Andy Rooney, RIP

Another broadcasting legend is gone.

Here is a timely classic — and one we can all agree with — on that most wonderful time of the year, Christmas. For the curious, CBS News has compiled some of his best clips, including his very first commentary, at this link.

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  1. Wasn’t he an atheist? Or at the very least agnostic? I remember an interview with him about a year ago or so and he was very disparaging towards those with faith, especially Christians. I had no respect for him after that–didn’t have much for him before anyway, fwiw.

  2. Irish Spectre says:

    That was the first thing that came to my mind as well when I heard of his passing. If memory serves, in the interview, I believe he stated that at an early age, his uncle “set him straight” (his words) concerning the falseness of religion. He knows better now, hopefully not for the worse.

    The above aside, I always found him to be both way overrated, and a yet a self-important, great believer in that over-rating. With the exceptional moment now and again, he frankly was for the most part a bore.

  3. I liked Andy, most of the time he said what many were thinking. He mistakenly was accused of things, some he admitted too and apoligized, but he was human and honest, no veiled piousnes or airs. Agnostic maybe, but we can’t believe sometimes without the grace too.

    I started yesterday getting catalogs in the mail, 5 if I remember and more to come. I always feel sorry for the mail carrier this time of year. I laughed because I had 2 or 3 of the same ones he was showing.

    I’ve seen this piece on the Pope which mentions his upbringing a bit.

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