Best Super Bowl ad: the Dog Strikes Back

Here it is: arguably the best ad on last night’s Super Bowl — or, at least, the best one that didn’t star Clint Eastwood. (You’ll remember the VW ad being teased here.)

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Since I was born in Detroit, and still live in Michigan, I am partial to the Clint Eastwood commercial. We have much work to do; Americans need to join together.

  2. Clint Eastwood ad?
    You mean the slick and not-so-subtle Obama re-election campaign commercial?
    If they were trying to sell Detroit/cars I’ll take last years Eminem spot any day.

  3. The dog I(as above) was my favorite commercial.

  4. I liked the ‘we go’ dog commercial, personally.
    Here we go…not that Bud is any good, but the commercial was funny!

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