Prayer in Time of Economic Trouble

Father, times are hard.
They say many people will lose their jobs.
No one can tell how long this crisis shall last.
No assurance can be given
to all who grope in the dark.
But we believe, dear Father
that this too, shall pass,
and there is no trial we cannot be able to conquer
with faith in our spirits
and courage in our hearts.

Protect us dear God
first of all from despair.
Let not our minds be anxious
but let our spirits have peace
that surpasses all understanding.
May we never lose our hope.

May we never lose sight of our awaited morning
when milk and honey
shall flow into our land once again.
May we walk with steadfast feet.
May we work with steady hands.
And may we always believe
that miracles still happen,
for they do happen
even now as we pray.

— Bishop Chris Coyne.  Read the rest of the prayer.

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One response to “Prayer in Time of Economic Trouble”

  1. And may we vote out of office all the rascals who have put us in such a bind, democrats and republicans, from the president, governors, mayors, senators, congressmen, federal, state and local officials who have abused their power, who have spent us into the very edge of bankruptcy and who in their arrogance will never admit it.

    And may we vote for responsible people, and as Catholics may we vote for those who do not bend their moral responsibilities to the tune of the political correctness. And may we stay away from loony liberals and rabid tea party people.

    And may we come to realize that helping the poor means giving the them and us the means to be productive and independent without having to have the government as a nanny. And may the super-rich bankers and corporate scions learn to live without huge multi-billion dollar handouts and bailouts that make them the worse Welfare offenders.


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