"Redemption is an open possibility to everyone"

That’s the beautiful truth that artist John Nava expresses while talking about his exquisite tapestries at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles (which I mentioned in my homily for All Saints Day.)  Below, a video where he talks more about his work, his politics, and shows off more details of those tapestries.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. I am at work and have no time to watch the video, but I will return to it. I can distinctly recall walking into that great Cathedral in Los Angeles for the first time and weeping. The gentle slope drawing us to the altar of God, to the table of the Lord, as we are accompanied by the great Communio Sanctorum as shown in Nava’s s work. It remains one of the most moving places for me each time I return.

    I’m curious to your remark about his politics. As for God, I am ever reminded that God uses all things for good, so no matter what, this art is small s sacramental for me!

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