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“We must get to grips with the idea that we don’t contribute anything to God, that God would be the same God if we had never been created. God is simply and eternally happy to be God. My reason for saying that is to push back on what I see as a kind of sentimentality in theology. Our relationship with God is in many ways like an intimate human relationship, but it’s also deeply unlike. In no sense do I exist to solve God’s problems or to make God feel better. I know it’s counterintuitive, but it’s what the classical understanding of God is about. God’s act in creating the world is gratuitous, so everything comes to me as a gift. God simply wills that there shall be joy for something other than himself. That is the lifeblood of what I believe.”

– Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams

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  1. I think theologically the Archbishop of Canterbury is probably correct. But I would say that God got directly involved with humanity at a very emotional level when He decided to become a man, share in our sufferings and weaknesses, be tempted and die an excruciating death for our redemption. In fact Jesus (God made flesh) called those who he chose and followed him “friends”. This a very personal and caring term from the Lord of Creation.

  2. I think Abp Williams is simply wrong is his sureness about what God is (or is not) thinking/feeling. In fact, when reduced to its essence, his construct is rather amusing: Since God is so mysterious, he must be exactly (and in fine detail) what I believe him to be.

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