Tweet Jesus…

This is working its way around the Internets…so here it is. I like it because it features a bench :-)


  1. Jack B. Nimble says:

    The message (being broadly Christian), I like but the depiction of Jesus, oh boy. Have we not gotten beyond the white European (with light eyes no doubt) meek and mild hippie? Jesus evoked no comments in life (as far as Scripture reveals) suggesting a novel or unusual physical appearance pre-resurrection. The transfiguration was a one-off affair. This means he was a swarthy Jewish man of (by modern standards) short stature. Why pretend otherwise?

  2. A. Every culture imagines Jesus as one like themselves.

    B. If memory serves, the Shroud of Turin shows a man about six feet tall.

  3. C. Jews aren’t especially swarthy. Have they become lighter-skinned over the millennia?

  4. Everybody knows that the House of David is composed of gingers. And yet, no redheaded Jesus and Mary.


  5. I guess we’d have to read historical accounts of what they looked like. The current inhabitants of Israel are of European stock or Arab.

  6. Esther Ventura Ferencz says:

    @ Jack Be Nimble,

    We know that Christ is Divinity YET he as well shared our humanity, thus looks came from his mother. This has been a forum of discussion I have partaken in the past. So we acknowledge that he was of Jewish LOOKS, now what did the Jews of that day look like? UMMM I would say a variety of LOOKS, we also know GOD would choose only the finest in purity and sheer beauty to BE HIS CHILD BEARER? Would we agree some were darker completed and others fairer? The whole point being God choose the Jewish heritage as to where His Son would be born unto. Why the anger? I mean does it really matter? Gods creations are ONLY BEAUTY of such we cannot imagine. SO I will assume HE gave his son to be BORN of the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN EVER. She in her apparations has appeared in various nations in that cultures appearance. YES? Being of half Sicialian decent myself, it is known that the location was a spot near near the Horn Of Africa and that Blacks came to Sicily, and intermarriages occured ..thus it is very likely I have not only one greatgrandfather who was a Spainard, but another whole group on the maternal Italian end who were full Sicilian, SO the possibilty of my having black blood in my genes is strong. The other half Polish Rusyn. WE are who we are, we were designed by GOD! I can accept a fair, dark, med or whatever tone Jesus was, it seems silly to make an issue of it. Dont ya think? Just saying : ) The PICTURE itself is stellar as Christ wants us to be as comfortable in HIS presence and share the most intimate relationship we ever have had…SO sitting on a bench chatting w.this young man? Looks fine, scriptually He was described in many ways in a casual setting. Fishing on the boat, the woman at the well, with the children, on and on. He was human w.His divinity and shared in OUR EVERY EMOTION! Thus the close connection to all humans, all colors and all sizes and shapes.

  7. I can’t believe all the discussion about Jesus’ looks. I think we all see Him differently…if you are white, you picture Him white…if you are black, you picture Him black…etc, etc, etc. We shouldn’t concern ourselves with how an artist pictures Him, but instead, what message is He trying to impart to us. I myself picture Him with long hair and a beard and eyes that offer salvation, forgiveness and love. Hopefully, one day, I will meet Him face to face and see if my picture of Him is accurate. I will be looking only into His eyes.

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