BREAKING: Corapi responds to SOLT statement — UPDATED

Take a look here.

A snip:

Regarding my personal financial situation—From the earliest days (more than twenty years ago) the Founder of the Society of Our Lady, Fr. James Flanagan, encouraged me to support myself and the Church as well. He said they could not afford to support my ministry and me personally because of the unique nature of the mission. At every step of the way, through the entire past twenty years, the Society of Our Lady’s leadership knew of my financial independence.  As Fr. Flanagan encouraged, I have supported SOLT and myself from ‘day-one.‘  I have never relied on the Society for shelter, clothing, transportation, medical care, or legal counsel and instead, using my history of success in business, set up my mission as any savvy business man would, meanwhile continuing to support the Society and many other Catholic Charities.

Regarding the charge of sexual impropriety—This song of greed has been sung many times before.  I have never had any promiscuous or even inappropriate relations with her.  Never.

Regarding the investigation—As standard practice, my legal counsel advised me not to cooperate with the investigation until I was able to determine that the Commission’s process was fair and I had adequate rights to defend myself.  Questions that certainly qualify the validity of any legal case have never been answered by the so called “fact finding team.”  They refuse to reveal, and therefore utilize, any of the so-called evidence perhaps because if ‘the bad guy’ were truly revealed it may be revealed that he is really not that bad.  Clearly, as my legal counsel has portrayed, the evidence supplied by the accused (of which my counsel is not permitted access to) must not have any substance.

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UPDATE: The analysis has begun.  Elizabeth Scalia is “conflicted,” but clearly underwhelmed.  Meantime, Diane over at Te Deum notes that Corapi is declining to do what his superiors had ordered him to do, and she adds:

Over 2000 years ago, there was a Man who was subjected to the most grossly unjust, immoral process known to human kind.  It was no accident that a lamb, as opposed to some other creature, would be chosen as a “type” for Christ.  Only a lamb will go quietly to it’s death, in complete docility.

Docility is not something practiced by the guilty, but it can be when one’ sinfulness is understood and God’s mercy is sought.  Docility is something that is best displayed in those who are innocently accused and persecuted when, after proclaiming their innocence to no avail, they accept the will of God and use the intense emotional pain as redemptive suffering (Col. 1:24).  At the very heart of docility, is complete abandonment to God.  One has to place their trust in God in such situations.

Mark Shea is more blunt:

I’d hoped he would man up, obey his superiors, and humble himself. Instead, he is choosing to drag this pathetic little Gotterdammerung out to the edge of boredom.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE II: Max Lindenman sums it up:

This is the essence of Corapi’s message: not “I’m through doing good,” but “I can do more good serving myself than I ever could by serving those chowderheads in SOLT.” This will fall flat with most Catholics — excepting those who have traced his problems back to Saul Alinsky — but as Corapi’s said himself, he belongs to the world now.

All things considered, it’s tempting to say the world can jolly well have him.

The Concord Pastor has a few thoughts on what this episode has done to the blogosphere.  And Gerard Nadal strikes a compassionate note toward Corapi’s followers — many of whom are confused, angry and feeling understandably let down, if not betrayed.


  1. brother jeff says:

    Well now his attorneys can subpoena the evidence SOLT says it has. Forensic examinations of the text messages can begin, etc.

    If you read the contract with the accuser over at Jimmy Akin, it doesn’t exactly cast her in a good light. It forbids her from trespassing on his property I believe. That is unusual, makes her sound very erratic.

    But for $100,000 I guess she was ok with it.

  2. brother jeff says:

    She also agreed not to “harass” him. Again, very unusual. Would you ever sign something like this effectively indicting yourself as a harasser?

  3. It is interesting what is not said in Father Corapi’s statement:

    1. No response to the charges of alcohol or drug abuse.

    2. No response to the “sexting” charge.

    3. No response to the charge of sexual relationship with other women and with the “former prostitute” unless it is talking about the anonymous accuser.

    4. No denying of the cars, boats and million dollar house (or real state).

    5. Father Corapi says he did not have sexual relationships with the accuser, but does not mention others; he is not being honest in his answer. (This answer reminds me of president Clinton’s famous statement about “that woman”)

    I think the statement is disingenuous, utterly ineffective and has nothing that makes Father Corapi look better than before.

  4. The accusations he didn’t address are telling:

    drug and alcohol abuse – I’ve seen the DUI report.
    sacramental irregularities

    I’m not sure if the accuser is supposed to be the former prostitute he lived with for years or if that is someone else. He only denied inappropriate relations with the accuser.

    Definitely a different tone to his latest post. The indignant anger isn’t there. I suspect he knows he’s been outed. His main concern now is keeping up interest until his book comes out.

  5. joan chakonas says:

    Here’s my analysis. Just received 3 cd’s I had ordered from his site when they went on sale. I was disappointed to find that unlike his other materials which stay on point with scripture and church teachings, these incorporated too much current event negativity, which I need like a hole in the head. I had to stop listening to him. If I wanted Fox News commentary/Saduccees vs. Scribes bla bla bla I’d turn on the TV, and I’m politically conservative. Anyway, I think Fr. Corapi started letting world events get to him, I think he lost his way and lost his focus. I cannot imagine how he could pray the rosary every day and end up where he is. I feel sorry for him because nothing can replace the Church, NOTHING. He cannot touch the Church, this “scandal” is a big nothing and anybody that follows him instead of Christ and our Church have serious issues of their own. This is all my opinion so please don’t mock me if you disagree.

  6. The complaint by Fr. Corapi contains only a portion of the asserted agreement with the accuser — we can’t really assess it without seeing the whole thing.

  7. I can definitely see a remorseful recantation and re-re-conversion (with related books and DVDs) in his future.

  8. brother jeff says:

    Rudy, in my opinion he is being advised by his lawyers at this point to say as little as possible. That is standard operating procedure. There will be depositions eventually and all the evidence will come out. He will be deposed, she will be deposed, etc., under oath. Perhaps SOLT will release what they have ahead of time. If they do, I assume Father Corapi will release the audiotapes he says he has of her.

    It is a very sad situation of course for the Church in America, but that is what is happening in terms of the civil proceeding. It could have said a little more I think, but again that agreement really does not cast her in a good light. I’ll still reserve judgment.

    I doubt there will be a trial also. The case will most likely settle.

  9. brother jeff says:

    Sj, fair point. Joan, yes I could detect some of those unnecessary tangents also in some DVDs I heard. Most of it was solid of course. He was preaching Jesus. Yes there was some self referencing that you never heard with Bishop Sheen other than on the rarest of occasions.

    For example, , once Sheen remarked how people always told him what a great speaker he was. His dry remark: “and in moments of weakness I’m inclined to agree with them…” But more than that of course.

    If there are true “Corapians” out there confusing him for Christ, I hope they get help. But I assume they are a small number. At least I hope so. He never confused himself with Jesus.

  10. Dcn Scott says:


    Far from mocking you, I thank you for sharing your very lucid and straightforward insights. It gives me hope that many whose lives were touched by Corapi can see their way through all this.

  11. Joan Chakonas says:

    Brother Jeff, I just bought the entire Sheen library for my ipod and completely agree with your depiction of their differences. I overlooked a lot of his self puffery but my husband, a failed Catholic would always remark on this. I am hoping he never finds out about this; I will NEVER hear the end of it.

  12. Joan Chakonas says:

    Thanks Dcn Scott. Christ looks out for us sheep.

  13. brother jeff says:

    Joah, I could listen to Sheen for hours. Like water in the desert. Hopefully that does not make me a “Sheenian.”

  14. Fulton Sheen rarely made things about himself though.

    As far as his “statement”, it is about as classic a case of NON SERVIAM as there is.

    He is just another disobedient priest.

  15. I don’t think Father will admit his wrong-doings and I know SOLT wont put any sexting or emails online (and they shouldn’t of course) unless he takes them to court and I don’t think he will do that.

    So sad, but he should call it a day with ministering, he has a lot of money, it will only get worse with people digging and he’ll keep denying and you’ll never know who is lying, it’s a tangled web as they say.

  16. We’ll see if Corapi sues SOLT now… Truth is an absolute defense to the claims of slander, libel, etc…

  17. Hmm … Until now I knew of Fr. Corapi and some of his story but was otherwise not much interested. For some reason, I did not connect with him. The most significant aspect of all this is his treating it as if it were primarily a civil action; as if he were some kind of employee or contractor of the Church and there was a dispute about terms of employment or something. Like he was a hired hand, not a shepherd. Fr. Ritter had his life’s work taken away from him because of his mis-conduct, but he accepted it. Fr. Corapi, so far, is not.

  18. janet cant says:

    SOLT would never have made the press release without the evidence they have in hand.

    i, i, i, me, me, me

  19. The Black Sheep Dog sounded sheepish (pun intended).

  20. brother jeff says:

    The hard part for SOLT is having supervised Corapi operating the way he has for 20 years. That makes it hard for them to play the Claude Rains part, “we’re shocked, shocked” to hear that he has all these things. I still want to know if he really has “multiple power boats.” As a boater, that just doesn’t sound right. One boat is a big enough pain the rear end. And I don’t think Corapi was some kind of billionaire.

  21. Michael Lee says:

    This is all very troubling. I came back to the Church due in large part to the preaching and teaching of Fr. Corapi. I am repaying that debt with prayer and penance for him now. I so wish he would stop saying anything–and accept the obedience which he freely vowed.

    On the “other side” of the table, it’s almost equally disgusting that the “accuser” grabbed up Corapi’s intended domain name ( in anticipation of his autobiography; and that she now (not so surprisingly) owns (of all things) a video production company and a would-be Catholic “rival” to facebook. Seems she is also poised to make a filthy sum out of this conflict.

    While these two have stirred up a stinking brew, the devil can kick back and relax — after all, he’s now got “faithful Catholics” attacking each other, attacking a priest, attacking a Catholic Religious Order, attacking EWTN, and on and on.

    And what of prayer, penance, humility, and obedience?

  22. Christine says:

    Fr. Corapi does seem to respond more directly to some of these allegations in the lawsuit he filed against his accuser, a copy of which can be read here:

    He responds indirectly to the other charges in his recent blog post by claiming the evidence is not credible.

    I suspect all the facts will come to light the more this lawsuit is underway. I find it hard to believe he would lay these accusations under a legal microscope if he thought for a moment he’d be found guilty. The last place guilty people want to be when accused of their crimes is in the court room. I continue to withhold judgment (although I can’t say I’m not disappointed at his disobedience–that to me seems more scandalous than anything). Praying.

  23. Corapi’s statement is carefully crafted to look like he is rebutting SOLT’s accusations, but he does nothing of the kind. Anyone with a brain can see right through this. This is very evasive and vague. He doesn’t directly respond to any of the accusations. Looks like the response of a guilty person.

    1. He doesn’t deny the millions he has and the many luxurious possessions, which is a gross violation of the promise of poverty. He merely says he was financially independent. That still doesn’t give him an excuse for his excesses and breaking the promise of poverty.

    2. He evades the sexual impropriety accusations by limiting his response to one woman. He avoids the charges of cohabitation, sexting and having a more recent mistress completely. Very slick.

    3. He says the reason for the payoff in the non-disclosure agreement was not to silence anyone, which is dubious at best. He does not deny that he paid or offered the $100,000.

    4. His explanation about his resignation is lame and rings hollow. He could have had a fair process and given his side of the story if he had released the witnesses from the non-disclosure agreement. He purposely ruined the process and stallled the investigation himself.

    5. Then he immediately gets back to business marketing mode, gives a false impression of what his choices are and promotes himself.

    6. He doesn’t address the grave charges of sacramental impropriety, he does not address the drunk driving incident of 1999, which is public record.

    Perhaps SOLT will feel compelled to release the emails and sexting records, as well as his real estate titles and records of his other luxurious merchandise. He is declared not fit for ministry, but his followers ignore the obvious and blindly follow him over the cliff. He is taking his followers for fools and continues to play them like a fiddle.

  24. brother jeff says:

    Mike G, your comment makes me want to stone him again. A DUI? Oh My God! Maybe he should be burned at the stake.

    It is way too soon to make sweeping denunciations like this. Even if they are proven, I won’t be casting any stones. At worst, it is all true and he needs to return to quiet life of penance (which most of us should be living), or the allegations are false and he has been defamed badly.

  25. “. He evades the sexual impropriety accusations by limiting his response to one woman. He avoids the charges of cohabitation, sexting and having a more recent mistress completely. Very slick.”

    You’re being generous. He doesn’t categorically and unequivocally deny sexual relationships. He says he didn’t have “promiscuous” or “inappropriate” with her.

    We could spend days parsing that. No one said the relations were “promiscuous” – which implies…you know…random/frequent/heedless screwing. Two people who aren’t married and are sexually involved are not necessarily “promiscuous.” And “inappropriate” is also ambiguous. It’s a matter of self-definition.

    And you’re right – he doesn’t address relations with others.

  26. The problem that Corapi faces is that the credibility of his accuser is now irrelevant.

    She may be everything he claims, but that doesn’t mean the preliminary finding of SOLT are false.

    Corapi has done nothing to rebut those findings in his statement today. In fact, he only looks more guilty in his evasive response.

  27. Bottomline: He resigned.

    He is no longer an active priest. Unless his resignation is withdrawn, or not accepted, he is an inactive priest.

    If he seeks laization, the Holy See must render the canonical order.

    Either way, he is a virtual layman with all the civil rights thereof.

    A broken vow is a broken vow. What are they going to do to him? Excommunicate him. I doubt it.

  28. And by the way, he lives in Montana. Probably if he was excommunicated it would have to come from the Bishop there.
    That Bishop is not going to touch this with a 10 foot pole.

  29. brother jeff says:

    Joe, promiscuous implies multiple women. Let’s not re-enact the hair splitting of the Pharisees. He probably does have a DUI from eight years ago. So did Bush 43.

    Why, I’d wager a healthy amount that he is a sinner also. He may even be as bad as the Whiskey Priest in the Power and the Glory.

  30. To quote Father Corapi, [It is classic] “Serpentine semantics”

  31. Think:

    If the charges in the SOLT statement are totally fabricated (as the most intense supporters claim) what would a counter statement from Corapi look like?

    Would it look like this?

    I don’t think so.

    These are not clear and unequivocal denials.

  32. Perfectly willing to wait and see how all of this comes out. Those who are piling on at this point based on their amazing knowledge of the facts remind me of those who were predicting the conviction of Casey Anthony.

    Those who have along disliked Father Corapi are delighting in his problems. Those who loved his message, should wait and see how it all comes out. His message delivered for many years is still very much valid. I for one would like to see priests have more ability to defend themselves from attacks which I think the USCCB new regulations have removed entirely. The bishops wanted to get the focus off their failures and putting restrictions on everyone else while removing not a single bishop from the Church has never really addressed most of the issue of coverup and moving priests around. Now they have spent millions on a report to determine it is not possible to determine the cause of the abuse. The cause is putting priests in place who obviously did not have full agreement with all church teaching and when they did their worse, moving them around. I really believe that some bishops were guilty of some major issues and they were under threat if they turned in the priest, they would go down as well. In a way, this lawsuite by Father Corapi could open the doors to some major transparency on what is going on in the church at the level of some of the bishops and with some of the orders in regard to how they operated over the years. So I will wait for all the issues to come to light and pray that this mess turns out really bringing the Church back to solid traditional teaching.

  33. brother jeff says:

    Greta is sadly correct. The Catholic Church on a human level is a corporation like any other. Careerism, backbiting, deceit, and positioning take place all the time. The orthodox are still not fully welcome in some circles. As cardinal Ratzinger said, it is only the underlying sacramental reality of the Church and her Founder that keep her in existence.

  34. Greta: With all due respect, but the Church does need to be back to anything, unless you mistakenly meant him (Corapi).

    And sorry, but his career as a preacher is destroyed. He may repent (and hopefully he will) and he can come back as a priest, but never to active ministry and much less as a teacher. Thats is a reality. His career as a preacher is, unfortunately, over.

    Father Corapi needs to confront the truth and the reality of his situation, and making excuses for him does not help him.

  35. What I’ve concluded about the Corapi supporters is they want to engage with people and not ideas or institutions- all to the good- but that somehow its gone a bit haywire in this media environment. I have a few hard-core Corapians in my Facebook feed, and they are chronic hero-worshipers. He isn’t the first celebrity they have pledged their undying support to. And yes, they are back proclaiming their support since this announcement. I’m afraid we might have lost them from the Church, because they don’t have much use for us detractors/calumniators/professional Catholics (hah! to the last). So very sad.

  36. brother jeff says:

    My final.comment for tonight. Multiple luxury powerboats and cars would run into multi-multi-millions. We are talking Martha Stewart money. I want SOLT to itemize the make and model of these items.

  37. As an attorney from the arena of employment law, I just thought I’d comment that from my experience, it is only typical to have an employee leaving service sign an agreement if that employee poses a litigation risk to the company (or other risk such as inside dirt) and to pay for such an agreement. It is obvious that Corapi and his accuser reached a settlement agreement in recognition of that risk at the time of her separation from employment — and she indeed seems to have broken the terms of that agreement–and shame on her for doing so. On the other hand, shame on Corapi for this apparent behavior. His entry into several such agreements, in my view, adds credibility to the statements made against him. I agree that the statement today was vetted through attorneys and is really a carefully couched statement about what happened that– not unlike determining what the meaning of “is” is (ala Bill Clinton)–is probably true in Corapi’s mind but would be false after a close scrutiny in REALITY.

    That said too, we all have sins and those closest to us could simply share those sins with others and cause great damage to all of us. The fact seems to be that Corapi’s sins (assuming this is true) are quite spectacularly bad sins, the kinds that are most unbecoming of a priest–hopefully, prayerfully Corapi’s life can be converted so that it better mirrors his quite apt preaching of God’s word. For now, this is a horrible scandal to all believers.

  38. I always had the following problems with Corapi:

    1) It was all about him. Of course, he talked about Christ, but those were words coming from his mouth; he wasn’t just a messenger, he was the message. How many of his talks began with some words to the effect “I will tell you the truth.” Which is sort of redundant. I assume you’re not speaking because you want to lie to me; no, implicit is “Anyone who disagrees with me is a liar.”

    2) And, as pointed out above, his list of implicit liars kept growing longer. For me, the last stand was his attacks on Notre Dame, a school that I doubt he has ever stepped foot on.

    3) I always found his stories hard to believe. They were *too much.* Now, I can chalk some of it up to a little bit of embellishment for rhetorical sake. I do that myself. But the whole Corapi persona stopped making sense at some point. Not just the bit with his falsified military record, but sometimes in the middle of his speech there are things like “One time I was at a black mass with a famous rock band when Satanist blessed all the drugs….” Of course, according to Corapi, the woman who turned him onto drugs was so famous we would all know her name. Every time he spoke the fish stories got bigger “Once a fellow priest pulled a gun on me,” “once on an airplane I met a witch…”

    4) His claims of asceticism never sounded authentic. A truly ascetic person does not say “Let me tell you how much I fast” or “Let me tell you how simple my life is.” I even once heard him brag about how many women he could have had but how celibacy is so much greater.

    5) “Your mother wears combat boots.” Classy, real classy.

    6) He preached to the choir. I used to listen to him on AM radio when I was a truck driver (or sorts). I always wanted him to spot me, convict me of my sins the way people like Bishop Sheen or Benedict Groeschel does. They call me out for pride, for selfishness, for laziness, for despair. What does Corapi call me out on? Birth Control? (Don’t use it). Abortion? (Never had one). Missing Mass? (Never happens). Not being obedient to the Church? (Got him beat on this one). Not voting for Republicans? (This was the point where he used to annoy me). Just once I would have liked to hear him say “You need to do more for your friends, more for your co-workers. You need to help people and smile and be patient even when they annoy you!” Frankly, I found the Protestant ministers on AM radio did a better job of convicting me than Corapi. But when I found out he charges $40 a seat for his speaking events, I began to understand why he would preach to the choir. Who would pay $40 to hear a call to repentance?

  39. Corapi’s finished.

  40. I have to agree there are big holes in Corapi’s statement. He may be guilty of the sins he is accused of but still has very little effect on me. What it tells me is that he has succumbed to human weakness. Sex and alcohol makes brilliant men do stupid things. For me personally, he explained intellectually what Catholicism really means. Catholic schools all my life and still much of religion made no sense to me. One thing I’ll always remember he said is that God is infinite and the mind is finite. I can now accept the Catholic faith even if i don’t fully understand all of it……..Call me dumb but he brought me back….

  41. brother jeff says:

    “he has succumbed to human weakness” no doubt his seemingly erratic accuser has also, having been a prostitute, a fact which the blogs are ignoring. no doubt all of us have. there are other ways to sin besides lust also. when you see an obviously overweight person, in person or in photos, do you condemn them as a glutton and say, “oh this person has no business in the Church”?

    The obese person, the lazy person, the unmerciful person, who condemn this guy eight ways to Sunday need to look more closely in the mirror.

  42. My concern now is when/if this will spill over into the mainstream news media. I don’t know if they even care about this situation, and I haven’t seen this reported on any secular outlets. But if one of them bites onto this, I could practically write it myself how they would just use this to bash the Church.

  43. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    One of the things I’ve learned over the last few months is just how few people really know who he is. Corapi is a big fish in a very small pond. Most Catholics, and even many priests, have never heard of him.

    But it is a juicy scandal: full of sex, drugs, money and religion.

    Dcn. G.

  44. What puzzles me as a Catholic is why on earth does this soak up so much of our time & energy as “good” Catholics? Aren’t there more important things to tend to?

    Yeah, sure; we can have several different pre-game shoes on several different channels, along with several different Monday morning quarterbacks who mysteriously seem to be having all-star performances Sunday Night. The truth of the matter is that all we have is heresay (from both sides). I lean towards SOLT’s side, but until we have something more concrete, why not expand all the energy we would on this to maybe . . . I dunno . . . feed the hungry, cloth the naked, etc. All this back & forth banter I don’t see in any way building up the Kingdom. Why not chew on that a few seconds?

    “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.” (Mthw 12:36)

  45. Deacon David Ford says:

    Dearest Deacon Greg:

    As always – I enjoy your blog immensely.

    I would like to say however, at this point – you may be giving way too much “print” or “space” to Corapi. This man obviously is full of pride and of himself. A religious takes vows that bind him to his community – in chastity, in material goods (poverty), and in obedience. He has obviously violated all three and it appears nonsensical to say he took these vows and then lived in a total “self-supporting” manner, independent manner – as his recent statement declares.

    I cannot help but think of another great “Catholic Media preacher and ‘star.’” Bishop Fulton J. Sheen! My father watched him every week and thus I took in his shows as much as my young mind and maturity could. Fr. Corapi is SO FAR FROM Bishop Sheen it can’t be overstated. The difference, I think, helps bring into focus what has evidently been lacking in Corapi perhaps, all along – at least we know, recently………Bishop Sheen was smart, very very likable, never condemning, never mean-spirited, and was loved and respected by Catholics, Protestants, and non-believers alike. He preached by love and persuasion – and in no small measure, due to his excellent philosophical and theological education at the Catholic University of Louvain. He was able to make great philosophical and theological concepts understandable to the general T.V. audience – even while teasing Milton Berle that he ‘beat his ratings’ again in this or that week! Bishop Sheen was sharp, but gentle, orthodox but always loving, episcopal but fully likeable, etc.

    I never found Fr. Corapi to be humorous, to be really “likeable” – If you think about it – even his facial demeanor was almost always somewhat “harsh” – as were his judgements on others’ orthodoxy. He summarily condemned the presbyterate of my Diocese here in Sacramento and thereby lost their respect wholesale.

    It is true to say that I was so very impressed with his conversion story when he preached at his first public appearance in our Diocese – at a Mary’s Hour on our State Capital steps many many years ago.

    But given all that’s now come to light – we can only pray for him and I dare suggest – let him quietly move away into a new phase of his life please God, one of healing, repentance, and a growth in that humility that is the foundation of any spiritual life – one that challenges ALL of us. Perhaps it’s best to “let this story die” …….. Dare I say, we could all use a ‘break’ from this ecclesial circus – in aother words – I’d love to let both Corapi in the religious media, as well as Casey Anthony, in the secular media – simply “fade away” off both the print and internet media!! Just my opinion.

    Thank you again, Greg, for your ministry in this crazy world of the blogosphere!


    Deacon David Ford

  46. Daniel T says:

    From various statements, I’m not sure whether Father knows for sure who actually wrote the letter, though he seems to have a good idea what is in the letter. It seems like multiple members of the same family were all employed by Father, and would all have some knowledge of the accusations that wound up in the letter. It seems possible that if he hasn’t seen the actual letter, he might be suing one person and discover at some point that the letter was written by someone else. At one point it seems like he had said he discovered from other sources, though it seems possible he may have been misled to sue the wrong person.

    One of the main issues for me has always been whether he has even had faculties for the past several years that he has lived outside of his community, since from my reading of canon 745 he should of been required to get them from the local bishop and he has not. If he did not actual have faculties for the past few years, then the accusations did not cause his loss of faculties and does havoc to his contention that it was the accusations themselves that have caused him problems. For a short while it seemed to me that a false sexual accusation might actually give him good cover to leave the priesthood without getting into a loss of faculties due to failure to be in the SOLT community. If that had been a strategy, it certainly hasn’t worked as well as it might of first appeared to. It seems he was actually surprised by EWTN pulling his programs, and his fanbase certainly has tried to put pressure on EWTN while he never said anything in their support.

    It doesn’t seem possible for this to have gone on for years without someone knowing and providing cover. I’ve been wondering whether he might decide to pull someone down with him if he feels trapped. Was there someone else profiting from the arrangement that helped keep things quiet during the years?

  47. Fiergenholt says:

    Re: deacongregkanda #43

    “Most Catholics, and even many priests, have never heard of him.”

    Deacon Greg, you hit the nail on the head! I never heard about him at all until this whole mess broke out on the blogs. But I also agree with Deacon David Ford # 45:

    “I would like to say however, at this point – you may be giving way too much “print” or “space” to Corapi.”

  48. DaveK:

    “Not voting for Republicans?”

    Did you mean to write Democrats? That would be more likely, given the context of his preaching.

  49. Fr Willie Doyle SJ (, the heroic military chaplain who died while ministering to wounded soldiers in World War 1, was especially devoted to the sanctification of priests. He offered many of this sufferings in the war, and his very considerable voluntary penances, for this intention. Amongst his numerous apostolic projects, in 1911 he became the Director-General for Ireland of the League for Priestly Sanctity, a French organisation founded in 1901. It may sound quaint to modern ears, but its work is greatly needed today!

    Here is the prayer for priests composed by Fr Doyle. Fr Corapi would benefit from a long meditation on this prayer.

    O my God, pour out in abundance Thy spirit of sacrifice upon Thy priests. It is both their glory and their duty to become victims, to be burnt up for souls, to live without ordinary joys, to be often the objects of distrust, injustice, and persecution.

    The words they say every day at the altar, “This is my Body, this is my Blood,” grant them to apply to themselves: “I am no longer myself, I am Jesus, Jesus crucified. I am, like the bread and wine, a substance no longer itself, but by consecration another.”

    O my God, I burn with desire for the sanctification of Thy priests. I wish all the priestly hands which touch Thee were hands whose touch is gentle and pleasing to Thee, that all the mouths uttering such sublime words at the altar should never descend to speaking trivialities.

    Let priests in all their person stay at the level of their lofty functions, let every man find them simple and great, like the Holy Eucharist, accessible to all yet above the rest of men. O my God, grant them to carry with them from the Mass of today, a thirst for the Mass of tomorrow, and grant them, ladened themselves with gifts, to share these abundantly with their fellow men. Amen.

  50. Dave Wells says:

    After reading Fr. Corapi’s statement, I am reminded of another Catholic priest, in another era, who defied the Church: “Here I stand. I can do no other.” That priest was a certain Father Martin Luther. I hope Father Corapi will repent and return to the Church.

  51. “Very Special Announcement” – made on July 7th by John Corapi

    John Corapi scammed a lot of people, but he did it legally. I believe that it was all done while SOLT was ‘asleep at the switch.’ They did not prevent him from setting up a ‘for profit’ company, Santa Cruz Media. That left him free to do whatever he wanted to, and he did just that, made some money.

    Morally, he may not be the person you would want to follow; but legally, he did nothing wrong, at least nothing that he could be prosecuted for. He stated in his “Very Special Announcement” on July 7th, “using my history of success in business…,” I “…set up my mission as any savvy business man would…”

    John Corapi is a savvy business man! And, SOLT was no match for him. I have some knowledge of the inter workings of the ‘order’ from a decade ago. At that time, I knew them as a highly educated group of men, retired doctors, lawyers, professors, and even a major airline pilot, good men wanting to serve God and help people. They for the most part placed their lives in the hands of God, to the exclusion of watching out for ‘the ways of the world.’ They certainly could have used a good ‘sheep dog.’

    Due to their ‘God will take care of it’ mentality, they left themselves wide open to what occurred. It was trust, but don’t bother to verify, rather that, TRUST, BUT VERIFY. This left the door wide open. Leave your house door open, and 99 people will walk by and take nothing. Then the hundredth person walks in and takes everything they want. That hundredth person was John Corapi, and he walked in LEGALLY.

    If your looking for moral guidance John is not the man you should be following. But, if you’re looking for the ‘Goodies’ of this world, it would be hard to find as better guide that John Corapi. He’ll show you how to get the ‘Goodies,’ and how to get them legally!

    Lesson Learned: Trust in God, but have a good sheepdog watching your back in this world! Dr. John Corapi, I certainly hope people weren’t sleeping in your class. I feel like I was just awarded my MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Thanks Professor!

    John you won this one hands-down, at least in this world. Maybe in the next as well, God only knows.

  52. brother jeff says:

    I have to say that was funny. “I feel like i was just awarded my MBA from the Wharton School of Business.”

    Yea those comments were just not helpful. Apparently he is short of stature and I hate to generalize, but there is no shortage of Napoleon complexes among men of a certain height.

  53. brother jeff says:

    Actually reminded me of a line from Man with Two Brains with Steve Martin, the scene where he is dictating a letter and says, “due to my unparalleled brilliance as a brain surgeon….”

  54. John David says:

    I was never a fan of Fr. Corapi (the Gospel always seemed to have to share the stage with his very large ego) None-the-less, when this began, my assumption was that Fr. Corapi was innocent and that after a timely investigation was completed, he would be exonerated and back to his ministry. Yet, it really is not what the accuser has said or done, nor is it what SOLT has said that makes me now inclined to think that Fr. Corapi may be guilty, it is his own actions and comments that put him is such a questionable position. The way he has handled this situation has diminished his credibility to such a serious degree, that he is looking more like a deer caught in the headlights. As I have stated, I was never a fan, but I never wanted to see anything like this develop – truly never. He and his followers will be in my prayers.

  55. brother jeff says:

    Uh I don’t think Max gets it quite right there but I like Nadal’s comments. It is probably not dissimilar to followers of the Jesuits when all those Seattle cases came to light. I’m sure many became very disillusioned in their faith.

  56. I refuse to have reached a decision about the guilt or innocense of Fr. Corapi. Yes, I had been a fan of his. He preached THE TRUTH of the Catholic Church. He did not mince words. But no, I don’t idealize him either. What I held in awe was the TRUTH he proclaimed. Priests and even Bishops who proclaim the truth are far and few between in 2011. He was refreshing. A breath of fresh air among the rotten smell of relativism that had become so pervasive within the Church of Christ.
    I have seen enough personally of clergy that are so determined to advance their own agenda that they will go to any legnth to silence one of their own. And always the one that proclaims truth. Nope, I don’t trust Fr. Corapi, as he is just a man that may in fact have gone astray, but I do trust what he proclaimed. And nope, I don’t trust SOLT nor the Bishop of Corpus Christi nor any other heirarchy, as they in fact may be going to whatever legnth they must to silence him. Not like I haven’t seen it happen before.

    Therefore, I will reserve all “judgement” so to speak and let the Lord handle it. I will pray for all involved.
    He will sort it all out. It might be wise to start a novena to Mary the undoer of knots.

  57. I note that some are hitting on Deacon Greg and others for putting up Corapi about every other post for a long period of time. If one looks at most of those with non stop coverage of Father Corapi, check out how many comments appear for non Father Corapi posts. a blogger wants to have a lot of comments.. What could be worse than taking the time to put up posts and having 2-3 comments when you can run one on Father Corapi and get 30-40 times that number. Check it out folks, it is all about getting people to the site and fired up to return…same on every Corapi bashing site…and then the crocodile tears are shed about being ‘forced’ to go back to the story one more time.

    Just don’t post on these kind of stories…it is each of your blogs to make the choice. It would be better to just say something like I never could stand the guy and did not agree with his preaching, so now that I have the shot, I want to drive the nails deep..

    And to those who think Father Corapi is dead and gone, wait and see. I predict he will have a large following within 2 years. The left also hates Rush Limbaugh and others with a conservative viewpoint and the numbers keep piling higher for audience and best selling books. How many who post negatives on Corapi also do not like Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etc…come on..fess up..

  58. John David,

    I look at this a different way…….I would think a truly guilty man would want to hide. Just kind of quietly go away. Maybe I’m all wet, or maybe I just don’t know anything about human nature and how people respond and react, but that is my take.

    I think time will answer a lot of questions in my mind.
    This is by far not a done deal.

    Brother Jeff, (post #33) you hit the nail on the head.
    So many people are so blind to this fact of life. Orthodoxy in the Catholic Church has only been back in vogue in the most recent past. It will take a very long time for orthodoxy to again be the predominate theme. Many clergy openly ridicule a fellow priest who, say just for instance, want to incorporate a community rosary either at the beginning or at the end of Mass. I have seen this kind of thing and worse happen first hand. I have heard the snyde remarks from clergy.

    We have some very fine Priests in our Church, and some very fine and holy Bishops as well. For this we need to be thankful to God. We also have some very ugly wolves in sheeps clothing.

  59. midwestlady says:

    I’m a convert of 25+ years and I have to tell you that Catholics in general, particularly cradle Catholics, get under my skin now and then, but…..

    This last few weeks regarding the John Corapi thing have hit a new low. I’ve never heard such a bunch of self-righteous, rule-mongering craziness in my life as I’ve heard from other supposedly upright Catholics.

    Got news: We’re all sinners. We’re all hypocrites. Go look in the mirror and have a good look. No, really. Stop admiring your hair and have a good deep look. You ain’t so hot yourself. You surely aren’t God almighty, no matter what kind of credentials you think you have. Sinner.

    So: Lay off the man. He’s got problems, but I’m pretty sure they’re not as big as the problems I see that some others of us might have. That would be the Christian thing to do–that and praying for our own salvation, which would be a pretty good idea just now.

  60. midwestlady says:

    I’m a convert of 25+ years. Catholics, particularly cradle Catholics, stand on my “what the hell” nerve with some regularity, but GAH. What a mess. And what a bunch of self-righteous, rule-mongering, delusional behavior it has elicited in Catholic circles. I especially like all the “professional Catholics” making money off their books and blogs on account of someone else’s misfortunes. Amazing.

    PS. I’m not particularly a Corapi fan.

    PPS. I’m always astonished at the non-Christian behavior of many Catholics. Christianity doesn’t seem to be a high priority for some (many!) of them, and that’s really, really, really weird, in a WTH way. I’m serious.

  61. Midwestlady,

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head……in a no nonsence kinda way.

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