“I’m also known as Jane Roe…”

I haven’t seen this commercial in a while.  It’s worth another look today.

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  1. So, are we to believe that no one talked to this woman about adoption ? I dont get it.

  2. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    You can read the details of her life and what led to Roe v. Wade at Norma McCorvey’s Wikipedia entry. Her life was a mess.

    Dcn. G.

  3. vox borealis says:

    I saw her speak once a few years ago, on a college campus no less! She is a powerful witness, though unfortunately she was completely unable to frame her talk in “secular” terms. That is, she basically said (as I recall) that she changed her mind on abortion because she found Jesus. Now, I am down with that message, but unfortunately it is only ammo for the secularists who want to paint the debate as one of separation of church and state (i.e., to be anti-abortion is necessarily a “religious” position that cannot be “imposed”).

    That said, it was awesome and refreshing to see a dissenting view on campus.

  4. Interesting, vb. I’ve not heard her talk either, so I dunno, but your comments jibe with my sense that “famous converts” are overplayed these days. Their conversions are such intensely personal experiences that, in presenting them to the public, they often don’t really come across as anything other than, well, intensely personal experiences. Conversion is from sin, but wisdom and perspective take, if they are ever part of the package, somewhat longer, especially if they are to be publicized. Of course, personal experience counts for a lot with a lot of folks these days, so good can come from it. The utube video was nicely done. My sense, anyway.

    Ps: see any aurora borealis last nite? We were under high clouds. Rats.

  5. I appreciate your comments. Our pastor often preaches that our faith and love of God is not about being emotional – just kind of consistent plugging away trying to do the right things.

  6. Will, I would suggest when you say ” Our pastor often preaches that our faith and love of God is not about being emotional” that it seems a tad off when talking about the intense emotional battle women who realize they have killed their own baby come to as they talk about this conversion to light in a public setting. I have witnessed my wife Greta talk about the death of our granddaughter at an abortion mill in outright murder and despite the fact that she has done in multiple times in the last year after burying it for a decade, it is always emotional and also brings standing ovations. I think it might be more of a male thing to plug along which is how I have tried to deal with our loss.

    Remember that when Christ said the first commandement was to love God with our entire self, that he listed heart, then soul, and then mind. I have met a lot of folks that try to start their conversion with their head, but never met a complete convert whose heart and soul are not captured in full.

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