Why are we skipping church?

The folks at The Onion provide some answers…click to enlarge:

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3 responses to “Why are we skipping church?”

  1. Other reasons:

    – Had to go golfing with buddies

    – I can worship God here from the lawn while drinking lemon-aid

    – Soccer game is on (this one for Hispanic males)

    – After last night’s hangover, forget it!

    – Why join a bunch of patriarchal, rigid, judgmental, hypocritical, ignorant bunch of pre-Vatican II religious nuts?

    – Why join a bunch of liberal, touchy feely, hypocritical ignorant bunch of ‘spirit’ of Vatican II religious nuts?

    – Man, I just don’t feel like going.

  2. LOL, good ones; and Rudy’s list is good too. Especially the last one, which would hit home for a lot of people. I think our pastor nailed it when he said, “People don’t miss Mass because they hate God, they mostly do it because they’re lazy!”

  3. Always have to laugh when anyone talks about a reason they skip church. Last time I looked, Jesus pretty well laid out that before we worry about loving others, we have to Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The Lord our God, the Lord is one.

    Skipping church simply means we are a long way from that first requirement and thus unable to love others as we are called to in the two most important commandments. Those who skip church are like those running on empty all the time and trying to spread themselves out more each day.

    Pretty simple. First God, and then with the love within us that is provided by God, we can hope to love others as He loves us. Remember, Jesus said….Do this and you will live.

    I often ask those who start to give me a reason they do not go to church how that is working out for them in their lives. This often provokes a lot more excuses and qualifications.

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