Worth a thousand words

From a protester at Occupy Boston, who is either hungry or quoting Marie Antoinette…

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37 responses to “Worth a thousand words”

  1. Maybe the protesters should be marching in front of university and college administration buildings instead of blaming Wall Street and and the banks for all their financial woes.
    Much of leftist rhetoric that stirs up college students (apparently most of the protesters) is being led or instigated by college profs, including the extreme leftist college professor from Harvard, Elizabeth Warren (D) who is a big fan of the mob’s message. She is running against Sen. Scott Brown (R) of a very hardscrabble background here in Ma. (Warren recently ridiculed him for his posing in a magazine years ago to raise money to afford college .)
    It came out that she makes over 300,00 dollars a year from Harvard and barely teaches anything at all as far as courses go. Now she is being paid while running for office, but apparently without any teaching duties. Who pays the freight for all the money colleges and universities extravagently waste each year??? Who puts millions of young people into deep debt as they start their careers???
    A while back I saw the teaching schedules of a number of professors at Boston University. Do any profs work more than a few hours a week??? Meaning more have to be featherbed hired and tuitions skyrocket.
    Maybe that is why some profs like to stir up student anger and class hatred against business–so they won’t look more closely at who is really financially bludgeoning them (or their parents).

  2. Professors are paid not just to teach but also to research, many by endowments not by tuition. Ragging on professors… how typically American, look down on the blue collar worker and on the intellectual all while praising mammon.

  3. Too much of that without question Max.

    What I see her mostly though is Obama fomenting social unrest. He needs chaos so he can “organize” it and become a hero in his own mind.

  4. I see something dark and sinister in all of this. Deacon Bresnahan is quite correct in his assessment. We have a sitting president who has followed Saul Alinsky’s playbook to the letter for the past 3 years.

    And now comes the leftist-instigated mobs in the streets. That sets up the “need” for the government to take over even more control. This is very dangerous stuff.

  5. When will we see “Occupy Yankee Stadium [or whatever baseball diamond or football field you choose to mention]?”

    I think our system is broken because stockholders (who are predominantly institutions rather than individuals) tolerate boards of directors that tolerate executives who are ridiculously overpaid, as long as the gains keep coming. But the individual investors who depend on the institutional funds for their pensions and other retirement income need to have those institutions survive or the individuals will be reduced to destitution. They need to have their banks remain solvent. “Wall Street” had to be bailed out.

    The system needs to be fixed. So did the Ancien Regime in France. But the mob action of 1789 led to the Reign of Terror and the Napoleonic Wars. As long as the mobs remain non-violent, they are okay, perhaps even helpful. But when they decide that they are fighting against Marie Antoinette and it’s time to storm the Bastille, we’re all in big trouble.

  6. This isn’t about President Obama and it is not about liberal professors. It is simply about fear – the fear of a generation that they have lost out on the American dream before they have even started. It is about their dashed hopes. It is about their bleak future. It is about young people with thousands of dollars of student debt and no way to earn a living that will let them pay off that debt while still enjoying a decent quality of life. It is about their frustration that instead of listening people are still shouting their own angry partisan slogans. It is about the global corporations that have sent our jobs overseas where they get cheap labor and dont have to pay for employees’ health insurance and about companies that are sitting on enormous stashes of cash and making healthy profits and who refuse to create real jobs here with real benefits to help this country out of this economic disaster. It is about companies that hire independent contractors or “freelancers” to provide them with “temporary” labor so they don’t lose profit by committing to our workforce and our future. It is about government money paid to Wall Street to save it from the mess it created with their junk mortgage backed securities and default swaps and then having the banks turn around and nickel and dime us with their fees. It is about the bailout money that turns into large year end Wall Street bonuses. It is about the corporate and Wall Street takeover of our country that if left unchecked will destroy our system of capitalism and our democracy.

  7. I see something dark and sinister in all of this. Deacon Bresnahan is quite correct in his assessment. We have a sitting president who has followed Saul Alinsky’s playbook to the letter for the past 3 years.

    And now comes the leftist-instigated mobs in the streets. That sets up the “need” for the government to take over even more control. This is very dangerous stuff.

    That’s remarkably delusional on your part.

  8. Deacon John M. Bresnahan initial comment is at the heart of this occupy issue. Having been a CEO for over 30 years and hiring directly or within out corporation hundreds of employees, we found that the university educated students over these years were less and less able to do a job effectively. The courses they selected in the university were increasingly less about something of value and more about some social agenda of some professor or PC driven nonesense. During the last few years I was there as CEO, we stopped setting this as a criteria and going much more for street sense and experience. In checking back with my company, that has not only continued, but increased. Universities once again aided by massive infusion of federal and state spending have not shown themselves to be good stewards of the money they haul in each year.

    As to Barbara Peters comments we also saw fear building in America with another president ill equiped for the job in Jimmy malaise Carter. One thing is certain and that is if we reelect Obama and do not replace in large numbers the other failed democrats , what they “fear” will become fact not only for them, but for millions of others. One thing was clear in the debate last night for the Republicans is that there were more positive ideas on fixing this country voiced than in all three years of Obama. Repeal ObamaCare, The Sarbanes–Oxley Act, and Dodd Frank and completely revise the tax code in this country to encourage the growth of business. And as Obama jobs commission recommended, stop every government department under Obama from over regulating and confining growth of business. Fix social security and medicare and block grant medicaid in total over to the states.

    Since the beginning of the War on Poverty by LBJ, government has spent $15.9 trillion (in inflation-adjusted 2008 dol­lars) on means-tested welfare. In comparison, the cost of all other wars in U.S. history was $6.4 trillion (in inflation-adjusted 2008 dollars). And we have not won that war but in many cases made the lives of those in poverty much worse. One look at the number of single parent homes now as opposed to 1964 insures that we will continue to grow this number ever higher. Anyone who cares about America can look at federal spending since 1964 and it skyrockets where as it had remained relatively flat for the previous 4 decades. It is not sustainable and will only lead to mobs addicted to these handouts as we are starting to see today.

    naturgesetz mentioned the French Revolution, but what we are seeing is going to be much more like the mobs of The Commune attempted takeover of Paris in 1871 so well detailed in David McCullough book “The Greater Journey.” Having the President and Democratic leadership giving them a solid positive wink and nod is not good leadership. As Christie said the other day, you can’t teach leadership and Obama cannot lead, only organize mobs.

  9. Greta, with all due respect, you turn everything into yesterday’s political democrat v. republican rant. The Occupy protestors have moved behind this tired and angry partisanship that does nothing to solve problems or move this country into the future. The Occupiers have moved beyond this political nonsense and are asking for real solutions. I am happy that you are a wealthy CEO who does not need a “government handout” to put food on the table or pay a doctor’s bill or educate a child, but as Elizabeth Warren said, no one in this country got rich on his own. You all got rich by using the labor of the “mobs.”

  10. Interesting that the majority here feel this group is a mob, I didn’t see any concern when the tea party carry guns to events and spiting in the faces of politicians.

    I guess its a mob when a particular group dont fit into a particular view.

  11. Go Barbara.

    Let me trot out some sobering statistics.

    In 1972, if you had a highschool diploma, you could make 42,000. With some college, 45,000 and with a degree or higher, 52,000.

    You would graduate that college with very little debt, be able to afford housing (38 years ago my in laws paid 35k on a four bedroom house), and when you got married, you didn’t need two incomes to scrape by.

    You could afford a child, and health insurance to care for that child. You didn’t have to pay exorbitant child care costs because you had to go to work, you didn’t have to worry about losing your job if you took maternity leave, or your child being sick because you’d loose a days pay.

    Inflation was lower, so your needs cost less. You didn’t have to rely on credit cards to make ends meet (not luxury-ends meet).

    In 2002, with a high school diploma you made 29,000, with some college, 35,000 and with a degree or higher, 48,000.

    You’re going to be tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for college -which you NEED to even *get* to the middle class.

    And, now you can’t afford to start a family–or, if you do, you may never financially recover. You may not have healthcare, your wife won’t be able to stay home but a few scant weeks with the baby because she has to get back to work. Childcare, unless you are higher middle class, is a crap shoot and normally not what you would pick for your child, but what you have to settle for. It also costs you almost as much as your mortgage or rent.

    And, now we have the banks, who with deregulation, have all moved to Delaware so they can change your interest rates when they’re crabby. They can resell your mortgages, play a fun game called credit default swap that tanked and needed to be bailed out.

    Companies move jobs overseas because they CAN. They don’t pay their taxes because they CAN (and they don’t, a sickening amount of US corporations don’t pay taxes to the US, though Walmart does!)

    Deregulation is a blast innit? Are we having fun yet?

    This year my (as in Dh and I own it) company had to lay off 8 people, so we could afford to give the others healthcare. Let me tell you, that is a GREAT decision to make.

    Yes, Deacon Greg, I think it’s totally been a, “Let them eat cake.” attitude on the part of the government. But, Gen x isn’t without fault. We were uninvolved in the political process. We let the baby boomers do what they pleased. We not we’re in it, and we came with Occupy Wall Street.

  12. Justamouse…

    I assume those figures are adjusted for inflation. I graduated from college in 1981, and my first job for CBS News paid $11,800 a year. Plus overtime.

    Dcn. G.

  13. And, another thought-how is ANY of this pro-life?

    How is making it so financially difficult for people to marry and have kids ‘pro-life’? In my own extended family I have 5 cousins and ALL of them have either chosen to NOT have kids, delayed having kids, or limited the amount of kids because they cannot financially afford having them.

    Not like, ‘we’ll have to live without one of the Benzs’ if we have another, like, we have 40 dollars left at the pay period, or we make 200$ too much for welfare, and not enough to pay our health ins, or to fix the car, or any other bill. THAT kind of not afford.

    How is that pro life?

  14. Respectfully, Deacon Bresnahan, having seen the tape of what you refer to as “(Warren recently ridiculed him for his posing in a magazine years ago to raise money to afford college .)”

    She was asked a question about how she paid for school seeing as Mr. Brown posed for Cosmo, her response was, “I kept my clothes on.” Mr. Brown’s response when he was asked about her statement was a dismissive, “thank God.” The implications of which are pretty chauvinistic. Not to mention the fact that a woman who posed nude to pay for college probably wouldn’t be electable. {I’ll just steer away from the morality of posing nude to pay for school given the conservative bent of a lot of people here)

    What people can’t seem to grasp is that the majority of college students are becoming indentured servants to their student loans because they can’t afford to go to school without them. Unlike earlier generations it is not financially feasible for many students to work their way through school without taking out a loan.

    Jobs that didn’t require a 4 year degree now do. Things have changed and the people occupying {wherever} are indicative of what the society is feeling. Frankly, I’m surprised this particular movement has taken so long to get going. What is absolutely abhorrent is the fact that the politicians (on both sides) don’t seem to be listening to anyone outside of DC. Why aren’t we all up in arms over that? It’s a shame, really that people are so caught up in things other than making our representatives listen to us.

  15. Yes, they are, they’re from the National Center for Education Statistics based on data from the US Dept of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Current population Survey, March Supplement, 1972-2003.

    I rounded down.

  16. go justamouse!
    I am 53- the tail end of the baby boomer generation –
    we were a generation raised by people who survived a great depression – we heard the stories of the damage that could be caused by an unregulated Wall Street – and yet we sat by and let it happen again
    We were a generation that fought our involvment in a foreign quagmire of a war – and yet we allowed this country to get involved in two quagmires – Iraq and Afghanistan – two wars that have taken our young and bankrupted this country.
    My generation knew better. This is a failure of a generation.

  17. Barbara, what exactly do you think the “Occupy protestors have moved behind this tired and angry partisanship” actually are proposing? What real solutions have the democrats proposed to date. Stimulus I and now Stimulus II which were the so called shovel ready jobs that did not happen? Instead the money was used to prop up union jobs in the states who are also broke as a result of the massive benefits and pensions unionized public sector workers have been given for campaign cash and support. Tarp one which almost every democrat including obams supported and Obama tarp II? The regulations of Dodd Frank which have add huge costs to the banking industry while doing very little in actual reform since they were largely written by the larger bank lobbyist and as a result have hurt the smaller banks which was the intent. Those fees you are starting to see are the loop holes put in by Dodd and Frank to allow them to cover the costs of these new regulations. And guess which presidential candidate got more cash from Wall Street and Big Banks in 2008??? If you guessed Obama, you win the prize.

    I was born in a family of 6 during the Depression and have worked hard along the way to get where I went fighting the glass ceiling and a lot of other things over the years. The idiotic quote from Elizabeth Warren is insulting. As I rose in my profession, I helped many others find good jobs and they used those jobs to raise families. I doubt that I have been given half the funding of many who have never hired a single person or paid a thousandth of the income taxes I have paid over the years who thus got far more than I did in benefits. Our company was 6 people when I took over as CEO and had almost a thousand when I retired. If the Democratic Party wants to have a socialist state, then they should run as socialist. Obama went to great effort to deny he was going to try to redistribute the wealth in the last election. Now he will have to run on his record. If he wants to run as the head of this mob, then he should do so but not while taking massive donations from those this mob is demonizing and who he has provided some massive support.

  18. MhariDubh
    Having worked all my life to make others wealthy from my expertise without equitable gain. It’s been a rat race just to keep from falling behind paying bills. I still can’t figure out how others seem to be gaining ground, yet we keep falling down. So, I’ve joined the ranks of indentured servants with huge loans at an elevated age to add to the chaos and push for real solutions. I’m becoming a teacher, since my previous boss would never allow me to return to college on their empty promises. The American Dream is a lie. It never really existed. So, I’m sacrificing myself for future generations as well as my children. Since I will never be able to leave them an inheritance of money, I will leave them an inheritance of memories… memories with a father that is around to see them grow up.

  19. Justamouse..
    Great figures to use. The only problem with those figures is that the reason for the massive increase is that actions by LBJ and his party had a huge impact on them going through the roof. Ever hear of the war on poverty? In 1964, LBJ and his party got the government into healthcare in a big way with Medicare and Medicaid. Look at the cost of healthcare on any chart starting in 1950 and going through to 2010. I have been in this field for most of my life and one look will show you that starting with LBJ, the cost of healthcare in the USA went through the roof. And the demonizing of the insurance companies…guess what the insurance companies use to determine levels of payments and requirements…annual changes to Medicare which is a volume that would make the NYC phone book look small. Along the way, they set up their donating trial lawyers for massive settlements driving up the cost of malpractice and refused any attempt at tort reform thus creating an industry of defensive medicine.

    Wonder why the cost of education has gone up? Well the unions and protection of professors, the massive increase in useless courses that were not there until those 1970’s you talk about, and again the massive increase in government funding for education made it possible for colleges to increase their tuition costs.

    When we paid for healthcare or healthcare insurance ourselves, it was cheap. When we paid for University educaton ourselves, it was cheap. When Universities paid attention to what was required to produce students who could get a job, they were more successful in turning out students who could go to work and be successful. Now we get students who come in with an attitude and with little skill sets. Take a look at funding for education in the USA and how it has gone up over the last 50 years while we put out fewer engineers and scientists and more with useless degrees? People who go to some schools actually do very well in the job market while many others are having huge problems.

    As to banks and delaware, it is not ony banks, but many companies who move to where they can be most successful and stay in business. Some states are killing jobs and most of them are Democratic States where huge regulations and taxes drive out business. If you are mad at banks and wall street, get mad at the democratic party and Dodd Frank signed by Obama that was written by the same wall street crowd that gave Obama the most campaign cash.

    And how about Obama jobs council headed by Jeffrey Immelt of GE who paid zero taxes, got a ton of stimulus money, and just moved his xray jobs to China. His jobs council is made up of donars and packagers of donations and has almost no small business involvement which is where jobs have been created for the past 60 years.

  20. justamouse. During the Depression, we saw families with a lot of kids. The real issue is what priorities folks have in their lives. My dad worked several jobs paying very little and mom would take in washing and other odd jobs. When we were old enough, we also took jobs. Even though there was a welfare set up under FDR, we never once went to get a dime. We had a lot of hungry days and a lot of pot luck dinners shared with friends and family. We looked out for each other and everyone shared.

    The labeled poor in this country today compared to when we grew up would be considered wealthy with multiple cars, TV, cable, microwave, washer and dryer, indoor plumbing with multiple bathrooms, and a safety net with welfare, foodstamps, unemployment that now goes out almost to 100 weeks, medicaid, and much more. While I am not against these things, for anyone to say it is OK to kill a baby because they do not have the money is an insult to God and mankind.

    I surely thought Deacon Greg would have commented on that one.

  21. MhariDubh

    “What people can’t seem to grasp is that the majority of college students are becoming indentured servants to their student loans because they can’t afford to go to school without them. Unlike earlier generations it is not financially feasible for many students to work their way through school without taking out a loan.”

    We have several students who have gone through our youth group at Church who are going to college now and a few weekends ago, they presented to our youth group. They gave a strong message to look at these years as critical to their future and thus do not go in casually to party or to make changes to your plans several times. All of them work part time and most will come out with little if any loans. Many worked hard and had scholorships and all chose schools with an eye to the total costs. Some have chosen schools with engineering coop mandatory where they go to school for 6 months and work for 6 months in companies who give them practical experience in engineering. Everyone of them had jobs waiting on graduation in the high $70,000 level.

    Again, from our experience in my former company, we had kids who had been going to school for 6-8 years, had changed majors several times, and had degrees that had little practical value. If there are no jobs for art majors, why would one go to a school and rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and then whine there are not jobs in this major? Why are people not ticked off at the universities for not providing better counseling and better control of costs? Why are they still providing courses in subjects that have not led to jobs for 30 years? Why is this governments fault? Why should tax money be taken from someone to support this farce?

    since the war on poverty started, we have spent twice as much money on income based welfare programs in government than on all the wars in the history of this country. What we did to a large degree was make it possible for a lot of kids to be living in single parent homes which is the largest predictor of poverty and thus it become generational.

  22. MhariDubh

    “Why aren’t we all up in arms over that? It’s a shame, really that people are so caught up in things other than making our representatives listen to us.”

    Good question. It might be because we do not seem to be clear on what we are telling them we want. After looking at the posts here, I do not see what anyone is actually telling the representative to do.

    Is the government to provide free healthcare to everyone, free education to everyone, guaranteed jobs with guarnteed income for life to everyone, free homes to everyone, etc etc. then you need to have some kind of revenue plan that no one in the world has ever created.

    If the message is to never go to war no matter what happens in our country such as 9/11, then I am interested to see what we do about events like 9/11 or say a nuclear attack? Do we even have a military? Do we have an intelligence agency?

    The difference of this mob to the Tea Party is that one had a simple message. Stick to the constitution as written; downsize the federal government in size, regulations, and spending; repeal obamacare, dodd frank, and sarbanes oxley; have a very strong energy program to lower the costs of fuel and evaluating future needs and options; fix the massive tax system; and create a safe environement for the people that included securing the borders.

    If your message is this poor, then it is good that the representatives are not listening. What is your message in one paragraph as the above with the tea party?

  23. greta,

    “If there are no jobs for art majors, why would one go to a school and rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and then whine there are not jobs in this major? Why are people not ticked off at the universities for not providing better counseling and better control of costs? Why are they still providing courses in subjects that have not led to jobs for 30 years? Why is this governments fault? Why should tax money be taken from someone to support this farce?”

    Colleges were supposed to be places for liberal education, not job training centers.

  24. Don,

    Please provide any evidence of the “spitting” and name calling. That was determined to be a myth.

  25. I surely thought Deacon Greg would have commented on that one.

    I’m just seeing the comment you are referring to. I don’t appreciate the insinuation, Greta. Fact is — though you may find it hard to believe — at the time that was posted, I’d gone to bed. I do have to sleep sometime.

    Justamouse raises a valid point, as this report in the New York Times indicates:

    Birth rates in the United States declined sharply during the recession, according to a report by the Pew Research Center released Wednesday. The analysis, based on data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, suggested women were putting off having babies while the economy was weak.

    According to preliminary data from 2010, the rates dropped to 64.7 births per thousand women ages 15 to 44, from 69.6 births per thousand women in 2007, the year the recession began. The report analyzed data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the Census Bureau.

    The link between financial distress and lower rates of childbirth surfaced clearly in the regional data. North Dakota, with one of the lowest unemployment rates in 2008, about 3 percent, was one of two states to show a slight increase in its birth rate from 2008 to 2009. The other was Maine.

    The fact remains: the bad economy is not encouraging life, or a culture of life. At the very least, it appears to be leading to a rise in contraception — including methods that were not widely available during the Depression, and which the government is only too happy to fund.

    Dcn. G.

  26. How many of the OW crowd would take a job if it were offered to them?
    Capitalism was good for Steve Jobs who started out in his garage. Maybe some of these occupiers could follow his example, get off their butts and do something productive for themselves and society.

    [Edited to remove offensive material. — Ed.]

  27. Dr. Nadal and Deacon B are both correct in their analyzis and opinions.

    We now have the unions subsidizing this effort (because it helps them in the long run), as well as, various liberal groups (move on, etc.). The president encourages this, as long as it helps him in his next campaign election.

    He has attacked drug companies, insurance companies, the food industry and now Wall St. (although he does not seem to mind taking their cash for his re-election…maybe they think they will be insulated from the mobs).

    Many of these people are from the “privileged” class (attending wealthy schools and wearing $300 jeans), who live off of others (where the heck are they getting the electricity to power their iPhones and laptops while doing this — they are stealing it not using solar panels).

    They rail against the corporations, but they are the first to use an iPod, type out their messages on a Dell or HP computer, eat Papa John’s or Dominoes pizza, and use a verizon account for wireless.

    They are the class that have been told (and believe) that they are the best of the best, and all things should be given to them.

    My father (a WW2 vet) told me that if was young again (he is 87), he would have gone down their and kicked their *ss’s from the break of dawn till the sun went down. Talk about hurting, live thru the 30’s depression when you had maybe some bread to eat if you were lucky.

  28. It is ironic to see rich westerners protesting for their “want”, in the U.S., Greece, France, etc., while the real poor in Ethiopia, Somalia and other places have not energy to even raise their voices because they are busy trying not to die of hunger and in fact millions do die of hunger.

    We should be a little more grateful for what he have, it is a scary time, but let’s have a perspective in place, we live in the richest, fattest, more leisurely place on earth and probably one of the freest as well. Thank God for food, shelter, heat, and all the good things this country has.

  29. #18- Elitist Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren can make a smarmy wisecrack in a Democratic debate (with her Republican target naturally not there) about how Scott Brown, the Republican senator had to take a job he could find to pay exhorbitant college tuition fees. Then she hides behind a charge of “sexism” when, the next morning, Senator Brown makes an inelegant quip of his own (but based on her words) on a talk radio station.
    It seems the “double standard” works against the guy these days even if the back and forth is started by a –dare I say– “catty” remark directed at him.

  30. Elizabeth (#13), PLEASE spare us one more time of hearing Elizabeth’s Warren’s “No one got rich on their own.”

    Don’t you see it for what it really is, is the demonic version of “To whom more is given, more is expected.” The only difference with the left version is the “new” god is government!

    This whole occupy chaos is an Alinsky Soros union funded tactic to bring down the voices best able to speak truth against corrupt power, dare I say the RICH. It’s the people who worked hard, without handouts, and achieved the American Dream that are the biggest threat (along with religion), to the powerful elitist godless who are currently in power.

    For anyone who doesn’t know the end-game, rest assured, it won’t be pretty, for ANY of us, including the useful idiots at Occupy sit-ins. This has been in the works for mnay decades, especially the last 5, finally coming to fuition.