

    I too have had a love/hate relationship with FB and Twitter. I have to use both for work purposes.

    I HAVE found some dear old friends and I do get to interact with family that I do not see as often as I’d like to.

    I LOVE this video and the message it sends. I think that participating in the social networking phenomenon without truly participating in your life is a sin — a deadly one. I think you have to find a balance if you are going to use these tools and be conscientious (as you should be regardless). If you just blindly follow along like all the other sheep then I suppose you shall reap the problems that come your way.

  12. Andy Taylor says:

    Here’s the thing. I decided that I couldn’t live as a pretend Christian any longer. I’ve decided to be the same guy in front of you that I am on Facebook or anywhere else. I am an okay guy, sometimes angry and sometimes sad. However, and not to be specious here, I try to live in the love of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and I try my best to love everyone else to the best of my ability. I guess I’m saying that I love God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit more than I love His fan clubs. So, sue me.

    Love, Andy.

  13. I’m commenting so you know I like this. Lol.

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