“Abortion snatches the knitting out of God’s hand…”

From the huge Mass celebrated Monday at the Verizon Center as part of the March for Life, here’s Msgr. Charles Pope, from the Archdiocese of Washington (and blogger extraordinaire), delivering a terrific homily before a crowd of 18,000 young people.

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  1. deacon john says:

    I was there! Msgnr Pope was spot on…..connecting with the youth as I have not seen in some time. Not only where we are on the issue, but where do we, as teens go from here.
    Bravo Padre!

  2. Yes, here are the young people of the Catholic Church as this priests starts his homily. My wife Greta talked about this a lot over the last two days. She is into her 70′s and yet in spirit is like a young girl filled with faith and she connects so well with the young. The March for Life often surprises those going for the first time because of this explosion of youth. Often there are pro abortion demonstrators at march for life and the vast majority of these people are closer to our age. Pope John Paul II looking out over hundreds of thousand youth use to talk about the spring time in the Church. Wonderful sermon. Love the title of this post that abortion snatches the knitting out of Gods hands.

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