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“Pride makes everyone into ‘God,’ and you have no objective truth. The antidote is humility. If God humbled himself, who are we not to humble ourselves? Remember that humility leads to obedience, which leads to life. Pride leads to disobedience and death.”

– John Corapi, 1 May 2010, St. Louis

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  1. Clearly a case of not practicing what he preached. How do you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E?

  2. And let’s not forget one of his constant teachings, especially when talking about humility: obedience.

    He often stressed the importance of obedience as a key to growing in the spiritual life.

    He would paraphrase Acts 5.32: the Holy Spirit is given to those who obey.

    He frequently stressed that the Holy Spirit is only given to those who obey. And if one is bearing some kind of fruit and not obeying Christ, the Church, or one’s rightful superiors, then it is not the Holy Spirit inspiring this work but another spirit.

    You can find this teaching in many of his talks, especially the one on Humility.

  3. He also laments and complains permissive bishops and likened them to permissive parents that eventually led to the clergy sex abuse scandal. Now that he’s getting disciplined by his bishop it simply cannot be applied to him. I don’t understand it.

  4. I don’t think Father Corapi was or is a hypocrite. Actually I think he believed what he preached and no one can say that his preaching was not solid or orthodox.

    I think rather he fell to the temptation of compartmentalization of his life into niches. While part of his life was preaching and ministering, the other side of his life was based in indulging in what I think he thought were “secret” sins. Kind of Jekill and Hide syndrome. No excuse as to his behavior, because he is rational and knew what he was doing, but an explanation of how you can preach one thing and do another without actually being a hypocrite.

    Poor Father Corapi, I pray for his return to grace. But hes teachings are still valid. Remember the example of the Church Father Origin. He died a heretic (or schematic) but most of his writings are a treasure of the Church (not that Fr. Corapi is at that level, but the comparison is valid I think.)

  5. brother jeff says:

    Well let’s keep in mind that Father Corapi is still denying the allegations against him. And his accuser is a former prostitute. But I agree with Rudy that this excerpt is typically sound teaching from the Church via him. The secular press by the way has finally picked the story up in the wake of SOLT’s statement (probably the right time to have begun coverage in general). Some Seattle paper. It noted his role in exposing the healthcare fraud being perpetrated by those heart doctors.

    I think most of us probably all have such “compartments” also. Eating too much, gossiping, adultery, drugs, what have you. None of it surprises me and we should thank God that we don’t have the media and blogosphere examining each of our every moves.

  6. Origen died a faithful son of the Church, and explicitly said that he left his writings and ideas to the Church’s judgment. Some of his stuff became regarded as iffy after his death, mostly because people claiming to be his followers started using his more speculative theological works in heretical ways. He’ll probably never be a saint in the calendar because of that (and some other stunts he pulled during his life in church politics). But even his adversaries didn’t deny that he generally lived a good Christian life; and he converted and schooled St. Gregory Thaumaturgus, who left an account of his methods to us as an example of excellent Christian teaching of secular and sacred matters. Our current pope obviously loves him, even though you can’t find two guys further apart in method and style of theology.

    Tertullian, OTOH, is probably who you were thinking of. He’s the one who apparently died a schismatic, and possibly was drawn into some hinky heresy also.

  7. Maureen I think you are right. Even though Origin struggled so much with his sexuality that he ended up emasculating himself in a very physical and material way. Thanks for the clarification.

  8. Brother Jeff, I believe you are mistaken in saying that his accuser is a former prostitute. The statement by SOLT was that he is living with a former prostitute. That is not the same woman as his accuser. Which also makes his denial so dishonest. He only claims to have never had relations with his accuser. But he never addresses the charge of living with this other woman.

  9. Emeralds says:

    Reading excerpts from “Coronary” was quite eye-opening (http://books.google.com/books?id=n8-Or6f8GZ4C&pg=PA67&lpg=PA67&dq=john+corapi+tamra&source=bl&ots=8BNazwyF3U&sig=o72LpcW1qIfzpe87jg74RO4jxLo&hl=en&ei=Bm4STv-vAe630AGg7bC6Dg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBgQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=john%20corapi%20tamra&f=false). It seems quite possible to me that his whistle-blower suit was nothing more than a scam.

    One con recognized another and saw an opportunity to make millions off it. He was encouraged to sue by his Vegas buddies. Corapi walks out of it smelling like a rose, sounding like a hero, and well over $2 million richer. Talk about win-win.

    The person who would be REALLY interesting to interview would be the good Dr. Moon himself. I’m quite sure he knows exactly what Corapi and his gang were up to in pursuing the suit. Corapi describes having done internet research on Dr. Moon’s practice and discovering facts that raised his suspicions; it’s probably true, but I would suggest it is quite possible that Corapi did his research before he ever walked into Dr. Moon’s office in the first place.

    Corapi and friends probably saw the big ad for Dr. Moon in the airport (the ad is mentioned) and started questioning why a small town would have such a prominent cardiac center. A little internet research piqued their curiosity even more, and before you know it a plan is hatched.

    It always seemed like just a happy coincidence for Corapi that he stumbled into such a situation in which he could walk away with millions. After reading those bits out of “Coronary”, I started to suspect it was probably anything but a coincidence.

    Who better to recognize a con game than an expert con himself?

    It certainly doesn’t seem so far-fetched now that Corapi’s public unraveling is revealing he was a living a life of manipulation, lies, and love of money.

  10. Emeralds says:


    The problem is, people will never know if he was a hypocrite or just an expert at compartmentalization.

    While he taught “Truth”, those hearing it from his lips will always know in the back of their minds that this “Truth” did the teacher of it no good. In fact, he used it to make money to support his sinful lifestyle. And he bought the silence of those around him so that he could continue with his profitable business plan while indulging his appetite for sex and drugs for years.

    That rather poisons the learning experience of those listening to his words.

    If he believed what he was teaching, wouldn’t he be living in terror of what his punishment would be? After all, Jesus was quite clear about scandal and millstones.

    My teenage sons have been scandalized by this story. They had been pretty impressed with Corapi’s “manliness” in preaching the truth. Now they are snickering about him living with (ex) whores while making $$ of selling same Truth. I had tried telling them months ago that his behavior was suspect (I only really started paying attention to Corapi when I learned he and Euteneuer were connected via “spiritual direction” back when the lid was blown off Euteneuer’s lies back in January), but they didn’t want to hear it. This has definitely been a huge learning experience for them.

    In today’s media age, everybody knows pretty quickly when it becomes known that a man preaching the truth is guilty of living a life of sexual indulgence, addiction to drugs, improper treatment of the sacraments, and love of wealth and worldliness(wonder what that is about? SOLT mentioned he was accused of it but never elaborated). I don’t know about the case of Tertullian; was he living a life of debauchery while proclaiming truth? Perhaps he was, but people at large probably didn’t know about it so it wasn’t scandalous to read his writings.

    I do think it is scandalous to hear Truth being dripped from the lips of somebody everyone knows was living totally contrary to it while preaching it to everyone else. It’s just a huge turnoff and cause of disgust to many people and can turn otherwise interested people away from the Church altogether. I mean, if the “Truth” did Corapi himself so little good, why should anybody else bother with it? Could it really be Truth? Those are the kinds of questions people on the outside will ask.

    Corapi’s life of lies, manipulation, and hedonism, betrays the Truth rather than bearing witness to it.

  11. Maybe I am wierd or stupid or something. Maybe 22 years in the Army damaged my brain. Maybe I don’t really understand the meaning of the word “obedience”. I always thought it means to, you know, obey. I don’t see Corapi doing that. He was told to do something by his freely-chosen superiors and he very publicly didn’t do it. Why should I listen to anything he says?

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