Have deacons, will travel

From yesterday: Pope Benedict XVI — preceded by two deacons — arrives to celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass at the Basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome. (photo by AP/Gregorio Borgia)


  1. What an inelegant entrance. Why use that silly motorized sled when he could do it with class by reviving the sedia gestatoria?

  2. Katie Angel says:

    Perhaps because sitting in a chair carried by twelve men is archaic and inappropriate in these modern times. Personally, seeing the Pope carried in a chair held up by twelve men is not the image of our Church that I want spread all over YouTube and Facebook. We have enought real problems without adding a PR disaster to it – and that is exactly what it would be.

  3. I am so glad that we have moved away from carrying the Pope in a chair. No human being should be elevated to that height “no pun intended”. Jesus walked when He was among us. Humility is key.

  4. The story is told that Pope John XXIII said that the men who carried him on the “sedia gestatoria” deserved more pay owing to his weight. (He was considerably heavier than Pope Paul VI.)

  5. The Orthodox Christian Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey) is always preceded by seven deacons and seven virgins (nuns). So why does the Holy Father only get two deacons?


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