“Am I a man or a Muppet?”

And now: a haunting ballad that addresses one of life’s burning questions.

“Am I man or a Muppet?” 

The first official video from “The Muppets.”  Heavy stuff.  And Jim Parsons, to boot. 

YouTube Preview Image


  1. It is an awesome song. Well worth the iTunes purchase!

  2. I came very close to weeping openly when I saw this in the theater.

  3. pagansister says:

    Totally cool movie—always loved the Muppets. Great song!

  4. love love the movie love everything about it

  5. Regina Faighes says:

    I loved this movie, and this is a great song. Thank you for sharing it, Deacon Greg. At the beginning of the video, the “muppet of a man” is looking at his reflection in the window of a jewelry store that has a display of gold rosaries.

  6. I want to go see this movie after viewing the video. I was so touched I will never be the same again. Thank you son of Jim Henson’s son of Jim but I think your name is Jim too.

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