Worth a thousand words, WYD edition

Pilgrims at World Youth Day in Madrid get a peek at the pope. H/T Catholic Vote

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7 responses to “Worth a thousand words, WYD edition”

  1. OK I will be the negative curmudgeon here, but teen girls swoon at Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, the Monkeys, Bono, Marilyn Manson and guess who else? Yes, that German corporal who became Chancellor and died in Berlin in 1945.

    Teen enthusiasm and emotionalism do not move me; girls swoon for any reason in public settings (and some boys too), but then again am an old 50 year old curmudgeon.

  2. HMS and Rudy, two obvious folks who have never been to a world youth day. I was privledged to chaperone a large group of kids to the youth days in Colorado with JPII and for many it is a life changing experience. There are many priest and religious who started their vocation call from that rocky mountain high which caused them to study everything JPII taught in keeping the long tradition of the Catholic Church. Great to see that Benedict has the same impact. We have seen a strong pull to these kids to fight abortion and in fact the tide is turning as more youth are showing up at the annual rally against the murder of infants in the womb every year.

    This picture is indeed great. Wonder how many of them will one day soon be showing up in a religious habit??

  3. Indeed what you say is true, many have become priests and religious or have converted their lives. Me included who was in WYD in Denver back when dinosaurs walked the earth and I was a young recently discharged marine. As I said my own view is that young people emotionalism is just that.

    On the other hand, if rock stars, tyrants or movie stars have that effect on young people well, it is good that they get exited about the Church instead. I never said I don’t like WYD or that it doesn’t work or is not a great evangelization event. I just said I am not moved by young people or any one public emotionalism and hysteria, but again, that is my own feeling.

  4. Greta: You have sufficiently chastened me. You are right. I have not attended a WYD, although I have followed the events on TV. As one who has taught high school and college students and has accompanied them on service projects for over 25 years, I have learned to not overplay youthful exuberance. Yet, even if the WYD in Madrid produces only a few changes of heart that are lasting, it is worth it.

  5. HMS and Rudy, good comments back. I have seen so many youth in our area impacted by these events that has sustaining impact that I love the youth days. It not only is the excitement, but the fact that they see in our culture of death and anti religion, a time when millions are excited and in love with their faith and the leadership of the Church worldwide. It was a gift of the Holy Spirit to JPII to start this tradition and the fact that even after Blessed JPII, we see it continue with a Pope with far less crowd charisma. that is the proof of Gods work in these type events.

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