Waiting for Christmas

A British department store has come up with a sweet commercial for the Christmas season (and, in fact, Advent) that will resonate with anyone who has ever been 8 years old.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Valerie Terzi says:

    This blew me away. My heart hasn’t been touched like that in a while. Beautiful.

  2. Elizabeth Scalia says:

    Thank you for that. Wonderful.

  3. Thanks, so uplifting. (Unfortunately, if this were an ad on one of my favorite TV shows, I would probably miss seeing it, since I usually switch stations when the ads come on.)

  4. What a refreshing change from the usual commercial messages… Thanks so much for sharing this! Advent is such a beautiful season…

  5. Wow. I was about to be all cynical about this commercial, but how sweet. I love it!

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